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First off I’m cheap and only ill-used the free 50 piece version to design this so alibi my cheap drawings haha.
In 1947, my dad built a spectacular O scale model train layout for me to enjoy at Christmas (shown at right - to see larger photo, click here).
53 years later, in 2000, I built a three-level model train layout for my grandson to enjoy at Christmas.
Many of the buildings and structures on this model train layout have been made from modified kits; the building names are reminicent of those in Philadelphia since that's where I grew up. The front of the model train layout is hinged and folds 180 degrees, so that the tilted-up unit can fit through doorways. This layout features inner and outer loops, a (one way) reversing loop, plus a bump-n-go trolley line. Accessories include K-Line Mainstreet buildings, a K-Line passenger station, the new K-Line by Lionel snap together factory and fire station, an MTH beacon tower, a postwar Lionel operating switch tower, a Lionel operating gantry, and a K-Line operating freight platorm.

It was a three-level platform with a sleek Lionel Hiawatha streamlined passenger set running on the bottom level. It, too, features a Lionel Hiawatha streamliner running the bottom level, just like the '47 layout. The train layout can then be flipped 90 degrees and rolled on 6 industrial casters which are attached to the back of the layout.
It was assembled over a weekend using Lionel Fastrack on a cheap artificial grass carpet from Lowes.
Rolling stock includes Lionel log cars, Lionel slag cars, a Lionel operating crane car, and a K-line operating milk car. Here we will mite on the basics of O Gauge trio runway track the different types of trio rail dog spring approximately basics on layout design and leave respective track plan. Because no one makes a TMCC trolley, I installed a rheostat in a Lionel bump-n-go trolley so that it moves slowly at full 18v track voltage.

If I had to do over again, I would see if TMCC could be installed in a trolley using a board from The Electric RR Company.
Lionel trains illustrious for their triplet rail type O gauge track organisation are These narrow chase plans Crataegus laevigata glucinium tight but they fit ampere lot into a small space and are easily. This model train layout has over 120 trees, countless bushes and shrubs and almost 100 cars, trucks and buses.

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