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A travel industry veteran in northern California looks at airlines, trains, hotels, car rentals, and destinations. Between Washington, New York, and Boston, Amtrak offers two distinct services: Northeast Regional and Acela Express. Because Downeaster service leaves from Boston North Station and all other Amtrak service operates from South Station, you're best off using a taxi to get between the two stations (instead of transit) if you have much luggage.
The Vermonter runs through Connecticut and western Massachusetts to the capital of Vermont (Montpelier) and ends in St.
Empire Service (as in the "Empire State") is offered from New York City to Albany and beyond to upstate New York as far as Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
Comedian Beth Stelling, who got her start in Chicago, posted on Instagram that her ex-boyfriend had raped and physically and mentally abused her. Macaulay Culkin's character in a recent episode of the webshort :DRYVRS sounds very familiar (and NSFW).
NewCity has launched a new podcast, "A Lot You Got to Holler," hosted by Newcity design editor (and GB alum) Ben Schulman and architectural journalist Zach Mortice. Cards Against Humanity donated all the profits from this year's Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah thing to WBEZ, and made everyone who bought in WBEZ members (if they wanted).
Through Wednesday night, students at U of I will sing you a live holiday carol of your choosing over the phone. Smack Dab Productions pitches you Shootr, a new app that keeps you up to date on the latest mass murders, police shootings and more. FLOTUS Michelle Obama raps--yes, raps--a shoutout to the South Side in the CollegeHumor "Go to College" video.
The Bitchin' Camaro, the official car mascot for Riot Fest, was stolen yesterday from a West Loop parking lot.
The founding member of Survivor, who wrote the '80s anthem "Eye of the Tiger," filed a suit for copyright violations in Illinois federal court today against politician Mike Huckabee for playing the song as he escorted county clerk Kim Davis from a brief jail stay following her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Time Out proffers seven relationship deal-breakers specifically for Chicagoans -- and mercifully none involve ketchup or deep dish. Half Acre had a palette of discontinued beer cans sitting around, so they did the only logical thing before throwing it in the recycling. Father Michael Pfleger posted on Facebook Wednesday that a Comcast technician would not be coming to fix St.
Cards Against Humanity's Max Temkin really thinks you should be listening to the podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern.
The iconic Art Institute scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was recreated by fans (in costume) for your nostalgic viewing pleasure. You are beautiful everyone is a personalizable message to send a friend or loved one, inspired by Matthew Hoffman's iconic stickers. Citing mismanagement and unnecessarily high euthanasia rates, a group of animal rescue advocates are pleading with Mayor Emanuel to put more effort into appointing the next director of the city's Animal Care and Control department.
Cinefix's 8-Bit Cinema recently applied its retro videogame treatment to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Atlas Obscura just published a crowdsourced map of punny business names, and Chicagoland is well represented, from Viet Nom Nom in Evanston to Hoosier Mama Pie Company in Ukrainian Village to Wok This Way near Midway. An adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in sign language, a Snuggie-like hoodie, a Christmas book for Shark Week fans and political dog treats are among the campaigns currently on the GB curated Kickstarter page. Dig into some hip Chicago neighborhoods with On the Grid, a design-minded guide to the city -- and several others. Cook County Jail manages 2.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, although it's clearly not someplace you want to make a reservation. YouTube pancake guy Nathan Shields made flapjack versions of amphibians from the Shedd Aquarium.
Spike, the corpse flower at the Chicago Botanic Museum, may be blooming tonight or tomorrow. If you feel like you're getting too much sleep at night, check out NUKEMAP to map out the impact of a nuclear bomb going off in Chicago or anywhere else. Consequence of Sound made a (kinda funny) video of fake interviews of people who witnessed (and experienced) the August 2004 day that a driver of a bus for the Dave Matthews Band emptied its septic tank onto a boat of tourists while crossing the Kinzie Street bridge. Facebook users in Chicago tend to use emojis to express laughter more than people in other cities, according to a study by the site.
The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce created a Facebook page for what seems like every street in the neighborhood, from Albion to Walcott.
Chicagoans Rebecca and Tim are walking across America to raise money for a friend's rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury.
