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Quick August 2006 update - I'm getting a lot of hits to this page from people searching for info about the size of Amtrak's seats and the amount of legroom. Work out your railway itinerary (if you need help use the Train Times section or if this is not enough obtain a 'Trains at a Glance' timetable).
AC II Tier: Air conditioned corridor carriage that sleeps 46 peole split up into 2 & 4 berth cubicles separated by curtains. Note:With the exception of half day & one day passes, all Indrail passes start at one minute past midnight of Day 1 and conclude at one minute to midnight of the concluding day. The trains are standard class throughout and have seats arranged in twos either side of a centre aisle. In each carriage there are 10 bays with seats around a table, with the remaining seats arranged face-to-back. When the class 156s vehicles were still under-construction the seating capacity for the 2-car train was quoted as 163. This included 5 tip-down seats in the DMS(A) opposite the toilet which were never fitted, and the parcels van in the DMS(B) included hinged bench seats (as fitted to class 150 units) which were to seat 4 passengers on each side. The 24 seats nearest the parcels van were originally designated as smoking accommodation and provided with ashtrays mounted in the seat backs. In the original colour scheme, the side walls were painted cream, and the end walls and seat units were beige. Aisle carpets were a red and grey zig-zag pattern, and the area from below the window down to the heating duct was covered with grey cloth. Original seat design was the Ashbourne type used on many multiple units ordered by British Rail in the late 1980's.
Fold down armrests are fitted and the face-to-back seats feature a fold down tray with cup-holder. A heating and ventilation unit is mounted under the centre of the carriage, and from here the air is blown through floor level ducts along the sides of the saloon. The engine coolant header tank is also located between a pair of seat backs near the centre of the coach.

The toilet compartment in the DMS(A), is located at the driving end and has special features for disabled persons, although not compliant with the 1998 Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations. It has an air-powered sliding door, hand rails and low level emergency alarms (often mistaken for the flush!). In the 1980's both Royal Mail and Red Star parcels were carried on passenger trains, and Provincial's new DMU's were provided with secure compartments for this traffic. Compared to the locomotive hauled coaching stock they replaced, provision of space for luggage was rather limited. On the right is a full height luggage rack fitted in place of seats 1 and 2 in the DMS(A) car.
On the left is a secure parcels shelf fitted on one side of the van area in the DMS(B) car.
The units originally based at Norwich Crown Point depot, are now shared between One, Central Trains and Northern. These full height luggage stacks replace seats 1, 2, 3 and 4, which behind the door pockets, had no arm rests and the poorest view from the train.
A further modification to some of the units that worked on the West Highland line was the replacement of seats 53 and 54 in the toilet fitted vehicle with these extra luggage stacks. The 18 units of the former North Western fleet also had similar racks fitted during refurbishment. During 1998 ScotRail increased the bicycle carrying capacity of it's units to six by fitting cycle racks in the luggage van. This meant removal of the secure parcels shelves that had previously been fitted to some of the units. Interior refurbishment of the class started in 1995 with an prototype scheme carried out by Tickford Rail on ScotRail operated unit. All 114 units have now been refurbished to some degree - only the Scottish based units retain the original 'Ashbourne' seating - and all have been repainted in new liveries. If you are travelling by Rajdhani expresses, then this is one of the most enjoyable experiences for AC Class travel.

For example if a person purchases a 15 Days Indrail pass starting from 15 Dec 2001, he or she is allowed to start using it on any train fom 0001 on 15 Dec 2001. From 1995 operators of class 156 units have each adopted non-smoking policies, and the trains are now non-smoking throughout. Those refurbished for Northern Spirit (now Arriva Trains Northern) have this stored opposite the toilet. If you are purchasing this type of ticket it is well worth adding the sectors which have Shatabdi expresses and Rajdhani expresses. On other units it is stored in place of an emergency equipment cupboard; on ScotRail and North Western units it is in the DMS(B) vehicle, whereas on Central trains is can be found in the DMS(A) vehicle. Seats 1 and 2 in the DMS(A) vehicle were replaced by a luggage stack, and a secure parcels shelf was fitted in the van area of the DMS(B).
This is then followed by a class called Ist class which includes AC 2 Tier, Standard Ist class and AC chaircar. In such circumstances, it is well worth purchasing this type of ticket even if there is a lower percentage of AC class availability on your proposed routes.
It was eerily quiet; quieter maybe than even the Acela Express train, which is a newer design. These old Amfleet I cars were designed and built in the 1970's, though they've been extensively refurbished and upgraded. The interiors are now pretty darn nice, the ride is very smooth, and the noise level reminded me of having a private room on one of the old streamliner cars that no longer exist (this was an almost mystical travel experience that I'm still sad is gone).It's not really obvious from that second shot how much legroom there is.

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