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Upper Montclair Station is located at street level and has two ground-level side platforms that can only platform five cars. These platforms are between the grade crossings of Bellevue Avenue at the southern end and Lorraine Avenue at their northern end. The station had a small, historic 1892 station house until it was severely damaged in a 2006 fire along the Newark-bound platform.

It was rebuilt and enlarged in 2010 and is now the Upper Montclair Station casual dining and bar (how original), but the platforms weren't modified and still have historic font signs. The Hackettstown-bound platform has a wash running along it so there is plenty of greenery. It has one middle entrance with a slightly wider area leading down to a staircase down to a meter only parking lot, designed for shoppers in the Upper Montclair Shopping District.

The platforms lack any shelter for waiting passengers except for a few benches beneath the slight eaves of the new depot.

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