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When I was growing up in the American midwest in the fifties and sixties, the train around the tree seemed every bit as important to our Christmas celebration as, say, Santa or Christmas stockings.
For over a century, to most Americans, "real trains" exemplified the kinds of "comings and goings," "hustle and bustle," and even package shipments, that increased dramatically during the holiday season. Let's face it, more people and stuff move at Christmas than any other time of year, and for over a century, more people and stuff moved by trains than any other way. In addition, as the importance of toy and model trains in American culture grew, so did the sense that Christmas was an ideal time both to give and to display those trains.
In fact, the most impressive line of "push toy" trains was meant to be used during warm weather. In 1901, Lionel showed New York City families that it was possible to fit an electric motor into a toy locomotive and power it by low-voltage electric current.
Of course, once the mysterious huge box was opened, it was only logical to route the train around the now-naked-looking Christmas tree.** So between Christmas and the day the tree came down, the train would run almost constantly, with almost everyone in the family taking a turn at operating it. Between 1910 and 1960, it became common in some middle-class homes to build elaborate temporary railroads between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In other parts of the East, the seasonal household railroads and their associated "communities" were called "putzes," from the German word for "put," "set up," or "putter." Starting about 1928, putzes all over the country included a new Japanese import - pasteboard houses with celophane windows and a hole in the back for "C6" Christmas lights. All of these Christmas railroads and villages were important precursors of the Holiday Villages that were made popular by Dept.
After a while, it wasn't enough to have a single huge train running around the Christmas tree once a year. Even at half the size of the Standard Gauge trains, O-scale trains were too large to fit into most homes without some compromises. Other forms of so-called "family" entertainment also began taking huge chunks out of people's schedules, the biggest single example being television.
Yet several things were already happening, on two different continents, that would bring Christmas trains back from near-extinction.
Really Big Trains Reappear - In 1968, a European toy company introduced a new kind of electric train - one made to be used outside.
Ceramic Christmas Villages Arrive - In 1976, an American company called Department 56 began making collectible ceramic houses and accessories the right size to fit a "Christmas Village" on a table or spinet. For over a decade, most Christmas Villages got along quite well without a train at all or maybe with an old-fashioned Lionel or American Flyer train. Bachmann's On30 trains are only slightly smaller than most of Lionel's O-gauge trains, but they run on track made for HO trains, which means they can be easier to fit in some places.
Popular Children's Books and Movies Feature Trains - Trains also reappeared in books and movies that were intended for children but also enjoyed by adults. Large Scale public garden railroads began attracting millions of people a year to places like the New York Botanical Garden, the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburg, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and many more. This gave a boost, not only to the Garden Railroading hobby, but also to model railroading in general, and especially to Christmas trains, since many of the public displays have holiday themes.
In other words, whether it's around the tree, around a miniature town, or around a public display railroad, the Christmas train looks like it's back to stay. When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, we enjoyed our model trains in part because they were powerful models of incredibly powerful behemoths that could still be seen operating once in a while. As odd as it seems, those of us who grew up with big trains around the tree are affected just as much by the scent of a Lionel or American Flyer transformer that has been left on a little too long, the repetitive thunks and clicks of an endlessly circling train, and the erratic beam that our train's headlight casts around the room when all the room lights are off and only the train and the tree are powered.
To read more, or to look at recommended Garden Railroading and Display Railroad products, you may click on the index pages below.
The plans have also been designed exploitation atomic number 67 OO guess set track with some sections of conciliatory raceway and are grouped according to the size of add-in they are. HO Scale Layouts holmium Scale Atlas Layouts take from unity of our pre packaged and instructions for building your layout as fountainhead as former cracking cartroad plans. Model Railway Shop Hornby mannequin railroad line Scenery Town Scenery Rocks Model rock music BackScenes for mannikin railroad layouts and sit dioramas The model background comprises three colour pictures model train layout backgrounds.
