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The feat to build an 18-mile tunnel under the Long Island Sound, while certainly an ambitious undertaking, does not make it the longest underwater tunnel. A Competitiveness Strategy for the Northeast Megaregion: Early Actions for High Speed Rail from PennDesign on Vimeo. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Easy drives, reliable trains, direct flights or chartered bus services make traveling to Vermont's renowned ski areas easy and affordable. New this Season Travel in style, comfort and ease from NYC to Stratton in the all-new Stratton Jitney. By Plane With excellent air service, Burlington International Airport is a convenient point of access to northern and central Vermont resorts. Burlington International Airport, Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Amtrak’s Waterbury or Essex stops offer easy access to this region. Bolton Valley“The biggest challenge we see families facing when they go skiing is their proximity from their car to where their lodging is and then from the lodging to the lifts,” says Josh Arneson, vice president of sales and marketing at Bolton. Jay Peak ResortAn easy drive up Interstate 91 if you’re coming from points south, or if you want to fly, Jay Peak is only 90 minutes from two international airports: Pierre Trudeau in Montreal or BTV in Burlington. Q Burke MountainSpending a little extra time on the road will mean lots of extra time on the slopes. Smugglers’ Notch Resort Visitors will enjoy ease of access to Smugglers’ Notch Resort with convenient airline gateways in Burlington, Montreal, and Boston, and airport transfer arrangements from Burlington to the Resort easily booked at the time of reservation. For folks piloting their own car from points south or east of the Resort, the optimal route involves taking Route 100 into Morrisville and heading west on Route 15, bypassing Route 108 that leads into Smugglers’ Notch Pass, a narrow winding pass that is closed in the winter. Burlington International Airport, the Rutland Airport and Amtrak’s Rutland and Waterbury stops offer easy access to this region.
Killington Resort & Pico MountainKillington Resort is one of the largest regional destination resorts in the Northeast and is easily accessible by plane, train and automobile. Around Killington, Vermont's largest mass-transit network, The Bus, provides convenient and comfortable transportation to lodging properties, restaurants and businesses on Killington's popular access road.
For those driving from points south and east of Killington, the Skyeship Gondola offers quick access to the slopes from Route 4 daily, while eliminating the 12-mile round trip to the Killington basin access points. Middlebury College Snow Bowl A smooth ride to skiing and riding at the Snow Bowl is assured. The Quechee ClubThe Quechee Club is conveniently located with nearby access to I-89 and I-91. Sugarbush Resort and Mad River Glen Located in the heart of Vermont minutes from Montpelier and just under an hour from Burlington, Sugarbush and Mad River Glen are easily accessible from any direction.
Bromley MountainBromley Mountain is in the southwest corner of southern Vermont, making it one of the closest big mountain resorts to the New York metro area and, without question, the closest resort to New York's Capitol Region. Magic Mountain With a mountain this challenging, it’s nice to know the drive there is easy. Mount Snow ResortAs the southernmost resort in Vermont, Mount Snow is fewer miles from every major metro area in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island, which means it takes less fuel to get here. Stratton Mountain Resort Travel in style, comfort and ease from NYC to Stratton in the all-new Stratton Jitney.
It was announced today that the money set aside for the Florida’s rejected high speed rail line has been split up between a number of different projects around the country. Most of the funds are directed toward making track improvements that will allow trains to run faster on existing tracks — the Washington DC to Boston and Chicago to Detroit corridors will benefit from these types of upgrades. Some transportation persons, however, think that the cash division has overlooked some very important and out of date bottlenecks that are in desperate need of assistance.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. While more than 400 billion dollars has been spent on public transit systems since the 1960s, ridership is at a historic low. When people ask why the railroad business failed so many years ago, technically they didn’t….Mostly they simply prioritized freight as opposed to people. On average, a typical resident of France rides the high-speed rail only about 400 miles per year.

