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We Have Hundreds of railroad DVD's in stock visit the store to see the whole range or give us a call. I have a quite few old books on slots, and one from some young up and coming wannabe author.
Do you mean that guy that want to kill all the lawyers???That was a geek called William Shakespeare. The video contains some shots from various Model Train layouts at the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour Show. These will mostly be from the United States and Britain, but I can add the other ones I have from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands (and Argentina) if you're interested. There were at least four or five books from Britain on the subject, along with two or three magazines - more than in the States I believe, although the hobby was invented in the USA and was very popular there for awhile. Warring, well-known English author on many hobby subjects, especially motors of all types (he did the motor review section in Model Maker, both gas and electric - hmmm, sounds like stoves, but never mind). There are actually two basic kinds of books: those dedicated to slot racing, and those about model cars or model making in general, with a chapter or more on slot cars. Anyway, here it is (with thanks to Charles for finding it for me!), and the index so you Spanish speakers will know what the book is about.

There are also the contemporary books, meaning those treating slot racing at the time of publication, and those treating slot racing as a historical subject, starting with Roger Gillham's first book on Scalextric, published in 1981.
123 pages, almost all line drawings, with a couple very blurry B&W photos, and printed on newsprint type paper rather than the usual glossy variety. Deason, well known in the hobby field, came out in 1949 and was published by The Drysdale Press.
ARCO, it says on the back cover, publishes authoritative books that: instruct, guide, inspire, entertain, extend knowledge in many fields (from civil service, to business, to sports and hobbies). Next up is a real classic in the field and one I was happy to receive unannounced with a package of paper material from the Detroit area (note the price of 60 cents). It's by Eldi, one of the first suppliers of specialty items for the rail racing guys (gears mainly). Not sure of the publication date, but around 1956, which would make this the first publication of all, even tho it's a mimeographed booklet of about 40 pages - but well done.
Back in the States, most of the early articles were in the Popular Mechanics type magazines, along with the Rod & Custom crowd.
Consumer Guide! This was a fairly widely distributed, inexpensive book, in both hardback and paperback, with a seven page chapter on slot car racing.

Seems to be credited to one Keith Winser, and it's an Australian Motor Manual Publication, from 1966.
Doesn't seem to be that much from Australia in fact - do our Aussie friends have other book candidates? He was a professional photographer, but was also entrepreneurial, like any self-respecting American, and founded Rayline, to publish how-to books, as well as trying to start a catalog business.
FRANCE AND BELGIUMThere were some magazines covering slot cars in the French speaking world during the 1960s and 1970s, but no books that I know of. Editorial director is Barbara del Rosario, of Elmsford Raceway, and the intro is by her husband Luis, a pioneer of slot racing in the States. It went through at least four editions, starting in the late '70s I believe, and was meant to be distributed to interested persons at hobby shops and racing centers to spread the word. It has a good 30 pages on slots, even including an anglewinder chassis, and views of club and commercial tracks.

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