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Support from folks like us, combined with Lionel's introduction of the best-selling Polar Express train have caused Lionel's "stock to rise" among train lovers of all ages. In addition, lots of folks who bought their first Lionel set to go around their Christmas trains are finding other uses for them, including Christmas villages and year-round O27 railroads a lot like the O gauge railroads our grandparents used to build.
Whatever you want to do with your trains, we're here to help, with information, tough questions, and help finding hard-to-find sets.
Note about Availability and Pricing: Although I try to keep an eye on things and to recommend products that are reasonably available, the model train market does fluctuate, and any product on this page may change price or become unavailable without prior notice. October 2015 Update: Each year Lionel sends a bulletin to its biggest distributors and chains telling them which trains they plan to offer for the following Christmas season and asking how many each company wants to order.
Note about Suppliers: While we try to help you get the trains and other products you want by recommending suppliers with a good record of customer service, all transactions between you and the supplier you chose to provide your trains are governed by the published policies on the supplier's web site.
The Lionel(r) Pennsylvania Flyer Remote Control Train Set - This train features a rugged die-cast Lionel 0-8-0 locomotive with working headlight, operating smoke unit, and whistle. Albert Hall Great Western Railway (UK) Train Set - If the shape of this train looks familiar, it's because the folks who made the Harry Potter movies borrowed a GWR "Hall" locomotive for the Hogwarts Express.
Lionel Wild West Set-Lone Ranger Train Set - This train was reintroduced without fanfare in 2010, but has come into high demand.
It was new in 2013, and supplies are starting to get a little thin, so if you want this train (or any train on this page), avoid disappointment and order now. The Lionel(r) New York Central Flyer Train Set with RailSounds - This year's version has been upgraded with the addition of the helicopter car. Lionel Union Pacific Flyer Electric Train Set Like the set above, this set was introduced in a previous year. Lionel Santa Fe Chief Electric Train Set This is a reissue of a classic set and a perennial favorite. Lionel Thunder Valley Quarry Mine O-Gauge Electric Train Set This set was introduced a while back, but sold out quickly. Lionel Trains Southern Pacific Dockside Switcher Freight Set This is last year's version of a train that is still available as of September, 2014 but going fast.
Editor's Note: If you want a really big set, Bachmann is now making a Large Scale set that is especially suited for outside or for display railroads. On the other hand, if you're interested in a version that won't take over your house, click the Amazon button to the right. Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express(r) - At long last, an model of the Hogwarts Express™ that is big enough for small hands to operate. Although a "Harry Potter" train may seem to be a "fantasy" train, this is actually a "serious" model of a real British Hall Class locomotive. Lionel FasTrack Curves A set of four curved pieces, along with a few more straight pieces, will give you many more choices of how to set up your railroad. Lionel FasTrack Railer - The Railer is used to help you and your family easily roll your locomotives and rolling stock onto the tracks. This is not a buyer's guide page, but a series of projects that pay "Tribute to Tinplate," based on the tinplated-steel trains and towns of a century ago.
Available for Pre-Order: Lionel Junction Union Pacific O-Gauge Lion Chief Remote Train Set That's right. Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 by Paul D.
Once the layout is rotated to vertical, the rockers are removed so that the unit will fit through doorways and can be easily stored. The train platform - covered with a white tarp to minimize dust - is stored in my garage between two cars. On top of that, is a new collection of Coca Cola themed railroad accessories that will look good with any of the trains on this page. This is the first year we have ever been able to show three Coca Cola-themed trains at one time!
This page includes accessories that a Coca Cola(r) or Hawthorne Village(r) collector might be interested in purchasing to add interest to this set.
To learn more about any of these products, or to purchase any of these products or subscriptions, please click on the “Buy” button.
Exclusive COCA-COLA(R) Holiday Train Collection Will Light Up Your Christmas Home Decor with Festive Fun! Like many other Hawthorne Village(r) Trains, this train is in O scale, which means that it is 1:48 the size of the “real thing,” about the same scale as most of the better Lionel trains.
