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Lite Glow Complete Train Horn SystemBlow the traffic away with our brand new Train Horn System! Includes sealed compressor system - ideal for under-vehicle installation Considering an air horn package with and "all-in-one" compressor system? We've replicated the deep rumbling tri-tone sound of a freight train air horn and made a compact version to fit in almost any truck or SUV. UNLIKE PLASTIC THEY USE THESE BRACKETS ARE RUGGED AND TOUGH PLUS POWDER COATED TO GIVE THEM LONG LIFE.
As ferocious as a freightliner packed with Ozzy tribute bands all rocking in unison, these intense upgrades unleash over 150 dB of head-banging sound in the key of a classic locomotive.Spinal Tap may have amps that crank up to 11, but even those are no match against the ear-piercing blast from the horn-quality trumpets in your Kleinn Pro Blaster Train Horn Kit.
But the stock toyota horn is weak and I'm replacing them with chevy horns off a 88-99 chev.

This sealed compressor has 2 important advantages over the all-in-one compressor systems: All-in-one compressors must be mounted upright and flat. Don?t be fooled by their size - they may be small but they pack a punch that can rival any air horn out there.
Our horn is made of chrome plated hand spun brass & cast manifold, features 3 octaves tuned and weighs 20 lbs.
These are the same train horns we offer in our other kits, except we've beefed them up with a few upgrades to boost the performance to a mind blowing level.
Shipping costs to return items to us for exchange or refund are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
Each system comes complete with a low-draw air compressor and high-PSI air tank—the lungpower behind your Train Horn's vicious bark.

Don?t be fooled by their size – they may be small but they pack a punch that can rival any air horn out there. Plus, you get all the plumbing, valving and wiring you need to complete the installation in your garage between jam sessions.Perfect for pickups, SUVs and tour vans, Kleinn Pro Blaster Train Horn Kits come in a range of universal styles to fit your rig's engine bay and your ear's demands. The compressor turns off when the pressure switch fills tank to 120 PSI and turns back on when pressure drops below 80 PSI. Easy to fit, glistening chrome finishing and tuned train horn sound; these horns are the complete package.

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