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The article summarizes the researchers' analysis of highway sensor data to evaluate traffic flow and congestion delays during and after the 35-day transit strike.
Tremendous impact of LA's public transit on area's mobility was underscrored when it wasn't available – during 2003 transit strike. Ed cites other evidence of the beneficial impact of public transit on urban mobility – particularly from the Washington, DC area. Perhaps the most relevant example, according to Ed, is the crisis of 11 September 2001, when the National Capital was attacked by terrorists. But the nine radial MetroRail lines leaving downtown were running with six-car trains (mostly) on 12-minute headways.

I do not know how many extra trains were run, but not many, for lack of operators on the spur of the moment. Anyway, in the next hour 45 trains took 48,600 people home, or at least out of the perceived danger zone. Virginia Railway Express could not help, as it had no crews on duty – or if it did, the CSX dispatcher in Jacksonville, Florida could not help. Capital is saving a billion dollars a year by having MetroRail to avold more traffic delay.
Ed also cites the case of the 1997 strike of workers of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system – the regional rapid transit network serving the San Francisco-Bay Area.

NOTE: information on the study of the Los Angeles transit strike of 2003 by Shih-Che Lo and Randolph W. White, defied the police, and told his dispatchers to get everyone home that they brought in.

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