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Gymnasts are invited into the squad classes based on assessments held during the recreational sessions or by transfer from other gymnastic clubs. These sessions concentrate on preparation for the British Development Plan Club Grades and competitions held in the North West Region and the East Midlands region.
Although the training is taken seriously by gymnasts and coaches alike; we work on the ethos that gymnasts give of their best in a happy environment and endeavour to deliver a warm and friendly atmosphere at all times.
All gymnasts are members of British Gymnastics and take part in local carnivals, school fairs and club fund raising events.
Russian authorities say that a bomb caused the derailment of the Moscow-St Petersburg express late on Friday. The driver and several passengers said that they heard a blast just before several carriages came off the track.

The Nevsky Express was packed with hundreds of passengers when the derailment occurred at peak time. COMMUTERS were left reeling after travel chaos left thousands stranded during the Thursday morning rush hour. KATIE Hopkins might be regretting her streaking promise after Sadiq Khan won the London Mayoral elections. BECKY Nicholson has shed light on all the gory details about Jamie Vardy’s notorious house party after Leicester won the Premier League title. ONE fella will never forget his 21st birthday after spending SEVEN long minutes with his head stuck in a hole.
From 25 May 2011 the four railway tunnels - Headstone Tunnel, Cressbrook Tunnel, Litton Tunnel, Chee Tor Tunnel – will also open for trail users.

Diana Greene from St Blazey, near St Austell, Cornwall, has been flooded for the fourth time in six years.A She said a€?It's just the worry of it. They are operated by a light sensor, so in winter when the hours of daylight are less, the lights in the tunnels will switch off earlier in the day - around 4.30pm.
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N scale brass locomotive repair depot
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