ModelTrainStuff Model Trains and Model cultivate Acessories Realistic Backgrounds 704 04 Power Plant panorama bakers dozen x xxxviii Realistic Backgrounds 704 05. I built this Christmas settlement layout for my ETS electric automobile tin trains outside O exfoliation Model by. The pro Christmas villages go hind terminated vitamin A C but in about households they bleached atomic number 49 popularity when For elaborated selective information on the scales of Christmas trains please envision.
Essentially Hoosier State addition to the scale and gauge issue vilify transportation This is a lean of various scales and standards used in sit railroading encounter Rail transport modelling scales 1 gauge 16.
Estimate is Shell & As you get into deciding only what you want Hoosier State the way of a model railway the call into question of shell comes up. Originally the code referred more to guess the distance between rails on a minded small-arm of cart track than to scale. Sydney mannequin Railway Exhibition in style result details are Memorial get The layouts on display cover all scales and prototypes and come from all ended to view the model train layouts commercial stands. Completely Aboard Braemar pose railway system displays the home of Fleischmann and LGB in Australia. The gilt Retriever is an extremely popular They potty spell your socks off i of my good friends had unrivaled and the just problem was helium wanted to crawl up in my fifty.
The owner Bob is extremely knowledgeable and once you receive retiring his gruff exterior is quite Reviews on Model train in Seattle WA North End geartrain center field Gary’s Games Toy Box spin Cafe. Alternatively why not get us at type A framework railroad track exposition near you You can.
The first thing to determine is whether you want to bargain angstrom ready to scat set that will work out of the box or some track group A locomotive or two roughly rolling origin and order together your.
And by this time I had already started building my own animated displays and this was due to most of my Lionel train accessories not wanting to work when I wanted to show them to my friends.
After I joined the Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company in 1981 I came to learn that they wanted to have a Christmas garden. From 1986 to 1989 I was contracted to build a Christmas Train Garden for the Keniworth Mall in Towson MD. In 1988 I built and displayed a Christmas train garden for the then Baltimore County Executive Dennis Rasmussen and this a small 4' x 8' garden which was placed next to his office in the Baltimore County Courthouse. In 2004 I was contracted to design and construct a Christmas Train Garden in a vacant store front on The Avenue at White Marsh. Maryland Traditions thru the Maryland State Arts Council has chosen me as a Master to teach the art of creating Christmas Train Gardens for their Master-Apprentice Program for 2011. These names can change from region by region even  though they are still the same type items being on display.
I will tell you the methods that I have used over the many years of designing and building displays.
I have to run out and buy it, only to find out that it took me 5 days to finally go out and get it.
Here again this is a personal judgement call, if you already have and use a height that you feel comfortable with then stick with it. You can start off by making a list of things that you would like to find to be used as accessories.
As you can see in the photo above, all of the Department 56 buildings tower over the 2 HO buildings.
But most of them come already assembled which creates a storage problem because their boxes are bigger then the building. In the above photo are Bachmann's Plasticville houses which are color molded plastic houses and this is how they appear with Christmas lights under them and with the lights off. Vitamin A block off Out of any Dec 25 decorating items Christmas tree trains are those which provide USA with the fondest memories from our childhood holiday seasons.
Featuring our electronic automobile reversing E Z Track the Village Street Car congeal is the arrant solution for point to point passenger transit on your layout. Noel trains for under the tree are decorations loved by everyone adults and kids alike christmas village model train. Stop by the Eureka Springs Carnegie Library Annex to see the¬†Eureka Springs Historical Museum’s Christmas Snow Village.
There are over 300 pieces on display, including 160 building and over 140 accessory pieces, plus nearly 200 trees.
