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It appears that five of the New York City Passenger train’s seven cars derailed in this incident resulting in multiple fatalities, with at least two cars on their sides. The train came off the tracks while rounding a sharp curve and one passenger who takes this same train every week said it seemed to be traveling more rapidly than normal. Two other New York City Metro-North passenger trains also had a  major catastrophe earlier this year. No suspected cause has been identified for the New York City passenger train’s tragic and  fatal derailment.
All aboard the 'nightclub on wheels': Nevada entrepreneur planning luxury 'party train' from California to Las Vegas After striking an agreement with a railroad, the Las Vegas Railway Express is one step closer to bringing to life the X Train, a luxurious 'party train' complete with big screen TVs, recliners and lounges. LAS VEGAS a€” As if a weekend in Las Vegas isn't wild enough for Southern Californians, a Nevada entrepreneur is about to add five more hours of party to either end. Tourists can't get from Southern California to Las Vegas by rail alone, and Barron's company isn't the first to try and fix that.
The much-talked-about XpressWest project proposes a high-speed train connecting Sin City to the region from which it draws 25 percent of its tourists. The company signed an agreement last week with Union Pacific Railroad allowing them to use a set of tracks that leads to downtown Las Vegas but hasna€™t seen passenger traffic in 15 years. The X Train proposal calls for an Amtrak crew aboard a 576-passenger train that runs at standard speeds on traditional tracks. Tickets for the adults-only train would cost $99 each way and include a meal and beverage, with plenty more alcohol available for purchase.
To keep ticket prices low, the company would try to make money booking Las Vegas hotels and entertainment for passengers.
With initial plans for one trip a day on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday, Barron believes he can attract tourists weary of the weekend traffic gridlock and perhaps hung over from their weekend revelry.
John Lawson, who was in Las Vegas from Orange County for a few days over Thanksgiving, said he'd like the option of hopping on a train rather than braving bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way back.
Vegas visitor Christina Bojorquez, 25, said she'd have to weigh the cost of the train ride against other cheap options, including discounted flights and sharing the expense of driving to Vegas.
Tom Skancke, a transportation consultant for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, pointed to the proposed trains and other alternatives to personal cars as options that could entice a new generation of tourists.
The sixteen cars the company has purchased need to be renovated, and a station needs to be completed in downtown Vegas. After a New York train, traveling from suburban Poughkeepsie to Manhattan, derailed in the Bronx area, future passengers are scared to put their trust in their railway systems. As the train went round a bend nearing the station, it came completely off the tracks and one carriage even came close to the water nearby. At least 100 firefighters were rushed to the scene to free the passengers that were trapped in carriages and those injured were rushed to hospital. All passengers have reportedly been accounted for, after New York police spent hours searching the surrounding water for survivors.
The crash has emphasized concerns as there have already been two accidents this year regarding Metro-North, which the safety board are currently investigating. However, according to Eurostat statistics, a larger number of transport incidents happen on the road. SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — A 25-year-old man on probation who refused to come down from the top of a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light-rail vehicle in North San Jose for almost twelve hours Thursday has surrendered to authorities. The suspect, Prunedale resident Kyle Lewis, came down off the top of the train shortly after 1 p.m.

