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We took Bus A21 to Tsim Sha Tsui station in Kowloon where our accommodation (the Burlington House branch of H.K. As recommended by ate Yolly, we had our lunch at Cafe de Coral, just a few blocks from our hotel.
The Peak Tram + Sky terrace + Madam Tussauds ticket bundle costed HKD275.00 when you buy it in the station. The night became cooler and cooler at the top so we proceeded to our next stop, the Madam Tussauds Wax Musuem. It was located in the lower floors of the Peak Tower. The tram operates until midnight only so we headed back to our hotel before it closes or we lose our ride. San po mapurchase yun HKD 275 for The Peak Tram + Sky terrace + Madam Tussauds ticket bundle? Salamat po, Godbless ?? , hehe ask ko lang if you dont mind, sulit po ba yun price sa disneyland kahit adult nah? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. To complete your subscription, check your inbox then click the verification or confirmation link.
For flights going back and forth to North America, the gates are always far away from the Immigration. For most of the flights, travelers must arrive at least 2 hours before taking off to check in and go through the Customs. Before boarding, take a seat and look out of the windows to see the landing and taking off the planes. ATTENTION: If you plan on buying bottle water to take on the flight, do NOT waste your money.
If you like our site or this page, please click the "Like" buttonon the right column to share it with your friends! Hong Kong Immigration (Way to Macau Ferry later in this page): Visitors from most countries travelling to Hong Kong as tourists do not need any Visa.
Hong Kong’s Airport Express TrainThis train service is very clean and very efficient and is our preferred method of transport between the airport and city center.
Hong Kong’s Airport Express Customer Service DeskThe Airport Express stations have customer service desks where you can get information and also buy tickets.
Hong Kong’s Airport Express Ticket MachinesYou can also buy your tickets from the Airport Express ticket machines. Airline Check-In Desks At Hong Kong’s Central StationOnce you’ve bought your ticket you can check in to your flight and also check in your bags.
Group Tickets For Hong Kong’s Airport Express TrainA single journey costs 100 HKD ($13), but a group ticket (minimum of two people) costs between 62.5 HKD ($8) and 80 HKD ($10) each.

Trolleys Lined Up At Hong Kong Airport StationWhen you get off the train at Hong Kong Airport you’ll see that the staff have helpfully lined up the luggage trolleys to make your life a little easier. Renegade Travels is here to show you how to travel the world on a budget, while still having a fantastic time.
At 1:00AM, end of my shift, I met my friends in Valero St, Makati (our rendezvous) and waited for the van that will bring us to Clark International Airport. Upon seeing the airport, I couldn’t help but be impressed with its facilities and structure. Most of us did, except for one who was brought to the interrogation room for not showing the hotel booking and return tickets, which copies were on the hands of our other companion. Some of us went somewhere else while the rest including myself went up to the Sky Terrace, a viewing deck on the top of the Peak Tower.
Rubber tyred trains are used on a concrete track with steel guiderails either side, the track gauge being 1700 mm with a guide face spacing of 2800 mm.
Inside the airport, you will find directions to go the Airport Express Train, Buses or Taxi. As we were leaving Hong Kong we want to get a refund on our Octopus travel cards, and we were able to do this at the customer service desk. This is very convenient as it means you can have a more relaxing train journey without having to carry your luggage with you. The first five nights were spent in an apartment that we booked via Airbnb, and the final three nights at the excellent Bishop Lei International Hotel, which we booked via Agoda. We cover Southeast Asia in depth, particularly Thailand, and have also recently added around 15 countries in Europe.
There were trains that brought us from our designated arrival gate to the main terminal where the immigration counters were located.
We rested for a while, since most of us still hadn’t slept the day before, while we were waiting for the other batch to arrive from Singapore. Anyway, sobrang haba ng pila sa Peak Tram station kaya I suggest that you buy your tickets in advance. ATMs are available at the airport and the best option is to use your international ATM card to withdraw HKD from there.
We arrived at the airport after the train had stopped running, but used the Airport Express to get to the airport for our departure. Click here for great Hong Kong hotel deals.
It’s possible to load an Airport Express ticket onto the Octopus card and use that to travel to and from the airport, or you can buy separate tickets. You can’t check in for Air Asia flights though, so you’ll need to take your luggage with you onto the train. There are also Chinese celebrities, historical personalities, famous artists, and athletes. It appears that all trains run as 4-car consists, with 2-car sets being coupled into pairs if need be.

I have successfully my ATM cards to withdraw cash in Hong Kong and Macau using the 4-digit PIN number. Still, we never lost hope and waited for nearly an hour just to witness the panoramic cityscape (We already had too much of this waiting game). However, it was a failure.
The main spotting feature to determine the manufacturer of the train is the cabs.The original Mitsubishi Heavy Industries cars (phase 1) look different from their standard Crystal Mover design used elsewhere, having a single curved window at the front of the train. At the visitor Immigration counter, they will stamp your passport allowing you 14 days' stay in HK.
Just remenber, the withdrawal limit on these cards may be just 2500-4000 HKD per day in HK or Macau irrespective of your daily limit at home. Solo traveler will do best taking the Train or a bus if you know the bus number that takes you to your hotel. Don't, because the Macau Ferry company will bring your checked baggage and deliver it to you in Macau after Macau immigration. This is the interior of a Mitsubishi phase 3 car:There are also CCTV cameras inside the train. All the three modes of transport will be available if you arrive during the day, but arriving late at night may leave you only Taxi as an option.
Solo male travelers, first time travelers to HK or other "suspected" cases may require to go through an interview with immigration officials before being allowed entry. Also, buy an Octopus card at the airport that you can use on the Airport Express Train, City MTR (Metro) Trains, local buses, 7-Eleven stores, etc. Each train determines the current location using an onboard antenna, which detects a coded signal transmitted by an inductive loop coil installed in the centre of the concrete track.
There have been instances where travelers were refused entry when they were suspected to have come to HK for employment rather than tourism.
Immigration officer just needs to be sure that you will leave HK at the end of your scheduled trip. There are package Octopus cards that entitle you to one-way or two-way ride on the Airport Express Train and unlimited rides on the local MTR network for a fixed number of days. Automatic operation of doors is controlled by a transponder located at each station, with control signals sent between the station and train equipment to ensure the train and platform doors are opened and closed at the correct time.The ATP system transmits speed information to the train via a second set of inductive loops installed along the track, the signals being received by the antenna under the train. If taken for an interview, be very polite, show all the documents when asked for, answer all questions honestly and you should do fine. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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