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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Im a massage therapist, recently had my license activated in NJ, and Im interested in a city thats relatively close to NYC and is affordable.
I dont know if theres any working massage therapists on the forum but if there are any could you let me know how well your doing working in NJ. Jersey City & Newark aren't dirty by any stanch , thats typical New Yorker trash talking info you got. The PATH train connects Newark , Harrison , 3 Sections of Jersey City and Hoboken with Midtown and Lower Manhattan. I'd like to get as close to the city as possible but Im not going to turn down an affordable apartment or good area if Its going to take me 30- 45 minutes to get into the city. A recent visit to the Journal Square neighborhood and West Side Avenue revealed a lot of litter defiling those areas.

Just yesterday, as I drove through the East Ward of Newark, my main thoughts were that Cory Booker needs to focus more on quality of life issues--such as the cleanliness of the streets--and less on building his own personal image in order to advance his next career move.
Yesterday, I observed that the streets in the vicinity of Rome Street, Wilson Avenue, and environs were incredibly laden with trash and litter.
I have a friend who lives in Manhattan and is willing to let me stay with them until Im situated in New Jersey. Based off what I've read so far it seems the median price for any small apartment is around $1000. I want to live in a relatively safe area which means I dont like walking down the street at night worrying about if someones going to jump me. Ive heard Hoboken is nice but pricey, Jersey City is pretty dirty from what I understand and Newark is a NO GO! Depending where you are in JCH you have the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail which connects to the PATH in Hoboken or Pavonia-Newport, same as with Bayonne (it'll be more accessible regardless of location there).

I dont like pulling into gas stations and seeing half a dozen bums standing around trying to clean your car windows for spare change. I dont enjoy random encounters with drug fiends or scuffles with street thugs looking to jack my bike. Other close enough options that offer a relatively quick commute into the city, rent in that range and all nice towns with enough to do in them: Rutherford, East Rutherford, Ridgefield Park, Bogota, Teaneck, parts of Hackensack. This is the type of stuff I've dealt with living in the city Im currently residing in and I know to some degree it may not be completely un-avoidable but I would like to be able to walk outside at night knowing its relatively safe.

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