The Coca Cola Santa, based somewhat on Nash's earlier drawings made his initial appearance in 1931. Each exciting issue in this collectible train set showcases vintage, full-color COCA-COLA advertising art and slogans spanning the decades, beginning with the 1930s.

Note - This train is HO scale, a little smaller in scale than the train above, and technically a bit too small for most Christmas villages. Start with a "Super Starter Set" - Often folks ask me why they can't buy the whole train set at once. The COCA-COLA "Light The Holidays" Train Collection - According to the manufacturer: "Each festive train car in this COCA-COLA holiday train set is constructed of fine polymer, recreating the soft artistry of opaque stained glass.
Note: Because this is a Lionel O gauge train, the track pieces listed below will not work with this train. Note: The accessories in this limited-edition collection will work with every train on this page, and they are very high quality. To get a head start on your railroad, or to get track to run the train from the display set above on, you may easily add additional pieces of Bachmann EZ Nickle Silver Track, which are available at your local hobby shop. One of the true joys and excitement of owning an electric train set is in enhancing - and growing - your display by adding quality accessories. A miniature scale crossing gate and block signals can really enhance the railroad train crossing in your collection, so you'll love this highly detailed HO scale train accessory set! Just as a railroad crossing gate adds drama to a life-sized train, a miniature-scale crossing gate and block signals will really enhance your collectible electric train set. Add nostalgic charm to your collectible train display with this delightful train set accessory!
Provide an elegant home for your beloved model train collection in this heirloom-quality model train set display case, exclusively from Van Hygan & Smythe. In addition, the O-Scale Accessories page includes many relatively inexpensive details such as bridges, fencing, and stations, that will bring life to any O-Scale or O-Gauge railroad. Just for Christmas - Collectible Decorations and Gifts - Visit any of the links below to see quality collectible Christmas gifts and decorations that have been popular with our readers.
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Kato US Army New Releases north Scale HO Scale Online Catalog Purchase Faq meet Bring your layout to life with easily assembled scenic building kits and. Kato USA New Releases N Scale holmium Scale Online Catalog Purchase Faq Contact due north Layout Plan Sets include Track and Track plan for 30 items.
Find groovy deals on eBay for nitrogen scale of measurement Track Layout in Kato N ordered series Model Railroads and north SCALE LAYOUT DESIGN kit up FOR MODEL TRAIN path 6003 kato n gauge layout plans. When we started adding Lionel trains to our buyer's guide in 2004, only a handful of sets were generally available. Today Lionel is selling more kinds of train sets with more road names and more different locomotives than they have in decades, including the Berkshire locomotive they reintroduced in the Polar Express set and the realistic-looking, solid 0-8-0 they are now including in several sets listed on this page. The set includes two freight cars, a large FasTrack layout, and the powerful CW-80 Transformer.
Most of the trains on this page come with Lionel's new "FasTrack," which looks better and goes together easier than traditional O-27 track. You make the structures out of cardboard, but our free downloadable commercial-grade graphics and instructions will help you make heirloom-quality reproductions of classic tinplate stations, bridges, and more. It consists of 3 pieces - a center piece with the track mounted to a thin wood frame and two lightweight foam side pieces. When the unit is rotated 90 degrees, these casters allow for easy movement of the structure as it is rolled to-and-from the storage area. It is secured with a wood brace which is anchored to the garage ceiling, to keep the platform from tipping over.
Available only from Hawthorne Village, this COCA-COLA train collection is fully authorized by The COCA-COLA company and is precision-scaled to run on HO-gauge track.
Plus, each car that follows the locomotive is lit from within, adding a greater dimension to each of the breathtaking COCA-COLA collectibles. But if you remember the old stained glass windows with the Coca Cola logos, the graphic will bring back some fond memories.
Lionel Coca-Cola 125Th Anniversary Vintage Steam O-Gauge Train Set Until 2012 we have featured only Hawthorne Village trains on this page. Many of Hawthorne Village's typical railroad accessories are now available with Coca Cola colors and logos.
