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With authorities still reckoning the death toll from the explosive train derailment that leveled the downtown of the Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, the tragedy cast a spotlight on North America's sharply increasing use of rail to transport its new wealth of crude oil. The train had been parked for an overnight shift change four miles (7 kilometers) from the Canadian lakeside town when at about 1 a.m. The train was carrying crude from the region that has spearheaded the revival in the use of oil trains in North America: North Dakota's Bakken shale. North America's new hot oil production centers, the Bakken shale in North Dakota and the oil sands of western Canada, aren't well tied into this pipeline network. In any event, more than half of North Dakota's oil production is now transported by rail, and extensive infrastructure is now being built to ship more, the State Department said.
An important factor keeping the cost of train transport down for oil producers has been the practice of sending the crude in trains made entirely of tanker cars of oil, like the train that crashed in Lac-Mégantic.
The oil train trend has launched far ahead of any public debate on the potential safety issues. In May, a study by the Paris-based International Energy Agency concluded that pipelines in North America spilled three times as much crude oil as trains for comparative distances over an eight-year period. For now, rail remains a critical way for industry to bridge the gap in pipeline infrastructure. There is so much to explore in Canada and with 19 routes from coast-to-coast, VIA Rail Canada will get you there.
From the metropolis of Toronto to the serenity of Lake Louise, the Across Canada by Train trip fills your desire for the energy of big cities and the calmness of nature.
This train trip through the Canadian Rockies highlights the best of Western Canada in 5 days. Of all the Canadian rail tours we offer, this package features the most diverse scenery and wildlife of Western Canada. Travel one way by overnight train and one way by air for a visit with Churchill's famous polar bears known to many locals as the lords of the arctic. We hate spam and promise never to sell, rent or let your email address stay up past its bedtime watching Canada travel documentaries. We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details).
Start your Canada rail vacation climbing aboard a train in Vancouver being lulled to sleep by the train's gentle rocking as snow falls outside.
The Rocky Mountaineer train is the only luxurious way to travel by rail through the Canadian Rockies and across Western Canada. The Rocky Mountaineer train operates through the Canadian Rockies in either direction to Vancouver from Banff, Lake Louise or Jasper. The Coastal Passage route allows you to extend your rail journey by starting or ending your Rocky Mountaineer vacation package from Seattle and offers contrasting scenery. Click HERE for current offer details or submit a quote request for the best deals and discounts. Book your 2016 or 2017 Rocky Mountaineer vacation now and receive our best rates and deals.
In 2016 you will have two levels of service to choose from onboard the Rocky Mountaineer train; SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf.
For your convenience, the differences between this service and SilverLeaf service are in bold. Experience the best rail travel in the country with the rail tours of the Canadian Rockies and beyond onboard the award winning Rocky Mountaineer train.

