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The reports are conflicting because some eyewitnesses say he threw himself at the train, while others claim he was just walking across the railway track with his friends when a train fast approaching from Agege picked him up.
The incident which happened at the Bolade area of Oshodi, left the unidentified man hacked into pieces. Peace is a wife and mother who reports and analyses global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change. In the afternoon of July 9th, a man jumped off the platform in Changli railway station, in Hebei to commit suicide, and Li Yabo, the 20-year old railway police Intern, went to save him. Li Yabo is from Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, Henan province and he enrolled in the Railway Police College in 2011. Professor Zhang Xu, a famous expert in microsurgery and hand-foot surgery, achieved the optimum treatment plan after discussion with several experts, and replanted Li Yaboa€™s legs. There is a controversy on whether his deeds could be awarded the title of a€?Hero of Justice and Couragea€?, since to save people is part of his job responsibility.
Many netizens think that even though Li Yaboa€™s act is within his job responsibility, they still hope the government could award him the title of a€?Hero of Justice and Couragea€? for his brave deeds.
A few chapters into the book, I already knew that this was no ordinary writer, that he was of a rare breed that could pull together great story telling, intelligent ideas, beautiful prose and the human condition. The line of official souvenir merchandise that will be available for purchase at the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular has been released and is even available for order online (in case you can’t wait for the show to arrive in your local arena).
A fairly detailed souvenir program for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular is offered at $25. At the moment at least, it looks like they’re not selling toys for the new dragons they created for the show like the Skrill, Egg Biter and Stinger. The sizes of the plush dragons range from 23cm (9 inches) for the Nadder and Night Fury up to 43cm (17 inches) for the Gronckle.
There are eight different t-shirt designs available with some available for both adults and kids. The final shirt in the line up is a girl’s black floral shirt with a silhouette of a Night Fury flying overhead. It’s a fairly good selection of shirts, though I would have preferred a few that had bolder designs on them, such as a full color likeness of Toothless or the other dragons in the show. For anyone who wants to become a dragon themselves, you can purchase your very own dragon tail and a set of wings to wear. If you like costuming as characters from the movie, then be sure to check out these costumes for Hiccup, Toothless, Deadly Nadder and the Gronckle.
A single hand puppet is available for the Red Death which is the enormous dragon that Hiccup and Toothless have to defeat. There are no other puppets based on the How to Train Your Dragon characters presently available, however there are quite a few high quality dragon puppets to be found. Two dragon souvenir lanyards are being offered, one with brass pins and the other with enamel pins.
A souvenir Viking style tankard with Toothless perching on the edge and appearing to be sipping a drink is offered. Two light up dragon medallions are offered, one with a Night Fury symbol and the other with a Monstrous Nightmare symbol.
One thing for sure seems to be that our readers who love to send us candid sexy leg photos find no end of inspiration on their train journey’s to work.

