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Caption: Amtrak 324 with Toronto to New York City train 97, The Maple Leaf, crosses high above the Niagara River on the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge. Caption: Amtrak 470 with Detroit to New York City train 64 the "Niagara Rainbow" arrives at Windsor.
Feb 03, 2015 — A Toronto jury has been told that an alleged terror plot involving a Via Rail-Amtrak train travelling from New York into Ontario was motivated by Islamic extremism.

It's the first day of the trial for two men who face multiple charges in the alleged 2012 plot. Crown lawyer Croft Michaelson told court the men were plotting to murder as many people as they could to strike fear in the community and force the Canadians and Americans to pull their troops from Muslim lands.
He said one of the ways they agreed upon was to derail a passenger train travelling from New York to Toronto but he says an undercover F-B-I officer managed to gain their trust and record conversations about their plans, which became crucial evidence.

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