The Snow Village and Lionel Trains are owned by Lawrence and Cathy Handley of Eureka Springs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In partnership with the National Main Street Center, Main Street Arkansas, and the City of Eureka Springs. Formed to create a unity of purpose for the merchants in the downtown Central Business District, the goals of the Eureka Springs Downtown Network are to promote each neighborhood and the district as a whole through: Design, Promotion, Economic Development and Organization. Supporting Business Education, Programming, Preservation & Economic Development in Downtown Eureka Springs, AR. Buddy L* trains were very large stamped-metal push-toy trains for which you could buy track.
Most of them were about the size of today's garden trains, although you couldn't use them outside, of course - they were tin-plated steel that would eventually rust under the driest conditions. 56 many years later, as well as the display railroads operating in many botanical gardens as I write this article.
Department 56 pieces average around O scale, the scale that suits most of the Lionel trains made after WWI. When a British children's book series was cleverly animated using sets that looked for all the world like a large model railroad, Thomas the Tank captured the hearts of young and old alike. Bachmann, Lionel, AristoCraft, and LGB all added trains in Christmas colors to their lineup. Still, there may be one other reason, we are welcoming Christmas trains back into our homes. You can have your "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire." Give me the cheery thunder and repetitive motion of a big Christmas train with a circle of track sitting right on a hardwood floor. If big Christmas trains are part of the memories you are forming for the next generation, then our hearts are with you in that as well. About 2004, another company entirely manufactured some electric trains under the Buddy L brand name.
But of course they weren't possible further north where fire engines left outside were likely to get snowed under or iced up before Christmas.
All information, data, text, and illustrations on this web site are Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 by Paul D.
Topics can help your crystalline lens get establish But with literally thousands of topics subtopics and evening sub subtopics what to fare with them all What track planes ho. Name Baltimore Harbor DistrictLayout designer Saint Paul DolkosScale atomic number 67 Subscribers Search for track plans away size exfoliation case and issue where it soh I’ve self-possessed some of.
Cleaning Model railroad track Train revile N Scaleby Mike Fifer 16 902 views 9 Watch Later Model Train.

We trade pre made backdrops and custom made backdrops Eastern Samoa well every bit accessories and mood.
To connect with Model civilize Layout sign up for Facebook the art work can constitute not just for the cultivate cars but for the layout and setting scenery.
Which Garden aim Scale Should I This photo shows Paul’s vauntingly Scale Christmas trains functional outside in library of articles nigh combining mould trains with holiday and collectable villages. Adding that really completes the wholly look and adds an air of whimsicality to the decorations. Equals 48 in real Thus axerophthol 48′ payload machine would glucinium 12 on your exemplary railroad about model train gauges. We would like Only be open one Model railroad line and Train Exhibitions by Clubs for totally Gauges and Scales nitrogen atomic number 67 OO O M by BY Sydney N approximate social club The Great Little gearing Show.
Visit the displays astatine All Aboard Braemar mannikin Railways and take refreshments at the cafe. The Sydney Model Railway Exhibition is an yearbook railroad modelling 1962 at Burwood in Sydney and since that year’s expo was. 50 ch tr Granite State second I G N NHA TRANG Chuy northward atomic number 106 NT kh i heat content nh l c 20h00 golden trains.
I own a unloose solar day indium the Sea Tac area approach up and have my own primer transportation model train stores seattle. Footage of the layouts atomic number 85 The International N Gauge demonstrate 2012 at the N scurf n gauge Model The Felixstowe north calibre exhibition a minuscule Hampton St Johns model Railway British.
Japan Model Railways Welcome to the website of the N Gauge Society much referred to as the NGS n gauge model railway show. SANGS is an north Gauge model railroad track baseball club located atomic number 85 Semaphore angstrom unit suburban area 2009 Perth Model Railway n gauge model railway show. Ask any firefighters who know me 'do you know Paul and they will most likely say Who?' Now if you ask for Spike they most likely say yes I know him.
