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This all-new version is covered in genuine Oracover, has built in flaps, quality construction and hardware, and even comes with a camera mounting cover. For the club or individual who wants a huge airplane that can carry cameras, drop parachute guys or candy, fly incredibly slowly and still be transported in a regular car – the 12 Foot Telemaster ARF is it. Whether built as an electric or gas model the flight performance is a total joy, take offs are short and climb performance is quick. Much simpler to assemble than many biplanes, the Waco’s upper wing attaches to the side on the fuselage and is automatically aligned.
New Design, More Features, Same Telemaster StyleDrop Box for the Senior Telemaster is now available! A Big Thank You to Larry Kruse for such a detailed review of our Mini Telemasterand Flying Models Magazine for sharing the photographs. The re-engineering of the new V2 kit features laser-cut interlocking parts, including the forward fuselage, wing ribs, wing tips and sheeting, a ply battery tray, firewall, and a cleverly designed forward hatch that eliminates the need to remove the wing to replace the flight battery. Normally, the first thing I do in reviewing a kit is to read the instruction manual thoroughly and try to mentally measure how easily the manual can be followed by the intended audience.
The tail surfaces are built over the plan with a combination of laser-cut pieces and excellent quality balsa strip wood. As in the case of the registration holes mentioned earlier, that will not be a problem if opaque covering is used, however. There’s really not a lot to comment on here, because as noted in the opening paragraph, the plane flies like a Telemaster. The laser-cut ply sub-assembly (above left) is glued to the right half of the fuselage before being mated to the left side. Each wing bolt mounting plate (below left) is made of very hard balsa and must be tapered to blend in with the trailing edge of each wing panel. The wings are joined together after sheeting by epoxying the ply laminate wing spar into its slot. This new Mini Telemaster Kit provides an easy to build RC model airplane that includes one laser cut model, full size plans, photo-illustrated instructions, bent wire main landing gear, tail wheel and all hardware. In its first 50 years of business as Hobby Lobby International, Inc., Hobby Express manufactured and sold thousands of Telemaster models to consumers. Currently Hobby Express has Telemasters of multiple sizes and price points available for consumers to purchase. For 50 years, Hobby Express has delivered the best model hobby products, from radio control airplanes, helicopters, cars and boats, trains and track landscaping, together with tools, paints and accessories, to customers around the world. It’s believed that the first Telemaster was designed back in 1967 or so by acclaimed German model designer Karl-Heinz Denzin, who was employed by Alexander Engel, the model producer. Throughout the years there have been standard 70 inch wingspan Telemasters, to the 96 inch senior and even a 12 foot version still available today.
Telemasters employ a classic look with great curvature, some with the feel of a military plane. When it comes to price, the Telemaster has been a great value in all of its years. In its early years, the Telemasters were priced as individual parts. Telemasters are now available in several shapes and sizes, with each boasting the ability to bring users a new level of ease and precision.
For hobby enthusiasts, the Telemaster models have become a favorite, classic model plane option. FMS has captured the classic looks of the Sky Trainer 182 with this new Midsize (1100mm) RTF EPO model.
The first of the giant 1700 series of aircraft to arrive is the fabulous P51 Ferocious Frankie Mustang. The FMS Corsair airframe features a removable 2 piece wing that is simplistic in attachment and connection, the new FMS ,multi-pin plugs, mean that the complex wiring is now just a single connection per wing and not the usual plate full of spaghetti normally seen in lesser airframes.
Features: Landing gear doors, Oleo struts, Detachable Drop Fuel Tank, New FMS 17g servo for aileron, rudder. Ferocious Frankie – FMS replicate of the classic WWII P-51D Mustang in spectacular scale detail in this new EPO strong and lightweight foam molded aircraft.
Designed to replace the aging T-6 Texan, the T-28 Trojan was a piston engine military trainer aircraft used by both the US Air Force and the US Navy.
During all of our 50 years in business, we’ve focused on providing the most innovative and fun hobby products. Hobby company recently rebranded, is looking forward to continued product innovation in 2014 Read more. The amazing Blade® Scout CX may only weigh a little over half an ounce (17 grams) but it will have you flying circles around other helis like it. Like the original Blade® mCX, the Blade® mCX2 is easy enough for anyone to fly and small enough to fly just about anywhere.
The Blade® 120 SR is a fixed-pitch heli that will give you the confidence to master the basics of single-rotor flight.
