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Train horns have a tendency to be loud and depending on how close you are to the noise can make you jump out of your skin at the sound of it. When I was first reading about the horn I chuckled a bit, but to actually see the video is friggin priceless. When a truck owner demands a ultra powerful horn, the CANNON BALL EXPRESS is the one to choose.

Wolo has designed the Orient Express Horn to be smaller in size so to fit into engine compartment's that have less open space. The Model 840 is designed for use with the CANNON BALL EXPRESS & ORIENT EXPRESS Train Horns or any high-pressure horns that require an onboard air system. The Model 840-C is designed for use with high-pressure larger volume horns that require an onboard air system.

The TURBO compressor is balanced an has heavy rubber bushings in it's mounting base to virtually eliminate all vibration.

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