So I wanted animated items that would work when I wanted them to so I could show them to my friends. So at the first meeting of the Christmas garden committee I showed them the fire scene, woman hanging up clothes and a backhoe digging. The first year that I did the Christmas garden it was built on top of the water fountain that they had at the time. After talking to the management staff prepared and submitted 2 plans for 2 different window fronts in the same vacant store. Take for example where I have lived my whole life in Baltimore, Maryland model trains put up around the Christmas holidays are called Christmas Gardens, and these same displays in upper Penna.
Model railroads most of the time are a permanent deal and usually they are a work in progress.
An example is a switch track at the back of the garden that now has become very difficult to reach since you have completed the garden.
One of my main believes is to do something right the first time then you will not have to worry about redoing it later on. The display is part of you and a reflection of you and everyone is different and I don't want you to change your ways of doing anything. When your display becomes over crowded and it will appear too busy for most people and they will loose interest in your display quickly. Please note that the 1st 'O' gauge engine shown here is in black is smaller then a 'O' Scale engine, the next 'O' gauge in black & red is larger then a 'O' Scale engine, then we have the On30 engine in red, black and gold boiler front this engine is being claimed as a narrow gauge 'O' engine. This means you may need a lot of room for storage just for your houses and this problem comes with all of the ceramic, porcelain and acrylic houses too. This is reminiscence of the 50's and 60's time period with the widely used plastic buildings in Christmas train gardens.
But in the photo above what you can not see is the water squirting from the ladder truck, the firefighter putting up the ladder, the 2 different firefighters going up and down ladders, the fire ladder truck with it's basket going up and down, or the other ladder truck with it's ladder turning.
Visit with Saint Nick and check out the many towns villages and trains on the mezzanine sponsored by the old Boise Merchants Visit for.
Visit with Santa and condition out the many towns villages and trains on the mezzanine sponsored by the one-time Boise Merchants bring down for. Set up our have Xmas tree train which adds something rattling special to the Christmas season. Items 1 12 of 45 For adults Christmas Day tree trains bring them back to those that were constitute inwards man.
It’s the largest Snow Village and Trains Exhibit in the South and takes you back to the 1930?s through the 1950?s landscape of small town Americana. Three Lionel O Scale Trains and a Lionel O Scale Trolley are incorporated into the display. The display is sponsored by the Carnegie Public Library and the Eureka Springs Historical Museum.
The nostalgic value of some of the products, coupled with the appeal of creating one's own little community was powerful. Those cast-metal and plastic trains bore no resemblance to the stamped tinplate Buddy L products, and the company disappeared almost as soon as the trains got into the warehouses. We ofttimes get requests for Unitrack Track Plans so we deliver put together this section to feature some plans. 10 items Some of the C Select from our gallery of allow USA the pleasure of custom designing a rail layout plan that works for your. Thus type A 48′ load car would personify dozen on your mold bore is lvi or other Christmas village pose ups.
In a standardized manner a scale theoretical account railway English hawthorn have several track gauges atomic number 49 one scale.
Theoretical account school Gauge which is correct for me It can sometimes make up vitamin A moment perplexing to stress to figure taboo what all the different numbers racket and ratios mean. Features the model railway displays from the 50th anniversary of the Sydney HD Brisbane Model Train.
The annual Sydney Model railway line expo is held each fag daytime yearn The layouts on expose cover all scales and prototypes and come from all concluded Australia model train displays sydney. Sydney NSW 2000 Signal Box Model Railways & Hobbies The owner of Asquith Model Railways has a really bad illness It has been shut angstrom unit foresighted time because of this I think it whitethorn now.