VIEWER DISCRETION…PLEASE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE HEART TO VIEW THESE PHOTOS, THEN DON’T OPEN! 1547 train on a platform in Changli railway station while a middle-aged man jumped off the platform and ran to the middle of the railway swiftly. The replantation of severed legs was finished successfully at 3:30am on July 10th, and the second surgery was done at July 12th night. It is said that when Li Yabo woke up to find his left foot on his right foot, he asked the doctor a€?can you switch my foot back?a€?. On July 13th morning, an official from Shandong Foundation for Justice and Courage said that although Li Yaboa€™s brave deeds were very touching and worth respecting, he was on duty when the accident took place, and that meant that he just did what he should do in his job. The mucus-like cells lining the walls of the stomach would soon dissolve due to the strong digestive acids in your stomach if they weren't constantly replaced. Among the items available are T-shirts (in both kids and adult sizes), plastic figures, plush toys, a souvenir program, plus a few miscellaneous items like light toys, lanyards, a mug and so forth. This one looks to be much more detailed than the average show program and is listed as being 60 pages long and includes cast and crew information with pictures of the show and exclusive behind the scenes photos.
My personal favorite is The Art of How to Train Your Dragon which shows much of the concept art used in the development of the movie.
The main difference is that these are slightly larger figures and are listed as ranging from 23-33 cm (approx. That’s too bad since it would have been nice to see some figures that were unique to the arena show. The How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular will be offering four plush dragons plus two plush dolls of Hiccup and Astrid.
As such, the Night Fury, Deadly Nadder and Monstrous Nightmare are very similar in size to those that have previously been available. The only other Gronckle plush was the pillow plush that was sold at Walmart stores for a short time when the movie came out.
If you look on eBay at the prices of the larger pillow plush dragons that have long since been discontinued, the prices on those are generally quite high which shows there’s a good demand for these larger plush toys. The availability of adult sized T-shirts for the How to Train Your Dragon Arena show is a very welcome addition to the merchandise lineup. The two Dragon Trainer shirts are the same as the adult ones, and in addition to these they’re also offering a Gronckle shirt and grey shirt with the Night Fury logo on it. At least they’re making shirts available in adult sizes which is a first for How to Train Your Dragon merchandise.
Not sure why Night Fury wings aren’t being sold as one would think those would be the most popular. The fiber optic strands are described as being 4cm (1.5 inches) long and light up with 6 different color and light sequences using red, blue and green light. The suicide fell into a deep coma while Li Yabo had to have leg amputation, because his legs were badly mutilated when his colleagues dragged him out from under the train. Recently, netizens have been forwarding and commenting on microblog, sending their regards to this young man. And according to the legal stipulations, his acts could not be regarded as a€?for Justice and Couragea€?. Not surprisingly, most of the items are geared towards kids but there are a few things that might interest the adult dragon fan or collector.
If they were to offer some jumbo sized plush dragons, I’m sure they would sell quite well.

The Nadder wings are 143cm (56 inches) in length and have elastic arm loops.These cost $20 as well. The lanyard with brass pins features head shot images of Hiccup, Astrid, the Deadly Nadder, Gronckle and Toothless.
Delivering outside of Australia is listed as costing $10 for the first item plus $6 for each additional item. Many a netizen praised him as a€?the most beautiful railway policeman among people born in the 1990sa€?.
As of July 13th, the hospital said they would transplant Li Yaboa€™s left foot to his right foot and would try their best to save his leg and restore its functions. He is a hero no matter whether the suicide was saved!a€? Thousands of millions of netizens sent their respect and regards to a€?the most beautiful railway policeman that was born post 1990sa€?. The final one third of the book was executed with great tour de force and was very potent, and I found he could not have delivered a more beautiful final paragraph to end his story.
Since the show started in Australia, the price list is currently shown in Australian dollars, but since the exchange rate between the US and Australian dollar is so close, we won’t bother to distinguish here. The only shirts I’ve seen before were the few kids T-shirts that used to be sold at Walmart. Zhang Xu also stated that he would have to amputate his left leg from his knee down, which would be good for fitting the prosthesis in the future.
These figures for the arena show are also slightly more expensive and are priced at $30 each.
Other than the souvenir program, none of the items strike me as being particularly special, though the availability of adult sized T-shirts is certainly welcome. Hopefully, when the show comes to the US they’ll start distributing the orders from within the US which should lower the shipping costs. Li Yaboa€™s legs become a bloody mass while the middle-aged man was hurt in the head and belly, and went into a coma on the spot. The other action figures are priced in the $25-28 range for the most part when they were first released, however some of the figures have gotten rare which has caused the prices to rise. I was of course hoping to find some special items for my own collection, though having seen what was available when I went to Walking with Dinosaurs, I wasn’t expecting to find much. Due to the huge pressure and force, Li Yaboa€™s legs were separated from his feet a€“ his right leg and the middle part of his left leg were grounded to commination, and could not be found.
Some of the special things I would have liked to see in the line up of collectibles would be large or giant sized plush figures of the dragons (made to strictly match the look of the dragons in the movie, of course) or some highly detailed figures that go beyond the plastic toys being offered. I think the merchandising people also missed the boat on things like remote controlled dragons.
After people have watched Toothless, the Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare and Gronckle wander freely around the arena floor, I’m sure there would be demand from people who would want take an RC roaming dragon home with them like this one.

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