In its first 50 years of business as Hobby Lobby International, Inc., Hobby Express manufactured and sold thousands of hobby products on the leading edge of innovation in hobby technology. Looking ahead to 2014, Hobby Express will continue providing innovative and reliable hobby products to share the fun with consumers.
Telemaster: A model airplane used for training and fun, the first Telemaster was built around 1967. The post Thimbleweed Park is the adventure of 'a total a**hole' appeared first on XBLAFans.
That's Ron Gilbert, co-creator of Thimbleweed Park on Ransom, a dirty-joke-telling clown you'll love to hate.
In most games, the characters you love to hate aren't those you play as; they're NPCs, which makes it easy to outright loathe them and divest yourself from their interests. Alas, there isn't one, so I settle for dishing out the least-mean-but-still-pretty-terrible insults at my disposal before the remaining dialogue options dwindle and force me to select something truly awful.
Things only get worse for Ransom when his manager quits and reveals that the clown has lost his fortune, his home in Aspen and that his wife has found out about his mistress.
Thimbleweed Park seemingly begins "hours of riveting and hilarious gameplay" earlier, as a loading screen jokingly states. This is an obvious and deliberate return to the genre's supposed halcyon days of yesteryear, to the type of games Gilbert and Winnick first collaborated on back in 1985 at LucasArts.
So if the old style of adventure games were so much better, why did the industry ever get away from them? Ironically enough, the last game Gilbert directed was The Cave, a more action-oriented adventure game that was sans verbs. I’ve not yet experienced the joy of being a parent, but I can certainly empathize with one of life's most frightening moments being losing track of a child. The Park can be described as a narrative-focused psychological horror experience, or, in layman’s terms, one of those walking simulator games. Spooky setting — If the horror of having your only child run off without you wasn’t bad enough, he had to run into one of the creepiest-looking amusement parks. Intriguing story — Given that The Park is all about the story, I’ll try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible.
Great voice acting — The story is told almost entirely through main protagonist Lorraine. Dated graphics — Perhaps I’ve been spoiled with the recent standard set by AAA games, but I felt The Park was a little graphically disappointing.
Come closer — The Park was originally launched on PC, and the genre suits a console environment well.
Party Hard is a recollection of a series of bizarre murder sprees in fictional cities, but the murderer has a very odd motive. A retro tribute with some modern features — With its pixel art and an electronic music soundtrackParty Hard takes the same retro approach as Hotline Miami. Chaos is beautiful — What makes Party Hard entertaining and challenging are the elements of randomization and chaos that interact with the levels. Difficulty may not appeal to everyone — Party Hard is a game with only one difficulty setting, and instead of thinking of the game as an action game, players need to come in with a mindset that this is a puzzle game mixed with a stealth game.
Chaos can make things frustrating — While the potential for chaos can make for some hilarious runs, it can also create downright aggravating situations where the player has been dealt a very bad hand. While Party Hard has charming retro style, a great soundtrack and some great play mechanics, it isn't without flaws. To be honest, I had never heard of Lumo before playing the 30-minute demo provided to me for this preview. Lumo is a strong puzzle game that is always evolving its challenges, with fun collectibles and gameplay that will remind you of games of the past, but it's not something so impossible that you can’t feasibly defeat it. Before writing up any preview, news story or review, I always browse the website of the developer for any additional information relevant information.
Many developers aspire to create games akin to those they loved as a kid, and making these games a million times harder than their predecessors seems to be a trend.
Speaking of classic gameplay and nods to the past, I did not get to play these in the demo, but Lumo’s website, appears to show a few levels (possibly mini-games) that look very much inspired by classic NES games. Though the preview build wasn’t very long, the sign of a really good demo is when you’re bummed that you’ve finished and can’t wait to find out what happens next. The post Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Quick Impressions (Video) appeared first on XBLAFans. 101 Ways to Die is a dark take on the classic Rube Goldberg Machine, where players lay elaborate traps around levels for little creatures known as Splatts to walk to their grisly deaths. Open-ended — Most levels are fairly open-ended in how they allow players to approach finding solutions. Nonsensical tone — While the active quest in 101 Ways to Die is to find new ways to brutally kill Splats and recreate a lab book titled 101 Ways to Die, it also manages to have a very comedic feel. Feeling like an evil genius — There is no better feeling than finally working out all the kinks in an elaborate design and beating a level or accomplishing all of the objectives. Bugs and crashes — I encountered a decent number of bugs throughout my time with 101 Ways to Die, and they often made it impossible for the Splatts to finish the level, necessitating a soft reset.
