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Since 1956, the San Antonio Zoo Eagle, formerly known as the Brackenridge Eagle, has chugged along the tracks skirting the banks of the San Antonio River as it makes its way through one of San Antonio's most popular parks. Today, this 56 year old San Antonio tradition is still enjoyed by millions of local residents and tourists who visit the park and the San Antonio Zoo. The San Antonio Zoo took over the miniature train in 2001, after signing a 23 year lease agreement with the City of San Antonio. Improvements to the Zoo train included 2-miles of new track and ties, two refurbished locomotives, re-vamped train depots, and the main depot and cafe.
The Amtrak Cascades route travels along the northwest coast between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia, stopping at several cities in between. The Amtrak Cascade trains are European-style with reclining seats, laptop outlets, and bike racks.

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A late Saturday afternoon "Coaster" commuter train awaits its northbound departure for Oceanside at San Diego's classic Santa Fe Station.
From the beautiful San Francisco to the Napa valley In California, there are sights that attracts a lot of tourists. There are small trains for the children and there are train routes like the Napa Valley Wine Train which offers tours among vineyards and tasting wine. Today, various stops include the Witte Museum, Kiddie Park, and the Japanese Tea Gardens, also known as the Sunken Gardens. It has braved several derailments, a couple of collisions, and even a modern-day train robbery during the summer of 1970.

It's safe, more affordable than flying, offers great scenery you can enjoy from the comfort of a reclining chair, and is truly an adventure in itself. I still clearly remember taking the train for the first time when I was 5 or 6, and walking between the cars where those metal plates shift around as the train takes curves and bumps. The adjacent tracks, at the right side of the photo, belong to the RTS Blue Line light rail "trolley". You can bring your kid who loves trains, or you can enjoy the spectacular views with your loved one or your friend.

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