Transit agency officials are checking the top of the train to make sure everything is OK before they turn the electricity back on, VTA spokeswoman Stacey Hendler Ross said. It can take up to 30 minutes to power up the lines before service resumes, Hendler Ross said.
VTA spokeswoman Brandi Childress said the operator, on one of the last trains of the night, was able to stop the train before hitting the man. At that point, Lewis climbed up the VTA vehicle at North First Street just south of Component Drive, Santa Clara County sheriff’s Sgt. The operator then called the VTA operations control center to turn off the electrical wires above that generate 900 volts to stop the man from getting electrocuted as he went up the train, Hendler Ross said. Sheriff’s deputies with crisis training immediately responded to the scene and initially spoke with Lewis before a crisis negotiation team arrived, Jensen said.
The team is talking to Lewis from a cherry picker parked next to the train and others are on the platform adjacent to the vehicle, where two ladders were seen propped on the sides. A mental health supervisor from the Santa Clara County Probation Department also came out to scene to speak to Lewis, Jensen said. Both his probation officer and mental health case manager were at the scene helping with negotiations.
A Santa Clara County ambulance was parked at an office center across from the train and multiple sheriff’s vehicles were parked on the street. The disruption has resulted in a shutdown of 50 percent of the light-rail system, Hendler Ross said.
The incident has stopped trains from traveling north of the intersection, a major thoroughfare for the system to provide train service between the Mountain View and Baypointe stations, she said. A bus bridge has been set up to take passengers from the Mountain View to Alum Rock stations and Civic Center to Alum Rock stations, according to Hendler Ross. Train service is normal between the Civic Center station south to the Santa Teresa and Almaden stations, she said.
The Roller Coaster at New York New York is a sensational Las Vegas attraction that will keep you entertained for hours. The Roller Coaster begins with the slow 180 foot lift where riders begin to feel the sweat and intense build up before hitting a 76 foot drop. Other upgrades include magnetic brakes installed in 2004, with the new trains installed in 2006, replacing the older, more painful TOGO style trains. Your Vegas Holiday features reviews and advice on attractions, restaurants, hotels and events in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Share, Experience, EnjoyHere at Your Vegas Holiday we encourage the sharing of experiences to help others find their perfect Las Vegas.
Initial reports indicated that cars were submerged in water but these were later deemed inaccurate, though at least one car did land perilously close to the water’s edge, near where the Harlem and Hudson rivers meet. Emergency personnel report that in excess of 100 firefighters responded immediately to the scene.
The Hudson line serves New York City, Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties and ends in Poughkeepsie.
However, criminal intent and terrorist activity have both been quickly dismissed as possibilities. 16, will allow the company to use a rail line that's currently limited to freight trains and hasn't served passengers since Amtrak discontinued its Desert Wind service in 1997 due to low ridership. Four people have been declared dead, with 67 injured, and 11 left hospitalized in a critical condition.

Witnesses have stated there was much chaos, with some passengers being carried away on stretchers wearing neck braces.
The train operator told law enforcement that he had tried to brake, but that the train had not slowed down. It has left many querying why the train was traveling at a greater speed than expected, especially as it was in a low-speed area, and whether they should put their trust in train drivers to follow guidelines. This is the second train crash to happen in six months, and has New York passengers scared to travel with Metro-North in the future.
They argue it is only because road accidents receive less media attention, that people are more inclined to overlook it as a type of travel that can be life-threatening.
Investigators at present are surveying factors that may have contributed to the crash, such as the train and track itself, signal systems, the train operators and speed. With their history of accidents, which include deaths of not only passengers, but people working on the rails, the public is forced to question the safety of the train line. Investigators do not know if the 25-year-old man is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Jensen said. This massive attraction in Las Vegas takes thrill seekers up a massive 203 feet, twirling round at high speeds and dropping down 144 feet before coasting along at 67 mph. The ride then veers two inversions, a vertical loop and a terrifying dive loop that incorporates a twist and dive. Built by TOGO, it has received a reputation as a rough, sometimes painful roller-coaster, with some riders previously having bruises on their shoulders from the G-forces that are experienced. Now the only complaints are screams of terror from the amazing loops, bends and turns of  the Roller-coaster ride at New York New York in Las Vegas.
Current reports indicate that their have been at least four deaths, two of those to passengers thrown from the train upon the impact of the derailment.
Ambulances, police and rescue workers also responded after the New York City Police Department declared a level three mobilization in response to the derailment.
Three of the people killed were found near the derailed carriages, and one was still inside.
This has led people to doubt the dependability of railway services and think about alternate options of transport. Investigations are underway so that actions can be taken to ensure this does not happen again.
This Las Vegas experience is not for the faint hearted and simulates a jet fighter style barrel rolls with heart stopping parts such as the infamous heart line twist. However, these were with the old style trains and since the upgrade the ride is a lot more comfortable (still as scary, but more comfortable!). Eyewitnesses describe scenes of emergency personnel breaking windows to rescue passengers and some were taken from the scene on stretchers.
The cause of that derailment has yet to be finally determined by the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB). By this point, riders find themselves on the roof of the casino, experienced small hills and a helix before pulling into the rides station which is themed to look like a New York subway station.

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