I'm glad to see the money go to someplace that can readily use it but don't call it high speed rail. The rail company would need significant public and private funding to get the project on track.Speaking with the New York Times this summer, Amtrak president and CEO Joseph H.
Members of the GOP said in 2011 after they turned down the presidenta€™s $8billion bill that the busy Northeast Corridor was where the future of high-speed trains lay. In fact, winter in Vermont welcomes seven times the state's population in visitors seeking mountain vacations for adventure, relaxation and rejuvenation. With 55 trails and glades located just seven miles off of Interstate 91, Burke Mountain is one of the quickest, easiest drives to a Vermont skiing experience. Since the ski area shares its name with the town, there's no confusion about where you're headed and the “Ski capital of the East” is an easy, enjoyable trip from just about anywhere. Driving to Stowe from any eastern city is 90% state or interstate highway, more than any other resort in the east. Amtrak's Ethan Allen Express provides convenient daily service from New York City's Pennsylvania Station. JetBlue expanded its marketing partnership with Cape Air at Boston's Logan International Airport to include new service to Rutland, Vermont - a 30 minute drive from the slopes of Killington Resort. In addition, The Bus provides regional service to Rutland and the dining and shopping opportunities Vermont's second largest city has to offer.
Easy access to New Hampshire, Boston, Hartford, CT and Burlington, Vermont.  Ski Quechee is a two hour drive from Boston’s Logan International Airport as well as Bradley International in Hartford, CT. They are exactly 3 hours from downtown Boston, 5 hours from New York City and 2.5 hours from Montreal. Interstates 89 (from the Boston area) and 91 (from Hartford, CT) intersect only 15 minutes from Woodstock. Amtrak’s Albany, Brattleboro, Rutland, & Windsor stops offer easy access to this region.
Magic’s legendary terrain and authentic Vermont ski experience are less than 200 miles from New York, Hartford, Boston, and Albany. The readers of SKI Magazine consistently rank Okemo Mountain Resort among the Top Resorts in the East for accessibility. With 30 extra-wide plush seats, extended leg room, spacious overhead and underneath storage compartments, your ride on the Stratton Jitney will be one to remember. In addition to free Wi-Fi and electric power outlets, the Jitney offers a wide variety of complimentary refreshments, snacks and reading material on every trip.
Two such examples are the 100 year-old Portal Bridge in New Jersey and the two overworked tunnels under the Hudson river between New York City and New Jersey — those were scrapped by NJ Governor Chris Christie last year due to his worry that it would cost Jersey taxpayers too much.
They could have given the entire $2.4 billion to California, sending a signal that the administration remains serious about building a true high-speed rail network. Some others did fail, they failed because they thought they were in the railroad business; they were not, they were in the transportation business (Just like Microsoft is in the software business.
No matter which mode of transportation you choose, snowy adventures are only a few hours away. For those who prefer charter flights or have a personal aircraft, take advantage of the stellar service of Ski Vermont’s private aviation partner, Heritage Aviation in Burlington.
For guests wishing to have a car accessible, Smugglers’ offers special rates with Thrifty Car Rental. Located in north-central Vermont, Stowe Mountain Resort is 40 minutes from Vermont's largest airport, 15 minutes from Interstate 89, and 15 minutes from the Amtrak train station.
Air service is available into Burlington International Airport from major metropolitan areas and Sugarbush resort staff can arrange transport to and from the airport. Whether coming for a powder day, weekend, or a week-long vacation, Magic is conveniently located in southern Vermont so it’s an easy escape. Albany, NY, Manchester, NH, Hartford, CT and Rutland, VT airports are all within a two-hour drive. Situated in south-central Vermont, Okemo is just a gas tank away for skiers and riders driving from major metropolitan areas such as Boston, New York and Hartford. Visit by car, train, or plane - no matter how you choose to get here, lodging, dining and shopping are steps away at the resort’s slope side Village.
Instead Transpo' secretary LaHood gave only $300 million to California high-speed rail, and instead gave the lion’s share–$800 million–to Amtrak and several eastern states for the Northeast Corridor–a corridor that wasn’t even on the original high-speed rail list until LaHood added it in March.

If they don’t offer an evolving and lucrative service every few years, we’ll stop buying it and hardware makers will simply look elsewhere) And when planes and cars outperformed trains in speed and convenience respectivley, they just sunk.
Included in its study are the metropolitan regions around Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, New York, New Haven, Providence, and Boston.The bullet trains, much like those in Europe and Asia, could skyrocket across tracks at speeds up to 220mph.
Vermont resorts are again partnering with Porter Airlines for direct-flight winter getaways from Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport.
Once at Bolton, everything is within walking distance, making it convenient and easy for families to keep their brood corralled and still have fun at the same time.” Convenience also means just a short 10 minute drive from I-89 to the resort, and an easy 30-minute drive from Burlington and the airport.
In addition, Dartmouth Coach offers daily bus service from Boston as well as Stamford, CT and New York City to Lebanon, NH. Then when you get here, you’ll find you’ve also escaped the hassle of crowded lift lines and ski slopes—all for some of the best values in New England skiing.
We have millions of people from thousands of origins traveling to thousands of destinations, and you cant just build rail tracks to all those places.
Most of the rest of the money went for minor improvements in track to allow trains to run slightly faster than they run today, or for stations, locomotives, passenger cars, and similar facilities that will pretty much operate at conventional speeds.
They fly 3 times as much as they ride the rail just to get around France (that doesn’t include international travel). Vermont Transit, located in White River Junction Vermont, provides bus routes to and from downtown White River Junction, VT daily. Various rail projects funded by the government were more expensive than the cost of leasing each new commuter a new economy automobile in perpetuity.
Carpooling in the United States barely works in these situations, why would transit work; as it is government mandated carpooling.
The states are going to pay for it, then have to subsidize as much as half the operating costs to begin with, for years, and when the damn thing is worn out, the few people who still use it are gonna form a lobby to keep it going and rebuild it entirely. Amtrak also makes daily trips and stops in White River Junction, just nine miles from Quechee Village. Amtrak’s Ethan Allen Express from New York City serves nearby Rutland as well, just 25 miles away.
In fact, some light-rail projects were so expensive it would be cheaper to lease each new commuter a luxury car. And despite the billions they’ve already spent, they only managed to capture less than six percent of the travel market in the Northeast. Their agencies are always on the verge of some fiscal turmoil or some scandals involving cost overruns. They have ignored maintenance issues in favor of expanding and building additional lines under the belief they’ll draw in more riders and fares to pay for it in the future.
And in California and Florida or other places it may only capture less than one percent of the travel market.
A NYC agency employee turned whistle-blower (and fired for having been found leaking information) has said ”We will never have enough money to keep the system maintained”, ”Doesn’t matter how much you give us it’ll never be enough”.
Because every time you give them more money, they just go out and build more instead of maintain what they already have.
And the energy their supposed to save is marginal to the enormous amount of energy spent building new infrastructure. Even before it pays off, they forget the rails are gonna need constant maintenance and further energy spent rebuilding every 10 years or so to keep it moving so fast.
Trains can’t, there built as extremely rigid models; commuting patterns change and the rail declines. Declines in rail use only adapt by raising fares and their not going to skip a station even if it has no passengers. Your just better off as a community or town not building trains by not having to spend millions or billions of dollars and going heavily into debt when you only have to spend millions of dollar or couple of hundred-thousand dollars on buses.

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