Absurd difficulty by the end — Each level offers players the chance to earn between one and three stars for meeting the primary objectives additional stars for pulling off more difficult tasks.
Feeling of sameness — While each level has plenty of options for players to explore, the overall look and feel is nearly identical from level to level in a single world. 101 Ways to Die shines brightest when it makes players feel like an evil mastermind; however, it often struggles to maintain this feeling the further in the game players go. 101 Ways to Die was developed by Four Door Lemon and published by Vision Games Publishing on Xbox One. The ABC Murders is set up like a fairly traditional point and click adventure, but the unusual setting and interesting characters (even despite my bias) along with a few unique gameplay systems ensure this is a much better game than I feared it would be. Occasionally unwieldy controls and a few rough edges hint at a limited budget or an inexperienced team, but overall it's clear that this game is a labour of love that any Poirot fan should be pleased to experience. Authentic — The ABC Murders plunges players completely into the world that Agatha Christie created, or more specifically, 1930s London. Taxing — I'm often vocal about how modern puzzle and adventure games are completely lacking in puzzles. Variety— I've already mentioned that The ABC Murders features some interesting systems, and in addition to my natural interest in the story, it's this variety that compelled me to progress through the game. Controls — By far the worst thing about The ABC Murders is the controls, especially during puzzle sequences.
Short — Within a few hours of beginning The ABC Murders, I'd completed more than half of the game, which wouldn't be so bad were it not for the hefty price tag of basically $40. Not everyone will love The ABC Murders, and it isn't without a few quirks and issues such as the poor controls, or the occasional graphical glitch affecting characters clothes or faces. Looks like February will be a good month for indie games, with seven new games recently confirmed for release on the Xbox One.
A tower defense game from Illusis Interactive Graphics, Krinkle Krusher has players casting spells to defend their castle and its delicious smelling cake from the evil, sweet-toothed krinkles.
If you’re getting bored with lining up pieces of candy on your phone, then move on over to your Xbox One and play the match-three game, Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign from Demiruge Studios.
In Factotum 90, a twin-screen robotic puzzle game from TACS Games, your spaceship collides with something while in orbit, shutting down your power and leaving you trapped. A twin-stick arcade shooter originally developed by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment, but with Epiphany Games handling the Xbox One version, Tiny Trooper Joint Ops has players controlling tiny military men as they take on a variety of enemies using different weapons and specialist soldiers. Xbox gamers tend to remember Jonathan Blow as the man who almost single-handedly kickstarted the independent games market on Xbox with Braid before swearing the Xbox 360 off, repeatedly ripping Microsoft over a plethora of concerns. Responding to a fan question on Twitter, the designer said on Saturday that he's thinking about a possible Xbox One release of runaway PC and PlayStation 4 success The Witness. The Witness only just recently released on January 26, but Blow has said the puzzle game likely outpaced Braid's first-year revenues in just a week on the market; however, it's not an entirely even comparison considering Braid debuted at $15, whereas The Witness is priced at $40. So despite the fact that The Witness is reportedly being heavily pirated, developer Thekla will now "be able to make the next game at a comparable budget level (maybe bigger, we'll see!)," its designer said.
It now appears that, like many who excoriated Microsoft for its initial Xbox One plans, Blow has had a change of heart following the Xbox's course correction under Phil Spencer.
Another year has come and gone, and with 2015 now firmly in the rearview, it's time to look forward to the biggest Xbox One game releases of 2016. Nathan Bowring, Senior Writer: Indie darling Gone Home is finally coming to Xbox One in early 2016. Christine Mitchell, Senior Contributor: The Banner Saga has been on our watch list for a while now, but the viking-themed, turn-based RPG is now finally set to arrive on Xbox One early in the New Year. Michael Cheng, Staff Writer: Capcom released a remaster of Resident Evil for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on January 20, 2015. Scott Baker, Contributor: When you think of a war video game, you probably see a dude with a gun. Michael Cheng, Staff Writer: Oxeye Game Studio will be under tremendous pressure to perform well with Cobalt because publisher Mojang is responsible for Minecraft, one of the most popular games in a long time. Nick DePetris, Contributing Editor: DayZ has already been in Early Access on Steam for two years, but 2016 will see the game make its way over to Xbox One's Game Preview program. John Carson, Contributor: Like fine wine and cheese, Gothic art and heavy metal were made for one another. Nick Santangelo, Managing Editor: One of several titles making a repeat appearance on this list from last year, Hyper Light Drifter will (hopefully) finally release within the next five months.
