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After a New York train, traveling from suburban Poughkeepsie to Manhattan, derailed in the Bronx area, future passengers are scared to put their trust in their railway systems. As the train went round a bend nearing the station, it came completely off the tracks and one carriage even came close to the water nearby. At least 100 firefighters were rushed to the scene to free the passengers that were trapped in carriages and those injured were rushed to hospital. All passengers have reportedly been accounted for, after New York police spent hours searching the surrounding water for survivors. The crash has emphasized concerns as there have already been two accidents this year regarding Metro-North, which the safety board are currently investigating. However, according to Eurostat statistics, a larger number of transport incidents happen on the road. Get faster updatesDownload the free Breaking News app for faster updates, alerts and live video.
Four people have been declared dead, with 67 injured, and 11 left hospitalized in a critical condition.

Witnesses have stated there was much chaos, with some passengers being carried away on stretchers wearing neck braces. The train operator told law enforcement that he had tried to brake, but that the train had not slowed down.
It has left many querying why the train was traveling at a greater speed than expected, especially as it was in a low-speed area, and whether they should put their trust in train drivers to follow guidelines. This is the second train crash to happen in six months, and has New York passengers scared to travel with Metro-North in the future. They argue it is only because road accidents receive less media attention, that people are more inclined to overlook it as a type of travel that can be life-threatening.
Investigators at present are surveying factors that may have contributed to the crash, such as the train and track itself, signal systems, the train operators and speed. With their history of accidents, which include deaths of not only passengers, but people working on the rails, the public is forced to question the safety of the train line.
It was originally settled in the 17th century by the Dutch and became New York's second capital shortly after the American Revolution.

Three of the people killed were found near the derailed carriages, and one was still inside. This has led people to doubt the dependability of railway services and think about alternate options of transport. Investigations are underway so that actions can be taken to ensure this does not happen again. Poughkeepsie is located in the Hudson Valley midway between New York City and Albany, and is part of the New York metropolitan area. The name derives from a word in the Wappinger language, roughly U-puku-ipi-sing, meaning "the reed-covered lodge by the little-water place," referring to a spring or stream feeding into the Hudson River south of the present downtown area. Major bridges in the city include the Poughkeepsie Bridge, a former railroad bridge now serving as a public walkway, which opened on October 3, 2009, and the Mid-Hudson Bridge, a major thoroughfare built in 1930 that carries U.S. city train games
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