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Locate the Flowol 3 application bundle on your computer and drag the TrainSet1 application inside.
MTH Rail King O 30-4218-1 Christmas 4-6-0 steam passenger train set includes a die-cast steam locomotive, 3-Car passenger consist, 31" x 51" 12 piece RealTrax circle, RailWare interactive DVD with track layout software, lighted track lock-on, and a 50 watt transformer with wireless digital remote commander.
Due to USPS size restrictions, we are not able to ship this set via USPS Priority Mail International. MTH Rail King O gauge already assembled 4-6-0 steam passenger train set locomotive features die-cast boiler and chassis, flywheel equipped motor, locomotive speed control in scale MPH increments, electronic reverse unit, remotely controlled proto-coupler, operating headlight, synchronized puffing ProtoSmoke unit, all-metal wheels and gears, and Proto-Sound 3.0 sound system featuring passenger Proto effects.
Meet some of the best toy train sets for kids! For years kids, both boys and girls, love to play with trains and interconnecting train sets.
For over 130 years, Brio, a Swedish toy company has been designing collectible and fun wooden toys. Thomas the Tank Engine and his train friends have been captivating children on television since 1984 and in books since 1946!
Every year, the Lionel Polar Express Ready-To-Run train set makes the infinite loop under our Christmas tree.
This French-made and inspired wooden train set from Janod isn't full of talking characters from television. While wooden train sets are great for toddlers and preschoolers, the VTech Go Go Smart Wheels Train set tracks are best purchased for kids ages 1-3.

0-6-0 steam locomotive and tender with operating headlight, 2 freight cars and off-center caboose. Assembly and breakdown of trains in the railway yard is tough work, but this 0-6-0 steam switcher is ready to get the job done. The passenger cars features intricately detailed durable ABS bodies, die-cast 4 or 6-wheel trucks, operating die-cast metal couplers, colorful and attractive paint schemes, fast-angle wheel sets, needle-point axles, metal wheels and axles, detailed car interiors, and overhead operating interior lighting.
There are many different train sets and track systems available for kids, that can cater to their interests and skills. It's not hard to find these super-fans, young children usually have 1 train character clutched in each hand, at all times. Assemble your consist, clear the yard and move your freight to its final destination with the Pacific Flyer.
Brio sets not only include trains, but using a wooden track system, kids will love pushing around wooden cars, construction vehicles, monorails, safari trains, tow trucks, and fire engines. I have personally dried many tears when tracks children have worked for hours to desgin become unhinged. This is a 3 foot connected track that kids can play with immediately out of the box without assembling, using a few simple twists flips and rotations of the tracks.
Start clipping your arts and crafts stores discount coupons, these train sets are not inexpensive. Then, using a battery-operated wireless remote, trains move forward and backward around the track.

As the train cars maneuver over different places in the set, the toys flash lights, speak phrases or sing songs that are educationally relevant.
Most train sets have additional accessories like buildings, or even different trains that can be purchased, because we know children love to expand their collections. Other accessory sets offer fun ways for the trains to interact during their play with features where trains can unload cargo, activate a crane, and zoom across a drawbridge.
They can connect accessories together around their tracks featuring horse farms, lighthouses, tunnels and bridges to make the ultimate village.
However, they are a great investment that are easily loved by children in the same house before being passed on to another generation, donated to charity or sold used to other die-hard collectors.
Popular themed Lionel train sets feature collectible favorites such as Harry Potter, The Major League Baseball Spring Training Trains, Thomas & Friends, Monopoly, Crayola, John Deere, and DC Comics. Our recreation of the Pennsy's finest name train features realistic whistle, bell, and steam chuff sounds, huge plumes of puffing smoke, and station announcements for the Broadway Limited. For even more fun, add extra lighted passenger cars, each with interior detail, this heavy, die-cast steam locomotive has plenty of power to get them over the mountains.

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