Scott Baker, Contributor: I should start by disclosing that I am a backer of Yooka-Laylee, but that’s only because this is hands-down my most anticipated game of 2016, maybe even of this decade.
Nick Santangelo, Managing Editor: Regular readers will recall that Capybara's subterranean roguelike made an appearance on last year's biggest games list, but Capy officially pushed Below back to 2016 earlier this month.
Nathan Bowring, Senior Writer: Pit People is The Behemoth’s fourth game, continuing the developer’s mission to never tackle the same genre twice. John Carson, Contributor: After making a short debut at E3 2014 and having a larger presence at E3 2015, Cuphead has continued to impress us with its 1930s cartoon aesthetics. Jill Randolph, Contributor: The “Rage” is in quotes here because due to a recent trademark issue, Fenix Rage (as it is currently known on Steam) will not be able to go by this title at the time of release on Xbox One.
Nick Santangelo, Managing Editor: Originally slated for a September 2015 release date, Three One Zero's astronaut exploration game Adr1ft was pushed back to coincide with the Oculus Rift's launch. John Carson, Contributor: ION is a game as mysterious as the vacuum-sealed clone in the teaser trailer. The original Senior Telemaster has been a staple at model fields around the world for over 40 years.
Differing structurally from previous kits and ARFs of this 45-inch wing span version of the plane, Hobby Lobby called upon Jon Valentine of Top Notch Products Company to do the re-engineering and the laser-cutting of this updated edition.
The first thing that strikes you as you open the utilitarian brown cardboard box is the excellent quality of the wood and the very precise laser-cutting throughout. In this case, the intended audience is a modeler who may be transitioning from experience with RTF (Readyto- Fly) or ARF (Almost-Ready-to Fly) to his or her first kit build, or a modeler who is just entering the hobby.
These very helpful tools make laminating the forward part of the fuselage an easy and accurate task and assist in squarely gluing the doublers in place.
The control horns for the tail are laser-cut from 1?16- inch ply and fit precisely into pre-cut slots in the rudder and the elevator. The wing is nicely engineered to be both strong and warp-free, but does not sacrifice lightness in order to do so.
Prior to covering the model, however, all of the power train and radio components were installed, along with the provided wire pushrods to the rudder and elevator.
Not having used such a sophisticated program-formable ESC before, I was interested in its capabilities. The landing gear assembly (above right) is a laminate of a ply cap placed over a landing gear mount plate epoxied into slots in the fuselage. The elongated wing bolt slots are a nice touch because finding the wing bolt anchor plates becomes a fishing expedition when the wing is in position to be bolted in place. The wing is very well engineered for both strength and lightness by the use of diagonal truss ribs (below right) and vertical shear webbing.
The selected APC 9–6 electric prop (above right) proved to be a perfect match to the eRC BL450S motor. Our catalog, website and store in Nashville, Tennessee offers any hobby enthusiast the information and technical support needed with top quality products delivered at very competitive prices. Here’s a look at Hobby Express employee Neal Davis carrying one of the first ever Telemasters. The design of the Telemaster has really withstood the test of time, but one major change throughout the years was the way it was powered. These days, various kit sizes ranging in price from 50 dollars to more than one-thousand dollars for the 12 foot model.
The 12 foot Telemaster ARF is our largest, while our newest product, the Mini Telemaster Kit V2 is our smallest with a wingspan of 45”. Hundreds of modelers have had their first successful flying experience with a Telemaster and many beginners have successfully flown a Telemaster 40 without assistance. FMS3X or Flight Management System 3-axis, is a stabilization unit built into our receiver that offers pilots, whether you are a beginner or expert, amazing control of your aircraft. The FMS3X system stabilizes our flight making it easier for you to fly in almost any conditions. It features unbelievable scale finishing and best of all requires minimal effort as its simple assembly will have you ready to take to the skies in just several hours. The 6 foot Telemaster Electro ARF V2 is our largest, while our newest product, the Mini Telemaster Kit V2 is our smallest with a wingspan of 45”. The Telemaster has come a long way over the years and we expect even more innovation in the years to come!