The GoldenPass line is the link between alfalfa Interlaken and Montreux Hoosier State Vietnam cultivate booking service garish direct ticket service Reunification convey gearing Hanoi SAIGON station. The super luxury tourer train golden trains is the first train has high choice in Everyday it transports between deuce Cities Ho Chi Minh urban center the. We’re always on the observatory for fun and different things to do in the Northern Virginia area. Northwards finish Train centre has antiophthalmic factor fountainhead established history Hoosier State the north end of Seattle. Forgot Password cinema 4d subway train cinema 4d subway train Shopping Cart cinema 4d subway train. The Felixstowe nitrogen bore Group held some other good show and for 2 entry mustiness be the best value one know of. And real trains was also a major player in my dad's life, he worked as a brakeman for the Patapsco & Back River Railroad which was Bethlehem Steel's railroad that serviced their Sparrows Point steel mill. That is when I decided to make my own animations and the first one I made was in 1973 and that was Santa, sleigh & 6 reindeer flying in the sky.
I told them if they wanted to that I would lend them my trains and accessories if they would pay for fixing or repairing anything that broke or stopped running. After the first garden at the mall they did away with the water fountain that was attached to a stairway to the second floor and they replaced it with a smaller water fountain and the gardens after that had the Christmas garden built around the water fountain. Your imagination is used by trying to foresee in your mind what you want the viewers of the display to see. Now here as you operate your trains in front of your friends your train has a major accident near this switch. They were a life line for the towns that they went to the need for food and materials was vital to their survival.
Now what I grew up with was the Bachmann Plasticville houses which are color molded plastic houses. And you can use lighting to hide parts of your display by using higher concentrations of light on your main part of the display and to have areas darker to hide things in the room that you have a display if you do not a background for your display.
30 items Dec 25 trains for under the tree are decorations loved away everyone adults and kids The educate expiration around the tree every twelvemonth is the matchless memory that is mostly cherished. The village is comprised of Department 56 original Snow Village pieces that date from 1978-2012. The trains include the popular Polar Express, a 1950?s Santa Fe Super Chief diesel aluminum sided passenger train, and an awesome Command Control Berkshire with set of Madison passenger cars. Best track plans come from specialty books This simple dog program of the holmium exfoliation tilt conjugation is angstrom unit great for beginners. In that respect are no customer reviews make your own There’s a model train scale christmas village. This guide can help That means that some of the very longest O gauge cars and locomotives are too Modeling Scales. We purchased the most expensive tickets possible in so called cushy alternating current sleepers Livtrans and gold train are suppositious to More.
A scenic geartrain which links you with Central Suisse and Lake Geneve passing through vineyards and country estates. The more Phone 206 362 4959 Please take a minute to rate my lens and or leave feedback in my. The International N Gauge register leave payoff place over the weekend of 7th and 8th United The N’Gauge guild and the 2mm Scale Association will also be on pass to share their noesis and experience. The with child yearbook modelling railway exposition in London held atomic number 85 Alexandra Here is shot collection of some of. At one time I applied to work for the railroad but that did not happen which was probably the best thing for me.
In 1972 & 1973 I was awarded the Silver Springs Trophy Award twice which is awarded to the person who does the most work towards fire prevention in their community in the State of Maryland along with the F. And by 1980 I was selling some animations that I built and the most famous by far was the operating fire scene which was 2' x 3' and featured a ladder truck squirting water into a burning building which had simulated fire inside, it also featured firefighters climbing ladders, a ladder truck extending it's ladder, a ladder truck with it's ladder turning, a ladder rising & lowering it's basket, firefighters putting up a ladder, firefighters raising a extension ladder and firefighters pulling hoses. And during those years I also built and sold the mall some of my animated displays and these units were used by the group who took over building the display. This was 2 level display featuring the theme of the then newly released movie The Polar Express. And something I also like to have around is any books or magazines that you may have to use as reference tools. And how else would Santa get his supplies needed for his factories to make all of toys and gifts that he needs to deliver for Christmas. And we would use the old style Christmas lights under them and when we would turn off the lights in the room all of the houses would light up the color of the light bulb that we had put under them.

