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Have you walked the bike path behind the former Domtar site, to see the wheel in the water? We boarded and put our bags in VIA's overhead bins, like boarding an aircraft, but the seats are comfortable, far wider than economy airline seats.
It seemed to take forever to get away from Ottawa - the industrial area has spread out along the track. After Glen Robertson, we put on speed, and it was obvious that the tilting mechanism was working well as we didn't feel as though we were going around curves, but looking out of the window you could definitely see that the train was tilting.
Our train was on time, coasting into Central Statin, Montreal, as usual with the diesel engines switched off to minimize smke and fumes in the low-roofed platform area of the station.
After crossing the US border, we came to a fast stop at Rouses Point, NY, short of the customs post. The customs and immigration examinations were quite fast and we had time to spare, so all the smokers were allowed a few minutes outdoors (every train we rode on was non-smoking, except for a downstairs smokers' lounge on the Coast Starlight). Panoramio - Photo of New York Central Fitness Trail built on the Ottawa & New York Railway line which was built from Ottawa to New York City via Corwall.
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This week we are featuring a photo of the old Roosevelt International Bridge, which was west of the current bridge corridor. At first, it was known as the Ottawa & New York Railway Bridges, but after 1905 it became the New York Central Bridges. So we were very surprised on the day before we were to leave when snow fell heavily, the temperature plummetted, and the winds blew strongly.
We rolled along smoothly but not excessively fast, and we had to wait for an oncoming train at Glen Robertson. After joining the main Montreal-Toronto line at Coteau we went even faster, passing all the highway traffic on Autoroute 40. We purchased a baquette and cheese to eat on board, and joined the line waiting for the Adirondack. The crew walked up and down the train: at the side of the track, there was what appeared to be a broken brake hose. Content on this site cannot be reproduced without the written permission of the copyright holder. An official name was finally placed on them on June 30, 1934 when the spans were officially opened to motor vehicle traffic, carrying the name of the Roosevelt International Bridges. This was something that occurred throughout our journey: so many lines are single track with passing loops or sidings,and there's an enormous number of freight trains on those tracks.

Because we were in the last car, we could look back and see the snow blowing around in the turbulence caused by our passing.
In one of his novels, Dick Francis mentions a "civilized paractice" at Ottawa station: putting one's baggage as a place-holder in the line, then sitting down nearby. At Albany, I was surprised that we changed locomotives, because one of the great advantages of Diesel over steam was that one locomotive could "run through" for a whole trip, rather than changing locos every 100 miles or so.
We didn't take enough clothes to last the whole 30 days: we counted on being able to wash clothes frequently en route.
We ran into a blizzard at Saratoga, but all was well until 5 minutes before Penn station, where we halted abruptly. Shades of the Eurostar, where we halted outside Brussels and had to wait 3 hours for a tow.

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