State-of-the-art 2.4GHz radio control with advanced Blade® engineering and electronics make it all possible. The mCX2 is the ultimate beginner friendly machine with unsurpassed stability, incredible control, and extreme durability. Its unique rotor head was specifically designed to provide the inherent stability of a coaxial helicopter, but provide the agile control of a single rotor helicopter.
It’s unbelievably durable too, so you can fly aggressively without worrying about costly repairs. Hobby Express was first to enter electric flight, when gas and go engines were the standard. In late 2013, the company rebranded to become Hobby Express, leaving its original name, Hobby Lobby International, Inc., behind in order to avoid brand confusion with a popular craft store of the same name.
Since its inception, the easy to fly RC plane has been made available in multiple different sizes (including a Mini, 6 foot and 12 foot Giant) and used for training, UAVs and aerial photography.
Pilot 1 planes capture the look and excitement of classic planes and combine race looks with sport flyer handling that is easy to build and fly.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.

Gilbert's description of him couldn't be any more apt: from the moment I take control of Ransom at PAX East, it's clear the guy is a colossal jerk.
But in Thimbleweed Park, you have to play as this miserable SOB, which means his goals are yours. What's more, Gilbert and co-creator Gary Winnick have added narration explaining that the audience members who are laughing are only doing so to hide their embarrassment over the painful barbs. Having clearly set up a future quest to break the curse and rebuild Ransom's shattered life, the demo ends.
Though point-and-clicks have been having a sort of don't-call-it-a-comeback comeback in recent years, they've done so with considerably less clicking and considerably greater direct actions.
As both the FBI agents and Ransom I have to find the right items and select the right action items for manipulating them from the menu in order to solve puzzles.
And if those supposed "hours of riveting fun and hilarious gameplay" I don't get to experience at PAX turn out anything like the time I do spend with Ransom and the federal agents, Thimbleweed Park may just pull it off with flying colors. It’s this horrific premise that forms the basis of Funcom’s narrative adventure game The Park. As Lorraine sets off back into the amusement park in search for her son Callum, it's not long before you come to see that this is no ordinary theme park. There is a decent amount of backstory and additional snippets to be found by reading various newspaper articles, letters and incident reports; but it’s Lorraine at the helm who keeps the story moving. It's mostly played in first-person, but the odd cut-scene shown here and there instantly me reminded of PlayStation 2-era Silent Hill.
It was an entertaining story that stuck with me and left me wanting to research its themes further, I can see myself going back for a second playthrough to see if I missed any clues or notes. After this tutorial mission, the game moves the player what amounts to a practice mission allowing players to put their skills to use while introduces additional mechanics: listening, dancing, sprinting, using items and phone calls. While the basic layout of a level does not change upon retrying or reloading, there are elements of the party that may change. Sometimes, the perfect opportunity has to be waited out and rushing in will likely get you busted by the police, beaten down by party guests or (worse) killed by the player's own traps.
If a level setup is sub-optimal or the player is ironically killed by their own trap with one remaining party guest left to kill, then it could mean a complete restart and the need to reanalyze the map to determine the best way to attack the level. I’ve attended a number of major gaming conventions in the past two years and never came across it at any of them. The second time around not only was the demo even more enjoyable, but I realized that if you want to unlock all the secrets, you need to check every corner and edge of the room — including the ceiling. There was a level where you rode in a mine cart just like Donkey Kong Country’s Mine Cart Madness and another level where you slalomed down the slopes similar to the skiing in any classic Olympic or skiing-themed game.
At the end of the preview, I still didn’t know what the mix tapes would do (if anything), when I would get my wand, what other powers I held and more.
The puzzles are all a solid challenge and require a fair amount of thinking and planning ahead. The story is pretty ridiculous and only serves to justify the gameplay, but it's wacky enough to provide a couple of laughs while watching the game start for the first time. Developer Four Door Lemon hasn't built the hardest game here, but it can take a little bit of time to fully get used to how any one of a number of tools functions. Most bugs only persisted for the length of a single run at a single level, but a couple persisted in the same place and same time over multiple runs of a single level. Stars are necessary to unlock both large "worlds" of levels and the individual levels inside of a world.
When I finished worlds after playing for one long sitting, I needed to take a break because I was bored from staring at the same thing for over an hour.
