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Always moving: Workers dig in Delancy Street on New York's Lower East Side in this photo dated July 29, 1908. Genesis of a icon: In this June 5, 1908 photo, the Manhattan Bridge is less than a shell, seen from Washington Street. The main concourse of Grand Central Terminal, in New York, is seen from the Campbell apartment in this 1937 photo. The project was four years in the making, part of the department's mission to make city records accessible to everyone, said assistant commissioner Kenneth Cobb.'We all knew that we had fantastic photograph collections that no one would even guess that we had,' he said. Taken mostly by anonymous municipal workers, some of the images have appeared in publications but most were accessible only by visiting the archive offices in lower Manhattan over the past few years.Researchers, history buffs, filmmakers, genealogists and preservationists in particular will find the digitized collection helpful.
New Yorkers cool off in the Astoria public pool with the Hell Gate railroad bridge looming in the background in the summer of 1940.
In 1936, the Triborough Bridge, which links Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, was not yet complete. See how it's changed: In this circa 1890 photo, a pair of girls walk east along 42nd Street. This circa 1983-1988 photo provided by the New York City Municipal Archives shows 172 Norfolk Street, which is now the Angel Orensanz Foundation, in New York. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The Waldorf-Astoria has historically epitomized New York City glamour with much ease, but beneath the surface of this Art-Deco luxury hotel lies…an abandoned train track?! Though not exactly a train station of its own, the Waldorf-Astoria was built atop one of Grand Central Terminal’s many early platform lots through a lease of air rights.
The famous (yet unconfirmed) story about the Waldorf-Astoria platform features Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

One use that we hope is true is that the platform also served as an underground party space for Andy Warhol in 1965, according to William D. Brennan also traces the construction of the freight elevator that runs from platform level to 49th Street to the construction of the Waldorf-Astoria itself, not prior. Somehow the plans changed, and the elevator never went directly to the hotel itself, just the street. Today, the platform serves little purpose and is restricted to any passenger service and blocked from visitation.
A 9-month old boy was saved from being hit by a subway train on Tuesday, by an unemployed Brooklyn man on his way to a job interview. The child was blown onto the elevated tracks in the way of an oncoming train by a gust of wind. Both witnesses and the child's mother, identified as Maria Zamara, were left frozen in shock upon seeing the child on the tracks as the train made a bend in the child's direction. On Tuesday, Simmonds was far from searching for praise, he instead was in search a paying job to help stabilize he and his family.
The incident occurred as Simmonds was on his way to apply for a maintenance position at a warehouse.
A hopeful Simmonds said he has another interview for Wednesday and is just hoping to finally land a job. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. The posh apartment, in one of America's grandest train stations, was the playground of financier John Campbell in the roaring 1920.
But anyone can search the images, share them through social media or purchase them as prints.

This fun fact is fairly well-known in urban exploration circles and was included in our Top 10 Secrets of Grand Central, but we thought it was worth its own shout out.
The now barren subterranean space once served as a means to transport the hotel’s more famous guests discreetly, like General Pershing who first used the platform in 1938. In some accounts, he used this platform to transfer himself into an employed custom-made train cart.
The platform was of course never used or intended to be used in regular passenger service, and it was not even built for the hotel; it just happens to be in the right place. However, you can catch a glimpse of the site and its noted security train cart when onboard the Metro-North, looking to the right, leaving Grand Central Station.
His heroism unfortunately led him to miss the interview, which could have landed him his first job after being laid off as a vocational trainer for the mentally disabled.
The vehicle would commute him straight to the hotel and was armored for the traveler’s protection. In another version, his armored train on Metro-North would disconnect and drive onto the platform and into the freight elevator. Nonetheless, Joseph Brennan of Abandoned Subways has been unable to substantiate even one visit that utilized the platform, including Roosevelt’s foreign policy address at the Waldorf.

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