Packages are typically confirmed within a few minutes or up to 48 business hours after receiving a deposit payment and required guest information. One-way Tour Packages - Connecting Vancouver to the Canadian Rockies and Calgary by rail and motorcoach. Coastal Passage Vacations from Seattle - Connecting Seattle to the Canadian Rockies and Calgary by rail and motorcoach.
Coastal Passage Self-Drive Vacations from Seattle - Connecting Seattle to the Canadian Rockies and Calgary by rail and car rental.
Rail and Self-Drive Vacations from Calgary - Connecting Calgary to the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver by car rental and rail.. Please contact us for more information and to book these Trans-Canada rail vacation packages in 2016. A 7 night round-trip cruise to Alaska out of Vancouver can also be added for the ultimate adventure! To receive the best discounts, deals and value added on all Rocky Mountaineer vacations, use our Rocky Mountaineer Train Quote form to contact us. The award winning Rocky Mountaineer train is the only all-daylight train through the Canadian Rockies. North America has seen skyrocketing growth in rail transport of fuel from the booming Bakken shale in North Dakota and the tar sands of Canada. Saturday, the 73 black tankers carrying pressurized containers of crude oil decoupled from their five locomotives for unknown reasons.
Shipments of Bakken shale oil were expected to exceed 800,000 barrels per day by the end of this year, up tenfold just since August 2011, according to a recent analysis by the U.S. But State Department analysts foresee it growinga€”one of the key reasons they concluded that the Keystone XL, if built, would have minimal impact on greenhouse gas emissions. But discussion has been underway on risks of oil train shipments from the Midwest, with state officials as far away as Maine reviewing their spill readiness plans. Pipelines can be built to avoid population centers and fragile ecosystems, while trains travel over routes where such concerns were not weighed, Wayde Schafer, a North Dakota-based spokesman for the Sierra Club, said in an interview last year. Ethanol train accidents, for example, have resulted in multiple car derailments that have sparked massive fireballs. It has allowed North Dakota's oil producers to add and subtract shipping capacitya€”the number of train carloadsa€”quickly, and to pick and choose the most lucrative markets. Marvel at passing scenery from the comfort of your rail car, and let attentive staff and outstanding dining create a memorable rail experience for years to come.
Make your way across Manitoba's frozen tundra to Churchill for an unparalleled polar bear experience.
Choose one of the thoughtfully planned vacation packages below or customize an existing trip with your favourite activities. To get your own custom quote for this trip, please click the button below for more details. Imagine experiencing tours of bilingual Montreal, historic Quebec City, beautiful Charlevoix, and coastal Halifax - all in just over a week.
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Learn about the culture and history of French-speaking Quebec before crossing the Prairies to the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Rockies. This train trip across Canada fulfills your desire for the energy of big cities and the serenity of nature.

Awaken in a Rockies winter wonderland and spend a few days playing outside and cozying up each night in a warm hotel. To better assist you and to save time, submit a Rocky Mountaineer train quote and we will select a suitable package based on your preferences. They rolled downhill driverless into the town center, derailed, and set off a series of explosions and fire that raged for hours in the small community near the Maine border. 2 oil producer in the United States, but the state has few pipelines to carry its new product to market. State Department said in an extensive market analysis related to the decision whether to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas. The carbon-intensive oil of Canada's tar sands will get to market, with or without the pipeline, they argued; it will move by rail. Railroad executives have argued that any spill from their trains would prove minor in contrast to a pipeline spill.
Department of Transportation data, also said that the risk of a train spill proved to be six times greater than a pipeline incident over the period between 2004 and 2012. In one of the worst cases, in Cherry Valley, Illinois, in 2009, a derailment of 13 ethanol cars and resulting fire killed one person at a rail crossing and injured seven others, led to the evacuation of 600 homes, and caused $8 million in damages. Last year, for instance, North Dakota producers shipping by rail could send their crude directly to the East Coast or Gulf Coast, where it sold at higher prices than if it had been transported by pipeline through a bottleneck in Oklahoma. Trans Canada journeys go from 8 days up to 21 days but as usual everything is customizable to your taste and budget. From Jasper, you also have the extended three day route which includes overnights in hotels in Quesnel and Whistler. Any rail and cruise surcharges imposed between now and packages booked up to October 2017 will be absorbed by us. This offer is only applicable to Rocky Mountaineer vacations of 4 nights or more which include Calgary arrivals and departures. You can also use our online Rocky Mountaineer vacation package search tool to search all 2016 vacation packages online. Across the United States, rail carloads of crude, which totaled just 9,500 in 2008, were up to 97,000 in just the first quarter of this yeara€”on track for a 40-fold increase in just five years. But ever since the first successful oil pipeline was built in Pennsylvania in 1879, it became clear that pipes were a cheaper and quicker way to transport oil.
You do not overnight on the Rocky Mountaineer train ensuring you don't miss a moment of the breathtaking scenery you will be travelling through.
The train that derailed at Lac-Mégantic was bound for a refinery in New Brunswick, east of Quebec. When oil production shifted to Texas and Oklahoma, pipelines rapidly connected the new production hub to the rest of the country. The Rocky Mountaineer train is the only luxury train operating through the Canadian Rockies.

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