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With a forecast top of 40 degrees the steel tracks can expand and buckle, trains will also have to run at slower speeds. Until today we had absolutely no idea that the unusual pattern on the seats of many Melbourne trains had such a cult following.There are blog posts about the hidden message within the design and someone has even gone to the lengths of recreating the pattern as a t-shirt. About usWe strive to push our members, athletes and community to accomplish things they never thought they could. We want our members to enjoy a better quality of life through the fitness, conditioning, and movement techniques they learn at CrossFit Rise Above. Costed at $4.4billion AUD it's fully funded and ready to go (barring any court battles from about 25 houses in Footscray that need to be compulsorily acquired to widen the current rail corridor).
Allowing with the finalised plans for the RRL, the preliminary planning documents for PHase 1 of the metro tunnel that will eventually provide a cross-town heavy rail route that doesn't go through the existing City Loop structure. It's a complimentary project to the RRL as it focuses on the Watergardens corridor (FYI: currently Ballarat, Bendigo and Watergardens trains all fight for paths on one track pair making it the most congested rail track in Victoria - and as Regional services are express and metro services are stopping all stations, it's consistently delayed and the Watergardens outer-suburban-sprawler-ville is a very high growth area with city workers who are doomed to the suburbs cos they can't afford to live closer to the city) and eventually after PHase 2 is built (to connect to the Caulfield group of lines in the South East) as well as Sunshine - Melton electrification (and metro trains running on it) it will eventually become a 100-120km long metro line from the exurban west to the exurban south east passing through the centre of the city and all the established middle suburbs in between.
Premier Anna Bligh is set to announce the new station - the city's first in 100 years - this afternoon.
The underground rail line will connect the south of the CBD with a new station at Woolloongabba and an expanded Roma Street station.
The Albert Street station will have an entrance close to the Botanical Gardens and initial plans show it running under Albert Street for several city blocks to Elizabeth Street.

Brisbane's $8.2 billion Cross River Rail Project is designed to build a second river crossing for rail services running north to south. I assume you're talking about the Melbourne project - the overall aim is to boost frequencies around the whole network, and this project is needed as there aren't enough train paths to expand western suburbs services.
The study, obtained exclusively by The Age, argues that, at these speeds, high-speed rail becomes competitive with air travel.
The issue of a high-speed train has recently been resurrected by all sides of politics as a potential solution to Australia's crippling road congestion, which costs the country $10 billion a year.
The study was released jointly by AECOM, one of the world's experts on modelling fast trains for governments, and Australia's peak infrastructure lobby group, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA). It urges the government to identify new routes and either buy the land or put in planning protections to ensure future land price increases do not make a high-speed rail network a prohibitive option.
It mentions that such a rail project would have a big impact on the taxi, airline and airport industries. The government and opposition threw their support behind the report yesterday, and reconfirmed that a $20 million scoping study would be put out for tender.
Is Melbourne-Sydney via Canberra the only viable potential HSR corridor in Australia, or would extensions to e.g. Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney attracts more premium (business & public sector) traffic with a large amount of leisure traffic, but Sydney-Newcastle-Gold Coast-Brisbane attracts a very large amount of traffic as well ( a bit of business, but overwhelmingly leisure traffic).

THE proposed new rail line through Melbourne's western suburbs will take an extra two years to complete as the Baillieu government struggles to meet what it says is an uncosted blowout of up to $700 million. After months of speculation about the fate of the Regional Rail Link, Transport Minister Terry Mulder yesterday confirmed that it would go ahead. But he said the line would take two years longer to build than promised by the previous government after state Treasury officials found a ''financial black hole'' in costings totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. Personally, I think it looks better in the livery that is currently used for Adelaide's trains. Australia's population is expected to increase to 26.7 million by 2026 and 36 million by 2056, and there is a need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Australia really is a model of how regional rail should be operated in North American cities.

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