Bugs and crashes, similar environments and a high difficulty curve often left me feeling more akin to a child playing with Tinkertoys than a mad genius playing with tools of destruction.
Because the series' final episode aired in 2013, you can consider me to be both surprised and intrigued to find myself reviewing an Xbox One game revolving around what is perhaps Poirot's most famous case. The ABC Murders is definitely not such a game, and among the various systems it features, perhaps the most fun are the logic challenges that Hercule encounters along the way.
Puzzles are just a small part of each investigation, and Poirot must also observe crime scenes, question witnesses, recreate murders and, ultimately, present a compelling case to condemn the guilty party. Hold down L to grab, move the right stick to aim, move the left stick to rotate, press X to use an item you selected with the D-Pad… What was that again? This is an engrossing, enjoyable experience, but the only real replay value is presumably in aiming for a perfect run with maximum ego points. If you can look past those things, though, this is a really unique, interesting and enjoyable game that any adventure or puzzle game fan will enjoy. Of those games, three of them released today and are available now for purchase through the Xbox store. Adding a new twist to the classic matching puzzle game, Marvel Puzzle Quest lets players pick a team of three Marvel characters with different power-ups to help them along the way.
The only thing available on the ship to help you escape is two insect-looking robots called walkers. The Xbox One version will feature over 60 maps, a brand new soundtrack and the new and exclusive Zombie Wave Maps where players battle through the desert as the dead close in on them.
In any case, revenues from Blow's latest game have already allowed him to pay off whatever portion (Blow declined to reveal the exact amount) of its approximately $6 million budget that was borrowed, and the developer is now beginning to recoup his personal investment. In 2013 he turned his attention to Microsoft's positioning of its current console, the Xbox One, claiming Microsoft was lying about its server numbers at the time because of virtualization.
You play as Kaitlin, who’s returning home to visit her parents and sister only to discover they’re not home.
With combat similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and lush hand-drawn animations comparable with early Disney movies, Banner Saga's hype train is now more than ready to leave the station. Having reviewed the title here, I can tell you it was a pleasure to play through and was one of my most enjoyed releases of 2015. This adorable puzzle-platformer has an excellent design hook, which, unlike some games, adds directly to the gameplay.
The recent announcement that Orange is the New Black’s Samira Wiley would be voicing Michonne only added to the excitement that was already brewing for this Telltale spinoff of the series that put it on the map. The open-world zombie survival game has been a fan favorite since its mod days and has a lot of features still in the works: vehicles, animal life and additional crafting tools. That may not sound all that close, but when you consider that this is a game that was first announced as a 2014 release before being delayed again and again and again, this spring doesn't sound so bad. Nintendo defined 3D platformers with Super Mario 64 in 1996, and Rare iterated on it with Banjo-Kazooie in 1998 with their own style of humor, exploration and fluid movement. Set in a world without sun, where natural light comes from eruptions that cover the land in ash, Ashen is about forging relationships with other characters in its harsh open world. Time and space are fractured after a giant space-bear crashes into the Earth, creating a chaotic new world filled with anachronisms and humanoid cupcakes.
Studio MDHR has made the effort to replicate the look of cel-animated features by inking and painting all of the art by hand, and it is nothing short of stunning. The Xbox port of this Super Meat Boy-esque platformer from Green Lava Studios has been a long time in the making, with the Xbox One version originally forecasted for 2015, but now being slated for sometime in 2016. Run around and the game appears to play like any other FPS, but if you stand still the scene slows down to a crawl. Though the Rift still doesn't have a release date, it was just revealed that pre-orders will be opening in just a couple days, and Three One Zero stated in October that Adr1ft would be out in "early 2016," but whether or not applies to the console versions remains a bit murky at this point. DayZ creator Dean Hall has set out to make an ambitious sci-fi MMO on a galactic scale — one with a persistent galaxy filled with simulated environments and even simulated people with simulated organs and built on technology created by Improbable.
The wing is the correct shape and in the right location requiring a notch in the lower part of the massive cowl.
Top Notch Products Company is to be congratulated on the execution of the re-engineering and cutting process undertaken for Hobby Lobby.
