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Taxis – It is impossible to see a NYC street without a single yellow taxi.  They are everywhere, all the time. I use AirBnB on a regular basis during my round the world trip to stay like a local in several locations while saving a lot of money on accommodation.
Yes folks, Christmas truly is just around the corner, and so is end to the CTA's Holiday Train. I gotta admit, the old-school 40s-era rail cars are pretty awesome, but at least based on that pic, Chicago still wins on the decoration. I took my 6-year-old neice and 4-year-old nephew downtown on the Brown Line Holiday Train last Friday.
Do we need to deny ourselves everything in life that might provide a smile or a short respite from daily misery? Do we have to wait until everything is hunky-dory with the world before we can experience momentary happiness?
Is cancelling the holiday train going to magically provide adequate funding for the cta and it's pension fund?

I realize I'm venturing frighteningly close to beating-a-dead horse territory, but crankyd and Patrick are on the right track, so to speak. I know personnally, and have spoken with several of those 2400 soon to be laid off, and they are very insulted by it, and an informal survey has 90% of cta operatimg union employees agree with me. I've heard the Holiday Train actually makes over $500,000 per year in good-will-induced ridership increases. And my own informal survey shows that 100% of people approve of the Holiday Train, including 115% of CTA employees, 106% of elves, and a whopping 1000% of Santas. Also, the Holiday Train actually generates electricity and feeds it back into the 3rd rail, leading to a 10% reduction in the CTAs electricity costs on days when it operates. And I heard that the moon landing was actually filmed on a sound stage in New Mexico, and we never actually went to the moon. Looking at that image, I'd definitely want to be on one of the rail tours for this rather than just being a holiday train. It doesn’t matter how far you have to go, that single fare will take you to any station the subway stops.  Plus, you get a free transfer to a public bus within two hours of use.

And if you want to go to Upstate New York you can use Metro North.  Their fares are on the same range as LIRR fares. You really can take the subway anywhere and walk the rest and enjoy the sights and relax (usually). So be sure and take advantage of your last chance to ride the much ballyhooed special train on the Red, Yellow and Orange lines Thursday through Saturday, respectively. If you bothered to investigate, you'd find that you are waaaay off-base on both the cost, and how it is precieved by the employees of CTA, including those who may be laid-off.
Do you read the posts including the statement from the CTA that there is negligible to no cost in operating the train?

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