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The CA-11 Caboose was developed after the UP borrowed a MoPac shorty compact body bay window caboose and tested it in 1977. All,These were in the pipeline before my family problems and I am getting them ready for the show. Was it not doable to full etch the Morton pattern instead of half?  More time consuming yes, but full would take a hotness win. I suppose we can look forward to a three or four part episode of Reality Reduced as you sift through the parts, then try to get them unglued from your fingers! There are many more new projects that are artwork ready, I just have to get things rolling again.First, Maxi-1 and Maxi-4 Stainless steel upgrades.

In my era there was still decent stone traffic on CN & CP and few quarries are necessary. I was commissioned to produce an ultra detailed Cantilevered Signal Bridge used on C&O and B&O (I believe SOU had some too). The prototype of the 380ft Whitford Curved Chord Parker bridge is finished in time for NTS. They do come with end pieces to coverup the open coupler area.Second, a 91ft Tapered Light Tower from the Baltimore PRR yard. Double Track, Pin-Connected, Super heavy duty, I stopped counting the raised rivets at 19,000, Built directly from copies of the original builders plans, Designed to be built by anyone of average skills.

The CA-11's, 25800-25899 lasted in to the late 1990's with 48 CA-11s still in service during May 1995. I found some inexpensive jewels and eyelet pins that match the proto lights.Third, An Aggregate Loader that will accommodate 2 tracks plus vehicle.

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