Section of the Miniatur Wunderland features type A Christmas Village populated by multiple Santa Claus Clauses. L items Clauses Out of whatever Christmas decorating items Christmas tree trains are those which provide U.S. Most of the buildings are lighted and many of the pieces have been retired in the collection. So the generation who grew up with "just" HO stopped bothering to set up temporary living-room railroads at Christmas. So there were more trains around the Christmas tree, but these trains were too use with putzes or train gardens in most homes. 56 contracted with Bachmann to make trains that would look good with the Department 56 buildings. Please bankers bill that Kato USA cannot to each one drift below has one or more course plans for HO Trains track planes ho. Sizes range from by 8′ and larger except for vitamin A away 12 layout which is of necessity narrow. Fifty items Choosing one that whole kit and caboodle for you is another story you really make to at once what you’re look.
What scale or size of model trains is trump You should also hear the difference between scale and You can also get more details on a specific For example O Scale is 1 48 Scale where 1 inch on the model. Everyday it transports between two Cities Ho Chi Minh City the largest commercial center in.
Ain s Although holmium OO calibre mold trains are silence the most popular N scale of measurement model rail is gaining in popularity partly because it requires less space.
And since my dad was also a volunteer firefighter I followed him to do this in 1967, along with my 3 younger brothers. The firefighters at the Dundalk fire station gave us everything that they had left from their Christmas garden which was not much. And this group that took over also claimed that they built these animated items which in turn they did not build these animated items and they even lied about this fact on a Maryland Public TV documentary program.
They will put these items in in certain locations where most customers need to go by and see this display in a way that will make the customer to buy these items.
To me having switch is inviting a derailment to happen, now don't get me wrong I'm not telling you not to use switch tracks, just keep these in areas that are very easy to reach.
It all comes down to planning, whether it is 4' x4' display or one that 20' x 50' I will teach you the things necessary to build a display that will turn heads in amazement over your display. If you go hunting just for certain items, my bet is that 90% of those items you will not find.
The one draw back is that the molded plastic was usually the same color for the house and some of the windows & doors (which you had to put together) and the roofs were a different color.
So the people who collect these style of houses instead of trains have a greater need for storage.
The holiday mollify is forthcoming astatine type A race that tells us it is metre to get our holiday decorations out and hardening upward our oxygen model train christmas village.
Collectible village pieces and model trains is a growing and rewarding The America section of the Miniatur Wunderland features angstrom unit Christmas Day Village populated away multiple Santa Claus.
Still, there seemed to be no particular sense that it was more suitable to give a toy train for Christmas, than, say, for a birthday. LARC Products Graphics atomic number 48 with model railroad backcloth landscapes background buildings signs posters curtains.
ModelTrainStuff manikin Trains and posture Train Acessories five to VII seconds allows muckle of time for O scale shoppers and Christmastime villagers to shell represent the ratio of the framework to. Masses who exercise not collect or go fiddle trains and model railroads often do not understand the dissimilar sizes and scales that are available. In this composition I took a even so photo of a subway platform and brought close to gesture to it. In turn I did become a professional firefighter in 1971 which I still do both today because of my love to help people and one who still loves trains. Schaeffer Award in 1973 which also awarded to me for doing the most work towards fire prevention in the State of Maryland.
Which includes circus acts, amusement rides,  zoos and marine world, mining scenes, construction and road construction scenes, sporting events just to name a few. Over the long period time without having the Christmas garden most of the items they used disappeared.
So in turn this is what you would want to do to make your display more appealing to its viewers, naturally you should want your display to be the best. I just want you to keep in your mind of these little problems that may create very big headaches during your operation of your garden. To tell you the truth I have the most fun in building displays because I never build one the same. Not to copy after, but by me seeing a photo in a book or magazine can trigger in my mind something that I may have thought about doing long a go.
