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A Metro-North train conductor recently transformed into a choral leader after learning the Yale Glee Club was on his train and decided to lead them through an impromptu holiday concert to passengers’ delight. For some reason the club agreed to let him direct them and a couple of nearby passengers were able to catch it all on camera. The video has over 2 million views and many comments praising Bob for his amazing conducting skills. This will truly bring a smile to anyone’s face who watches it, so share this wonderful story on Facebook and Twitter! Bob McDonough stepped into the role of choral conductor on a Metro-North train bound for Connecticut. There’s very little overlap other than the model-making techniques I have accumulated over the years.
Your inner-city mini-neighborhood is beautiful, but there are plenty of city planners who would like them to disappear. Generally, any city that has a strong vernacular style that is repeated infinitely has always appealed to me. Probably going to work on some more narrative shots with my buddy Michael Reynolds, who did some music videos for Titus Andronicus and the Walkmen. Photographs that find stillness in turbulence, moments close to reverence when almost nothing’s in control. From Texas rodeos to New York City streets, black and white photographs find modern life endlessly surprising. It is truly in the spirit of Christmas, one that’s missing in so many other parts of the modern world.
Artist Peter Feigenbaum reimagines these ghettos in miniature, using components from toy train sets and more. Materials include cast plaster, polystyrene plastic, chipboard, basswood, green foam, tempera.
I’ve been into Google Street View-ing coastal hill cities along the Amalfi coast in Italy.

We are going to use figurines to illustrate morbid scenarios—something I was previously opposed to, but am now interested in.
We're acting strange show wearing a sad end of model strain kept peeking over the conservatory here and it's pretty spectacular beautiful actor race. Mostly working on music now with Dinowalrus, attempting to launch a massive Madchester revival in 2011! Now like it had not been trained it when he great years at this delicate thing here at the guard in. Sometimes I’ll pick up chunks of asbestos (just kidding) or rubble out of a dirty basement and sift the bits, then dump them onto the project. Even though the installation is very familiar to me, every shoot will have different angles that seem to work best, so I always tend to experiment for an hour before really diving in with rigor. There is less emphasis on texture, detail, materials, and photorealism, and more on concept and diagramming. 8, 2015)A railroad conductor became a choral conductor last week when he found his commuter train was carrying the Yale Glee Club.Dan Rubins, the Glee Club president, said the club was on a Metro-North train headed back to New Haven, Connecticut, from a concert at the Yale University Club in New York on Friday night. I dabbled in graffiti as a kid, so I brought my knowledge of throw-ups and tags into play as well. So I’m excited that this show will leave the actual models out of the equation, creating more of a mystery. Gonna get back in the pac Atlantic Jerry you're here but we're going to be talking to let him. I think my work probably falls into the genre of scene creators like Gregory Crewdson, James Casebere, David Levinthal, or even Tom Sachs. Neatly cropped hair and ear and I eat and beat keep them on every continent EB beat hanging.
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