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Convenient pick-up at Penn Station, Grand Central or Port Authority Terminal (no hotel pick-up).
The AirTrain is a 24-hour elevated train that connects JFK Airport with New York City’s public transportation system. The Howard Beach station is less congested than the subway station used by the  J-Z-E lines. The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) provides commuter rail service between New York City and Long Island. Buy your AirTrain ticket from a ticket machine or a roving ticket agent wearing a red vest. Luggage storage at JFK Airport a€“ At terminals 1 and 4, luggage storage facilities are available. JFK transportation: One good thing in New York City is the 24 hour public transportation available to commuters.
JFK airport is connected to New Yorka€™s subway (Metro) system and commuter rail system by AirTrain JFK.
At Jamaica Station the following NYC Transit Bus Lines are available a€“ Q6, Q8, Q9, Q24, Q30, Q31, Q40, Q41, Q43, Q44, Q54, Q56 and Q60. Apart from these there are a number of private bus services being operated between the airport and destinations in Manhattan and also New Jersey. This is a convenient option for getting from JFK to Jacob Javits or Times Square or Rockefeller which are all in Midtown.
There are numerous other hotels located close and not that close but close enough to the airport.
Motorcycle riders are allowed to park in a special parking area next to the long-term parking in Lefferts Boulevard, and then they can use the Airtrain for free to get to all the terminals. The Airtrain at JFK is free from all stations except Jamaica Station and Howard Beach Station.

Obviously a taxi, van or limo to JFK airport also makes a lot of sense if you have a lot of luggage. Aurobindo Ashram: Aurobindo Ashram is associate degree ashram is found at Dandia Bazaar within the town of Vadodara, Gujarat, western Republic of India.
My cousin and I were FORCED to pay $5.00 in each direction to use the A Line Subway at the Howard Beach Station. I am arriving tomorrow to jfk, is there an easy, cheap way to get to manhattan hotels without ride sharing? Will be arriving from the uk at terminal 4, would like to take the airtrain to Penn Station.
From Terminal 4 you can take the elevator to the Airtrain and get off at the Howard Beach stop. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. When using their services, forget about learning NYC’s often confusing transportation system or struggling up subway station stairs with your luggage. If you are not close to the A line, read the Transferring To The A Train In Manhattan section below. These commuter trains are cleaner, faster, more comfortable and safer (crime-wise) than subways. If  traveling to JFK via LIRR on a Saturday or Sunday, read CityTicket For Weekend JFK Passengers to learn how you can save money.
Kennedy Airport also known as JFK is the main international air passenger and freight (by value of shipments) gateway into the US.
The Airtrain JFK stops at all terminals, parking lots, two subway stations, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and hotel shuttle areas.
NYC yellow cabs operated by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission offer a flat rate of $45 from JFK to Manhattan, excluding tips and tolls.

The arrival level at each terminal has car rental counters or courtesy telephones for each car rental company. The Parking rates for the Central Terminal Area (CTA) lots (Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red ) are – $3 for the first half or part $6 for up to 1 hour and $3 for each hour or part thereafter, with a $30 max for each 24 hour period. Is the connection time we have enough to go through customs, pick up luggage, transfer by Airtrain to term.5 and check in for the next flight? Subways are often delayed, break down or make extra stops to pick up the slack for other trains that are delayed or have broken down.
Terminal 2 and 3 are in the same area and there is a walkway to terminal 2 from terminal 3. JFK is located in Southeast Queens, at JFK Expressway and South Cargo Rd., about 15 miles from Manhattan. Since we go over US customs in Montreal, do we need to go over customs and security all over again?
How often do the trains run, and do we pay before getting on the train or on the train itself.
Currently (opened in October 22, 2008) JetBlue Airways occupies terminal 5 at JFK and the front portion of Saarinena€™s is used as an entry point (though the JetBlue terminal can also be directly accessed).
The airport is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey which also manages the other airports in the area viz.
Long term parking rates at JFK are – $15 for first 24 hours, beyond 24 hours, $5 for each 8 a€“hour period or part thereafter.
Weather can determine travel time to JFK Airport, or if the helicopter will fly at all.

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