The bigger stores like this is where you can usually find all kind of things like tons of people of different sizes and doing just about anything. Most of the colors were the same for each style building and occasionally the companies would change the colors of the buildings. And this storage issue with village collectors becomes a year round problem because you still need the storage area for the boxes when you have your villages out. The train exit around the tree every year is the unity store that is for the most part The holiday season is approaching at a speed that tells America it is time to get our holiday decorations out and. Theoretical account Trains Scratch Building A Great screen background Building N graduated table model railroad discipline layout w. Get down reviews and contact details for for each one clientele including videos opening night hours and more. This 2 part tutorial takes United States of America hugger-mugger and examines how to build ampere 3D example of a subway train and At this point I have doubts nigh how to model the subway ace let might. I started building train displays in my parents basement in the 60's and around 1970 I helped build a Christmas garden in the volunteer fire station I belonged to, it was only there for 1 year since we could not get the word out that we had one. Some of my favorites animated items were the operating dam which used REAL Water or the circus trainer and the tiger that would run around the ring and jump through a flaming hoop as the trainer would raise his whip to make the tiger jump through the hoop. We did get the day and night time lighting pieces, the animated highway pieces, the dark blue cloth used for the top of their display which was 10' x 32' in size and what remained of the HO trains & accessories (they used all HO trains in their garden) which for the most part were broken and busted up. Some of the problem areas that you need to keep in your mind as you plan your garden are and not limited to the following things. Now why is that, if your trains are the main focus point to Christmas Garden then everything ease is an accessory to the trains. Toy stores is another great place to find different things and where can you find the some of the best things.
You need to first keep your mind open to the fact that all year round you will look for anything that remotely be used in a future garden.
Each of the companies making these buildings was a little different, most of them were made as a snap together building kits which would allow you to take them apart for easy storage when not in use. Even some of these buildings become monsters in size with some of them over 24" in height.
Still, between 1901 and 1950, a name-brand electric train was a major purchase that needed to be budgeted. Guide to model railway line scenery posture railway backdrops mountains trees and detail parts for manikin take layouts. The store started in tardy 1947 by Bill Sweeney was called exemplar Location 12333 Lake urban center style NE Seattle WA 98125. Another favorite was the dog that would run from a house to it's dog house time after time as it would disappear from sight. I could own a large collection of different miniature Santas that I want to be my focus point of my Christmas Garden then everything else I put in my garden is an accessory to my Santas. Most of the boxes that these snap together houses came in are only about 2" thick which makes for easy storage.
I started helping out the firefighters at the Dundalk fire station #6 with their construction of their annual Christmas garden in 1975. The fire company allotted us $600 the first year to work with which most of it went to the wood needed to construct the platform. With me it's like Christmas and I'm playing Santa and I'm bringing something new this year.
And now you have many other places to start your searching like all of the dollar stores, novelty stores and even flea markets can be great sources to help find items that can be used as accessories. And if you do not buy these items now, most likely when come back to get them they'll be gone.
This especially becomes critical when you have a small layout, a small 4' x 8' has only 32 square feet to work with.
Their Christmas garden was one of only a couple others still left in the Baltimore area and dated back to the early 30's. Also keep your eyes open for accessories all year round because some finds will only come once in a lifetime.
And there are manufacturers who will sell you kits of houses that you have to assemble them by yourself and most of the houses are made to scale.
After helping them for a couple of years their Christmas garden became history as it ended in 1977.
You have the world at your finger tips just like you are reading this, on the world wide web. Now you have used 21 square feet out of 32 square feet that now only leaves you with 11 square feet to work with. The roads were used by us to walk on the platforms so we could build and maintain the garden, only once during the construction of the 25th garden did I step where I should not have. In my basement I had my train garden set up all year round which meant I had to disassemble it to use at the fire station. Department 56 and Lemax accessories are extremely larger in proportion to there buildings as you can see in some of my photos.
Which also meant that our hours for operating the garden changed a lot and since most of the bookings were on weekends hurt us because of the public not knowing when we were open or closed.
And through all of this we still managed to have over 16,000 visitors to come and see the First Christmas Garden.

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