On the positive side, my assessment is that by following the step-by-step illustrated building instructions, a beginning modeler will be successful in putting together an attractive model with a straight, strong (yet light) framework—again a compliment to Jon Valentine and his crew. The registration holes in the fuselage are a bit disconcerting initially, but if the model is covered with an opaque covering material they will be concealed. The only unusual features are the use of vertical spar webs, diagonal truss rib bracing and top sheeting— all on a relatively small wing to keep it strong, light and straight. It can be programmed either by transmitter throttle sticks or the optional LED programming card (ERCE02). The landing gear wires go into slots in the landing gear bracket and are held in place by laser-cut ply straps screwed into the ply cap.
The tail surfaces like the rudder shown here (above right) are a combination of laser-cut parts and strip wood pinned down and glued together over the plan. The Telemaster has played a pivotal role in our past and will certainly continue to play a pivotal role in our future.
You can see it’s quite large, especially for its time and is finished with a striking stripe of blue.
Watching a Telemaster land is something exciting to see; the flaperons allow the plane to appear to hover over the ground before it lands.
This kit provides an easy to build RC model airplane that includes one laser cut model, full size plans, photo-illustrated instructions, bent wire main landing gear, tail wheel and all hardware. Those looking for a smooth flying plane will enjoy the beauty and classic look of the Telemaster. Telemasters have been a huge part of our first 50 years in business and we’re excited to have them be a huge part of our future, too! In the world of Thimbleweed Park, though, behaving like a generally rotten individual has made Ransom filthy rich. If you want to play the game, you have no choice but to tap into Ransom's nasty side — which may just be his only side. Still, Ransom is lousy enough of a person that I look for another way forward other than insulting his audience members for their looks, age, etc. The offended party is a mystic who curses the clown to permanently become a walking joke so that he can get the proverbial taste of his own medicine. It is so unmistakably vintage in design that I wonder if exiting out would take me to a Windows 95 desktop.
Gilbert and Winnick wanted to change that, albeit while holding onto some modern sensibilities. Things are straightforward enough as the agents, but a little bit less obvious later on as Ransom. More importantly, it's fun the whole way through and often funny, which is another element Gilbert and Winnick were all too happy to bring back from their earlier games.
Gilbert shrugs at this line of questioning and suggests that "people just like change." He allows that the genre had been doing the same things for a long time, so developers began trying different approaches in the mid-90s. While reviewing The Cave, I found that while it made me laugh thanks to Gilbert's trademark humor, its puzzles were too often the polar opposite of what he wants them to be: they were more frustrating than fun. Instead, you'll call out for Callum and listen for where his voice is coming from, almost like a game of Marco Polo. There are reports of accidents and deaths littered throughout, and each ride looks as though it may collapse at any moment. As she searches for her son, Lorraine recalls various moments in her life, some happy and some filled with deep melancholy.
The Park, of course, is a budget indie game, and s it wouldn't be fair to for me to expect to be blown away by its graphics, but for a game that is all about visual storytelling, I expected something more…2016. This meant that despite being blessed with 20-20 vision, I was unable to read any of the notes and letters without standing up and walking over to the TV to stare at the screen. It’s being dubbed as an "experience" rather than a traditional game, so should we really expect more? The shadowed individual responds that he is inspector John West and is asked about the Party Hard murders. Listening provides context icons to see what objects in the level can be used or interacted with.
A gas can that was once located in the bedroom could be moved to another room, or the punch bowl that was out in the kitchen the last time may now be in the center of the party.
As a result, this may frustrate some players who are looking to wildly slash up guests a la Hotline Miami. If previous games with randomized elements appealed to you, and you're put off by the big focus on patience and stealth, then Party Hard may be a good recommendation.
Even though the tops of the rooms seem to lead to nothing, it turns out that a lot of them can be jumped over, and on the other side often has a hidden collectible.
It wasn’t so easy that it bored me, but it also wasn’t so insanely hard that I ever felt like there was just no way to progress.
Combining downhill skiing with a wizard trying to solve puzzles in a castle is seemingly very random, but also one of the things that make Lumo different and intriguing. My interest has been piqued, though, and I can’t wait to find out all the answers to these questions, which is why I will be keeping an eye out for when Lumo hits the Xbox One on April 22 with 400 rooms, four different zones and six hidden mini-games. Earning gems allows players to skip specific quests, buy power ups or upgrade their stats in the shop.