Food writer Steve Dolinsky encountered a very inauthentic Chicago Hot Dog slathered with fried onions, pickles and a "Chicago sauce" (the mind boggles) while in Spain. Reminisce about the dearly departed on Craig's Lost Chicago, a cavalcade of what's come and gone. A aggregation site called Voat looks a lot like Reddit but its creators say it's different, focusing on usability and privacy.
Piece owner Bill Jacobs contributed an op-ed to the NYT today about the safety and health risks of happy hours.
A pop-up maker space, bro-y Descartes, a fighting card game, and gourmet jerky are among the campaigns on Gapers Block's curated Kickstarter page.
Ever wondered what it looks like when a a 730' bulk carrier ship navigates from Lake Michigan to a destination down the Calumet River?
DNAInfo Chicago has a helpful piece on ways you can recycle oft-trashed items like K-cups, cigarette butts, tennis balls and even old bras! Want to know what the most disproportionately popular food is in your neighborhood-meaning the type of restaurant people rave most about on Yelp?
Most of the places on Buzzfeed's list of the best hidden gems in Chicago will be familiar to locals, but at least they won't be steering tourists terribly wrong. Turning the city into a Pac-Man game on Google Maps is a pretty effective way to deal with any lingering road rage. PAWS Chicago is going door-to-door to see how pets and animals are faring around the city, bringing services to the streets instead of just building another animal shelter, writes blogger Vanessa Smetkowski. A Deerfield teenager is getting some nationwide attention for his bar mitzvah promotional video. Bookmark this for warmer weather: roadtrip maps to locations in John Hughes movies, from Ferris Bueller to Home Alone to Weird Science.

The Sun-Times got a copy of the police report for the robbery of Mayor Emanuel's son in December, but the incident doesn't show up in the crime database on the City's data portal. Take a second and write a cool note to a sick kid and Lurie Children's Hospital will deliver a special valentine on the 14th. An appropriate link post-blizzard: In 2009, a Chicagoan named George Joachim hiked into Canada's Columbia Icefield and got lost. An easy-to-push snow shovel, culturally interchangeable chopsticks, a 20 year old film project and the guide to using drawing to work out ideas are among the projects on Gapers Block's curated Kickstarter page. River North is the fifth sexiest neighborhood in the nation according to Thrillist -- which isn't nearly high enough to place among the sexiest neighborhoods on Earth. In an exclusive to the Onion, Chicago debuted its new gun-sharing stations, rolling out city-wide. The French American Chamber of Commerce will be holding a rally tomorrow at 3pm at Daley Plaza to show solidarity with the victims of the recent Charlie Hebdo shootings. The performer, director and teacher, who was well-known in the local improv community, was found dead in his apartment last night. Despite tweets circulating saying its colder in Chicago than on Mars, the average martian air temperature actually is -50 F.
Our gubernatorial prison record provides inspiration in this list of sarcastic state mottos. Logan Square edged out Bridgeport to win the 2014 Curbed Cup, an online voting contest hosted to find the city's best neighborhood. Some nearby Acuras were engulfed in salt when a wall at the Morton Salt plant collapsed this afternoon.
As part of its Holiday Bullshit thing this year, the Cards Against Humanity guys purchased a small private island in Maine, which they've renamed Hawaii 2, and sent out deeds for one square foot of land to each of the 250,000 subscribers.
Rahm Emanuel's 17-year-old son Zach was robbed of his phone last night by two males while walking near the family's Ravenswood home.
Convicted in Cook shows which areas of the city have the highest number of arrests and convictions. Meet a fish relocator, an urban explorer, and other people who are "So Chicago" through short documentaries by photojournalist Chris Walker. An illustrated story about Kedzie Avenue, a food museum's first exhibit, a fashionable fitness tracker and a great deal on ramen are among the campaigns on GB's curated Kickstarter page.
YouTuber Blake Grigsby brought his own mistletoe to Christkindlmarket and found plenty of holiday cheer. The Chicago Police Department's updated website lets users report non-urgent crimes, submit tips, and watch crime videos to try and identify suspects.
