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Morocco is a fascinating place to visit, and it’s just a 1-hour ferry ride away from Europe by crossing the strait of Gibraltar from Algeciras, Spain to Tangier, Morocco. Morocco was once a French protectorate, and the influence is still present today with French considered Morocco’s unofficial second language. Popular tourist cities Tangier, Meknes, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakesh are all linked by the rail network, and the distances are not too great.
Trains are run by the country’s railway company ONCF and are quite comfortable, especially in 1st class. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged casablanca, fes, marrakesh, meknes, morocco, oncf, rabat, rome2rio, tangier, train travel on August 13, 2011 by rome2rio. Drop your details below and every Wednesday we'll send you a personal email message designed to smash away your fears and move you towards a life of more travel.
PLUS, we'll send you a short audio, Get Travelling: a 5 step plan for turning your travel dreams into reality. We’ve all heard the horror stories of travellers being thieved, conned and swindled whilst on the road.
I’m pondering this as I watch a handsome man hastily weave away from me through the crowd with my trusty backpack held high above his head. After three fabulous weeks of backpacking through Morocco, I found myself at the train station of the town Sidi Kacem.
It was the weekend of the Islamic Eid festival and the entire population of Morocco, it seemed, had decided to take the one and only train from Sidi Kacem to Tangier to spend the holiday with their families. As we waited the crowd multiplied, until the platform strained under the weight and I began to wonder how all these people were going to fit on the train.
Hours later, the crowd suddenly swelled forward with a ferocity that had people teetering at the edges of the platform: the train was finally screeching its way into the station. My weighty pack was safely at my feet and as I stood amidst the literal crush of my fellow passengers when it occurred to me that there was no way I had enough space to hoist it onto my back.
I was heading home to Australia after a year abroad and so, being on the home stretch, I had bought a ridiculous number of (heavy) ceramic souvenirs. The passengers began to push themselves into the train and in the chaos we were slowly nudged further away from the doorway. My friend and I began a panicked conversation weighing up our options and with no plan whatsoever, it all boiled down to this: we had to get on that train! Clearly my bag was gone forever and not being able to move, I settled for muttering and cursing myself for not being more vigilant until the man’s face appeared in the doorway ahead of us.
He led us to some seats and explained, in perfect English, that there was no room for the bags here but not to worry, he would find somewhere for them in the next cabin.
We finally clattered into Tangier station sometime after midnight and the previous chaos at Sidi Kacem seemed remarkably understated in comparison.
We tried and we tried but each taxi already had at least three families spilling out of them. With all the hundreds of people milling about, this seemed like way too much of a coincidence, and my friend and I exchanged wary glances. We shook hands, thanked Hasan profusely for all his help and checked into our seedy port hotel.

So although travellers are occasionally easy targets for unsavoury characters and need to be a little wary, it is nice to be reminded that there are always those people who are willing to offer unconditional kindness, even in most unlikely situations. But you know, if it wasn’t for a good looking man called Hasan, I swear I would still be standing on that platform at Sidi Kasem.
I’m always waiting for people to tell stories about the good things in life, not just all the bad and weird. Stories like this are great reminders of the positive stuff that is out there – a nice contrast to the usual horror stories.
Cherina, wonderful story and it’s usually in hindsight that we realize that this person was just acting in total kindness. Glad it all worked out for you and you had the chance to meet Hasan to be able to share this story. Morocco is a place with so much to see and do, and if you are not constrained by time, the train system is an ideal way to see the country. ONCF offers an information service via phone called Ketary which handles all train inquiries, including reservations, schedules, routes, stations and fares. Couchette: This is the most expensive ticket, however is also provides travelers with the most comfortable ride.
When you book multi-centre holidays in Morocco with us there are a variety of ways to travel between locations. Please note that it is not possible to book either the train or the bus outside of Morocco, or much before the date of travel. Below we have mapped out the main railway and coach routes in Morocco, and have listed some sample prices in Dirhams (see our Currency page for the current exchange rate, as it can be quite variable). TGV & AVE fares work like air fares so book as early as you can for the cheapest prices.
Another legacy of this influence is the French-built railway network, which still operates today and is a great way to explore the country. Tangier to Fes is a 3 hour 30 minute journey, Fes and Meknes are just an hour apart, and it’s another 2 hours 30 minutes from Meknes on to Rabat. Neither had I until I discovered our ‘through-train’ from Marrakesh to Tangier actually only travelled as far as Sidi Kacem. People had realised that all these passengers would probably not all fit on this train, so it was each to their own and a battle of elbows and shoulders ensued!
She has been travelling on and off for over 12 years and you can follow her adventures on her blog Quiet Wanderings or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter. It reminds me of walking through the streets of Kathmandu, it felt like everyone that came to talk to me or show me around simply wanted to lure me into buying something or giving them money.But one particular man turned out to simply want to practice his English and show me some of the sites. Enjoyed reading about your experience.I have to admit I was surprised that it turned out so well.
I read stories like this though, and it reminds me that most people are good and want to help. A taxi driver tried to take advantage of me (who knows where he would have taken me), but a woman from my bus and other taxi drivers told me not to go with him.
It reminds me of a time I was travelling in China and I’d had one of those days where everyone seemed on a personal mission to extract as many funds from me as possible.

I lived in Morocco (Rabat) for 4 months and was constantly astonished by the hospitality that I experienced there. Car Hire gives you the most flexibility, with the option of a driver if you prefer not to do your own driving. These, of course, have the advantage of bringing you closer to the daily life of Morocco, as well as potentially being rather cheaper than the private transfers on the longer routes. As such, you may ask your hotel to help you book the tickets at the time; we are unable to pre-book them for you. With over 30 years of experience, and an ATOL license, we provide peace of mind and full financial protection for all our clients.
Kind of.) After giving up our seats to a woman and her children, I spent most of the trip standing in the corridor trying to get some fresh air from a tiny gap in an open window and feeling decidedly nauseous. All we needed was to find a taxi to take us to the port and hopefully a hotel before our trip back to Spain tomorrow. I was still considering the strong possibility that he was a pimp or a people trafficker so just politely commented in the appropriate places.
I had a bad feeling about it, but the people around me confirming it helped me make the right decision. I was tired and frustrated, but then, in a Beijing subway station, when struggling to work out how to use the ticketing system, a lady appeared, looked at me kindly, paid for my tickets, refused my attempts at refund, and disappeared into the crowd. They walked around with us everywhere, bought us some tasty snacks, offered to pay for a boat ride and then invited us back to their place the next day. Trains are operated by ONCF, coaches by an ONCF subsidary, Supratours - it is possible to book one ticket for a route that covers both rail and coach. You’re so right that the tricky thing is being able to tell what strangers you can trust.
Unfortunately we were leaving the next day, but in the back of our minds we were wondering if we had of gone what would have happened.
Would it be wise to include hotel fees in with my airfare, or would it be more cost effective to rent an apt. I like to think and believe that they were genuine kind people, but sometimes it doesn’t always turn out that way. I’ve often relied on the kindness of strangers to get me headed in the right direction when lost in new places.
I detest trains, is renting a car there a hair raising experience or is the train a better source of transportation? I have a tour guide who lives there in Sidi Kacem that will help me with translation and getting around to various cities. Also will I need a visa to travel there and are there any shots required for me to take before I go there.

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