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One of the first things foreigners visiting in Japan will notice is the fact that, unlike most major cities around the globe, Japan does not have a 24 hour bus or train service. I wrote a popular post a couple months back about tips and advice for taking the Last Train in Tokyo. She lived off of the Tokyo Metro line, which is known for having an earlier last train than some of the JR line trains. Even if people suddenly decided they wanted a 24 hour, all night, train service in Japan, I don’t think the economy would let them. Train Museums in Japan – Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Subscribe to My Newsletter Menu Train Museums in Japan – Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Train museums were a big hit with the kids during our recent trip to Japan. Tokyo metro, especially for novices, may initially presents many difficulties and challenges, but after a few uses, you will find that it is easier than it may seem at first. It ‘s easy to assume that a city like Tokyo offers all types of services 24 hours a day, but it is not. In general, especially if you are in a group, remember that talking in a loud voice is still seen as a lack of respect. If you end up in the queue for one of these carriages only for women, is likely that there will be someone pointing out your mistake … but obviously they will speak you only in Japanese, which will complicate things even more! You will notice it immediately at the first station: all Japanese waiting for the train or metro will strictly wait in line of two, or following the proper demarcation lines painted on the floor.
Also remember to stay away from the front doors of the trains to make room for those who must exit. Following these simple, but important rules, will surely help you be appreciated by the Japanese and not seen as the classic rude foreign tourist.

This maddened rush of squishing against drunkards, stale air, and no personal space can get on the nerves of even the most steel hearted and “chill” foreigner. Each line and train route is different, but most of them run their “last train” around midnight.
I’m not talking about the same “every 2-3 minutes a train arrives” kind of thing they do during rush hour, I’m saying even just allowing trains to run on the most popular lines, like the Yamanote Line or Chuo Line, every half an hour could help a lot of people out. She actually enjoys living about an hour and a half by train from her company, because that means she gets to leave “early” even during overtime.
At this point, the economy is irreversibly tied to the fact that at any one time, maybe 2% – 4% of company employees miss the last train. Now I live in the countryside near Tokyo with my husband, Ryosuke, where I draw comics, blog, and make videos about our daily life.
If you miss the last train and you are far away, you are forced to do as the people of Tokyo : stay up all night drinking, or sleeping in capsule hotel. Be prepared to be crushed against each other or against the door. In short, be prepared to be treated like sardines.
Many railway lines in Tokyo have some carriages reserved for women, but only during certain hours of the morning and afternoon. Japan shows an overwhelming 58% of Japanese people in Tokyo do not believe 24 hour busses or trains are necessary. In fact, death statistics for karoshi are reported separately from “normal” heart attacks or strokes.
A lot of my Japanese friends have complained their companies do not pay for overtime (or pay something like $1 an hour for overtime).

Her company can force her to do a lot of things, but missing the last train isn’t one of them. Karaoke bars, manga cafes, bars, and Love Hotels survive on these desparate patrons who just need somewhere to crash for the night. Apparently that can be “technically” legal in Japan; new employees are often suffering from unreasonable and unfair overtime rules.
All three museums were spacious and easy to get around.Here are the kids checking a model train display at the Osaka Modern Transportation Museum. Or you could stay in one of the many “cheap” hotels downtown, which often end up being shady Love Hotels.
Or you could hit up a bar and drink with other dejected salarymen who missed the last train.
Or you could rent a private manga cafe booth or karaoke booth and try to sleep until the morning.
The black steam engine in the distance takes passengers on a short ride a few times per day.Samuel test driving one of the steam engines in the Kyoto museum. This computer terminal shows the different trains on the main floor – all of which are clickable for more information and details. The adventure to get there, about an hour from Tokyo and the ride on the new tram, was just the right length.

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