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I've got a drawing of the hornby type crane somewhere.I'll build it if someone called Rob ever stops wanting more wagons built. The Airfix Tribute Forum was established in April 2006 to discuss the making of Airfix models. Please click here for advice on posting pictures in the Picture Galleries and here for Picture Gallery thread naming standards.

I put a small weight in the finished product, attached special couplers, and ran them on my Trix Twin train set. At one point I had the entire range of battleships, carriers, etc (including Cossack, Daring, Ajax & Campbeltown).
I think that the Park Royal railbus is now the only item of stock that hasn't been made for MSTS?

The motive power dept must be getting fed up with the Pway borrowing their big crane.I also left out the Prestwin because it's been done by BATS.

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