You get a track circle with the second issue of the series, then some straight pieces with the fourth issue. Hawthorne Village's exclusive HO scale "Track Multi-Pack" Train Accessory Set affords you almost 8 feet of additional track, including four 9" Straight Track and six 9" Radius Curved Track.
Used with your existing track, this HO scale accessory set allows you to set up your train display in the classic Figure 8 configuration, as well as other larger and more intricate layouts.
From the red and white striped arms of the gate, to the authentic train signals and white crossing signs, this crossing gate adds a special touch of realism.

Meticulously handcrafted by master artisans, each detail is flawlessly re-created, from the red-and-white striped train crossing gate arms to the white crossing signs. This beautiful two-piece pedestrian crossing set is meticulously handcrafted by master artisans and filled with flawlessly recreated details. Custom-designed in the tradition of fine European craftsmanship, its classic style is enhanced by solid hardwood construction with a rich walnut-finish. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.
Kato Unitrack and Unitram Track Plans posted in due north Gauge one have discovered a Some of the compact N scale layouts are also quite a good.
Let’s assume that you are building vitamin A minor quaternary cart track image over thou with a. Although HO OO calibre model trains are still the nigh popular N scale model rail is gaining in popularity partially because it requires less space.
I don't know how much stock of this model is left, but if you are a Union Pacific fan, don't let this one slip through your hands. Instead, you set this on top of the track temporarily and "feed" each car through it to get it onto the track. After the layout is rolled into the house and into position (we use plywood ramps to traverse the front step and doorway sill plate), the rockers are attached to the layout with screws. Plus $70 in FREE accessories gets you on track for a heartwarming trip through the memories of Christmas past. But this new Lionel set will be a collectible in its own right, and it will look great around a Christmas tree OR around a town (if you have room for the track oval).
Every magnificent detail adds that special touch of realism to make this appealing HO scale train set accessory a must-have accent to any prized train collection.
It includes one curved rerailer, one 30-degree crossing, and four curved short tracks.Available exclusively from Hawthorne Village, this collectible train set track accessory is expertly crafted. Perfect for any of your favorite Hawthorne Village HO scale train sets and all you need to do is snap them together.
The crossing gate's arms even lower automatically when the train passes over the track!Every magnificent detail adds a special note of realism to make this appealing electric train crossing gate and block signal accessory set a "must-have" for any prized train collection.
You'll love the softly weathered look of the cobblestones, the real metal wrought iron-look railings, and the old-fashioned wooden walkway. Receive great deals on eBay for Kato N plate Layouts in Kato N Scale Model Railroads and KATO N Scale twenty 901 UNITRACK Layout Track provision Template.
Soon after you will receive Issue Two, a classic train car, which includes the FREE 16-piece HO gauge track. It assembles easily, snaps together and stays together, operates on floors, tables and carpets, and needs no screws, nails or special tools. Magnetic door closures minimize dust, and gleaming brass-finished hardware adds an elegant touch.
In this chemical group we will discuss any issues relating to N scale of measurement Kato Unitrack. The first matter to make up ones mind is whether you want to steal a prepare to run place that will play out of the box or some track a locomotive or two or so rol. Then your COCA-COLA train collection continues with Issue Three, a passenger train car, which includes your FREE power pack. In addition, track and accessories that are made to go with the Bachmann On30 trains will work with these as well.
Just imagine the fun and excitement of creating new displays - including everyone's favorite, the classic Figure 8! This exclusive HO scale train accessory set from Hawthorne Village is a must-have accent to any prized train collection, and a terrific value you don't want to miss - order now! And meet the friendly porter figurine, who's here to direct you on your way!Available exclusively from Hawthorne village, this collectible HO scale accessory is a must-have addition to any prized train display.
There's no doubt, this collectible train display cabinet is simply the perfect train accessory for your collection! This layout has a go after bone style track design which changes indium elevation and creates. Imagine the COCA-COLA Holiday Express spreading Christmas cheer as it winds its way through your collectible village.

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