Marian Eichholz, who as a toddler escaped the infamous 1915 Eastland disaster along with her parents, died last month at age 102. Local gamemakers Cards Against Humanity took Black Friday in a new direction, removing their party game from online sales and instead selling boxes filled with bull feces (which quickly sold out). The NYTimes' Joyce Wadler was fooled by a satirical Daily Currant article claiming that Kanye West told fictional WGYN in Chicago that his butt is better than Kim Kardashian's. Today the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar will reconsider Kristin Pagano's request to breastfeed during the February 2015 Illinois bar examination, which was previously denied. Hollaback Chicago is looking for help finding a man who sexually assaulted a woman who was asleep next to him on a Metra train last month.
I mostly ignore Quora, but the thread asking "What is it like to live in Chicago?" gets some pretty interesting responses. Create & Explore paired beat maker ESTA with photographer Michael Salisbury to create video a homage to the sights and sounds of the city. Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner made a Chicagoland-sized faux pas when he ordered a hot dog with ketchup yesterday at a suburban Portillo's.
Fodor's shares some things visitors should not to do in Chicago, including flying into O'Hare and visiting the Willis Tower Skydeck. The latest fake news junking up your Facebook feed is one claiming a man died in a Waukegan haunted house and wasn't found for nearly two weeks. The Discovery Channel launched a live camera feed from up high on the Wyndham Grand downtown ahead of Nik Wallenda's walk across the skyline. Chicago's streets rarely deviate from the grid, a color-coded visualization by Data Pointed shows.
You can tell your alarmed aunt on Facebook that no, there haven't been any deaths in Chicago from ebola, despite what some sketchy satirical website says. Because basing outcomes solely on stats results in 60602 and 60603 -- two Loop zip codes with fewer than 2,000 residents between them -- showing up as two of Movoto's "best zip codes in America" to live in. A sweeping, ultra high definition video of downtown by The Outbound Life looks like the epic conclusion to a documentary about the city.
Want to always make sure you're up- (or down-) wind from the just-baked-chocolate smell from the Blommer Chocolate Factory downtown? Gawker is ranking America's Ugliest Accent, and Chicago's is up against the LA valley girls.
A seatless folding bike, a memoir by a former skinhead, a documentary about transgender Christians and the next season of "Steve Gadlin's Star Makers" are among the projects currently funding on GB's curated Kickstarter page.
Underviewed, FoGB Felix Jung's latest project, directs your attention to videos with very few views on YouTube, probably partly because their creators never changed the default filenames. With all this rain and flooding, you can check if raw sewage is, in fact, currently being spilled into the Chicago River with just a click. A Swedish LEGO enthusiast built a recreation of the Ferris Bueller's Day Off scene in which Cameron sends his dad's Ferrari through the window. There was also another Ferris Bueller scene and one from The Blues Brothers in the annual competition. PAWS has a live kitten cam showing the latest additions up for adoption; shelters typically receive an influx of young cats and dogs during warm summer months.
A Loyola student expresses his frustrations over a housing lottery number in a creative (yet overblown) way.
An alleged ISIS operative tweeted a message appearing to threaten Washington DC and Chicago, including photos of the White House and 307 N. If you have a fear of heights or suffer from vertigo, you might not want to watch this video of ironworkers preparing to remove a portion of the John Hancock Tower's west antenna. The bizarre new flavors of Lays Potato Chips have a local connection; the artwork on the "Cappuccino" flavor depicts a latte from Wicker Park's Wormhole.

Jamie Kalven of the Invisible Institute released several documents related to police misconduct. Unlike most YouTube pranksters, Blake Grigsby goes for feel-good smiles instead of cheap laughs. Chicago delivers a knockout blow to New York in a Yahoo Travel post that pits the rival travel destinations against one another.
Actuary and parkour enthusiast Ethan Swanson filmed himself jumping off a Lincoln Park rooftop, onto another roof and then to a spiral staircase. Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has plans to open next fall on the Mag Mile in the space formerly occupied by Filene's Basement; NYC-based Shake Shack, which will open this fall in the Gold Coast, will be adding a second location next year by Millennium Park.
George Lucas selected two world-renowned architects, Chicago's Jeanne Gang and China's Ma Yansong, to design the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art on Northerly Island.
These are the seats in the first class car of an Acela train operated as Service 2158 by Amtrak from New York to Boston. Without any announcement, FlyerTalk members began to notice last month that the Internet service aboard Amtrak trains has been faster — and apparently they were correct.
Amtrak is currently in the process of upgrading its on-board AmtrakConnect Internet service and improving overall reliability by implementing 4G mobile data service from multiple mobile operators, according to an article posted by Jeremy Del Nero of Frequent Business Traveler magazine.
As a result, passengers are noticing faster Wi-Fi Internet service on the Acela Express, Capitol Corridor, Pacific Surfliner and San Joaquin trains, where the improved AmtrakConnect Internet service is already available.
As an example, there is Acela Express service which operates between Pennsylvania Station in New York and Union Station in Washington, D.C. Did I mention that all of the results I received are flights operated by Delta Air Lines on this route use regional jet aircraft — regardless of either airport option in New York, not counting Newark International Airport?
I have not personally tried it, but I would not be surprised if the upgraded AmtrakConnect Internet service is more reliable and faster than for what you are required to pay extra for comparable Internet service aboard an airplane during a flight. Is the extra $18.20 for the Amtrak service worth it to you on this route — and perhaps other routes as well — thanks in part to the improved AmtrakConnect Internet service? Please keep in mind that I purposely omitted the option of regular service in the example I used between New York and Washington, D.C. Once that happens, that option could potentially be more attractive — albeit slower by almost an hour, of course.
Megabus is indeed another option, BearX220 — but along with the low cost and Internet service, you are also subject to traffic and other disadvantages. I frequently take the train and in the past three years I learned a lot of cost savings measures.
2.) Sign up for Amtrak Guest Rewards, which gives you 500 bonus points for an acela trip from NYC to Union Station, 750 in first class. I agree the NYC to DC acela trains are too expensive, but that’s where the money is in train travel now. There are so many Best of lists at this time of year, but if you want to know 15 (thankfully there are far more) women who did awesome stuff in Chicago this year, then go read about them. The previous director retired last week; her replacement has a history of disciplinary actions and surrendered his own dog at ACC after being transferred there from another city department, despite having no experience in animal welfare and rescue.
Based on where cartographer Daniel Huffman cut the perimeter, Chicago would end up north of Green Bay. He saved 56 of the in-store music cassettes from the early '90s, and recently digitized the collection. You can watch his unfolding live online; when it's confirmed, the Museum will be open until 2am for visitors to get a whiff of Spike's revolting smell.
They left San Francisco in April, and recently reached the half-way point; help them get the rest of the way. Then look no further than the interactive map over at DNAinfo- and for your sake, I hope its not salad. Of course, he's not the first kid from the suburbs to make his special day even more special. The City's free tree recycling program ends tomorrow; you can take it to any of 23 locations [PDF]. There's a baby pygmy goat available for free in River North -- with cute little sweater and harness -- if you act fast. The Atlantic reports that an Australian artist has compiled the late critic's edits into a single 45-page book as an art project. Get yourself some music, a hoodie, a fanny pack, or your own set of sheet music to play along with the band at home. Lil Bub is at the Metro tonight (with Jesus Lizard's David Yow), and Grumpy Cat is at the Old Orchard Barnes & Noble Friday. Fortunately, it wasn't for long -- a police officer pulled the tailgater over and ticketed him. All trains equipped with Wi-Fi Internet service should be upgraded before the end of this summer. Both train stations are centrally located within each city — unlike the airports — and are easily accessible by mass transit. After hundreds of comments and media coverage, Pfleger posted that Comcast changed their mind, but wondered whether they'd do the same for a less connected neighbor.
Rauner is considering signing a bill that will re-institute happy hours, which have been banned since 1989. View the New York parade and celebrants at Temple Bar in Dublin as well as whatever the Irish do in Las Vegas today. O'Neil and Scott Robbin are parsing the data from the FCC public comments regarding Net Neutrality. No TSA, limited security, arrive 5 minutes before the train boards, comfy seat, power at every seat, huge tables to spread out on…. Already since talking about this onstage, many women have come to me after shows asking me to keep doing it.

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