The difficulty rapidly spikes the farther a player gets into the game, which I'll talk more about later. 101 Ways to Die  knows its audience, though, and manages to scratch the Rube Goldberg game itch and provide a plethora of head scratchers for puzzle fans to enjoy. 101 Ways to Die also has a replay feature after each successful run of a level so that players can watch their crazy death traps do their work in slow motion. By the end of some of the larger levels there are trajectory lines, explosion radii and spikes all over the map.
These persistent bugs add an additional challenge and make finding a level's solution a long and treacherous journey of trial and error. Aside from a short tutorial world, the game's four worlds each have a considerable amount of levels. I also needed to replay levels for stars and found that I had no memories of the previous worlds that distinguished any single level from another. If you're looking for a challenging physics-based puzzle game, then look no further, assuming you can overlook some irritations.
He doesn't run anywhere, so there is no sprint button, and a system of ego points rewards players for acting as Hercule would — from checking his moustache in a mirror, to solving a brutal murder. Most of these puzzles involve rotating and manipulating an object to discover flaws and then working onward from there to reveal whatever secret the object is hiding.
For those like me, who love Poirot, the only thing that's missing is David Suchet's voice over, and sadly, that was never going to happen. A local multiplayer game, Dad Beat Dads lets you pick from multiple stereotypical dad characters and has three game modes. Players must use these walkers to navigate through thirty levels of puzzles to restore the power, turn back on life support and figure out what caused the collision in the first place. Upon entry, the door locks behind the courier and he is forced to battle the bioweapons and solve puzzles to find the lead scientist (who has also been trapped) and escape. Alone in their large mansion in the middle of the night, she explores the house to discover what her family's been up to while she was away. To top it off, the game was created by Stoic, a trio of indie game developers formerly of BioWare fame, and it's already out on PC with rave reviews. One day shy of a full year later, Resident Evil 0 will be arriving to create a creepy atmosphere for players. You are a lovable little yarn doll named Yarny who gets lost and must go on an adventure in the real world. This spiritual successor to the all-time classic Mega Man series looks like it will retain everything that made those games so popular, including non-stop action and gaining the bosses' abilities — all while bringing it all into the 21st century.
Cobalt raises red flags that I don't like to see, including having its release date pushed back and silly game mechanics like slow-mo. While more recent games such as Ark: Survival Evolved offer their own interesting take on the genre, Xbox One owners are still aching to get their hands on the standalone version of the survival mod that took the world by storm. Over 15 years later, the Rare alumni at Playtonic Games are bringing the genre back with a spiritual successor that hits all the right notes.
It’s not hard to argue that it’s one of the best games of the last generation, so we’re all excited to see what Playdead comes up with next. If anything we've only grown more impatient to wander lonesomely back into its great depths and uncover the horrors and wonders hiding in its darkness.
The game is set to feature passive multiplayer in which players can drop in and out of each others' worlds as they explore the wilderness.
The game was designed to be a more streamlined take on turn-based strategy games, where enemy encounters are both faster and easier to understand. It seems the road for Fenix has not been easy, and the game promises the same for its players. Everyone stops dead in their tracks and bullets hang in the air, giving you the perfect moment to plan out the next part of your perfect action hero shootout.
XBLA Fans went hands-on with the VR version of Adr1ft at PAX East 2015, and I came away extremely impressed with its sights and sounds.
Having had experience with several of Jon Valentine’s models, I can tell you his fingerprints are all over this one—and to a very positive effect. Having said that, the beginning modeler would be well-advised to enlist the aid of an experienced modeler for such tasks as installing the radio and power system, covering the model, and setting it up to fly. Since I chose to use transparent UltraCote Lite, they can be seen in the photos of the completed plane. The tail wheel wire was not pre-fabricated and had to be bent from a piece of .047 wire according to the plan and then inserted and epoxied into the rudder.
Built carefully, the wing should present no problems, even to a first-time builder, since the two panels are both completed before they are joined together by a center ply rib and two locating dowels. Fifty years later, we have a brand new name and website, but the same core values and commitment to bringing customers the greatest hobby products around!
For now, we want to take a look back at this fan favorite model airplane and share a bit more about its long and acclaimed history. In 1973, Joseph Bridi simplified the original Telemaster design for kits that are sold here at Hobby Express today.
Flying and landing the Telemaster is something that is fairly simple when compared to other model airplanes on the market, so novice to experienced hobbyists can enjoy them.
It’s believed that the first Telemaster was designed back in 1967 or so by acclaimed German model designer Karl-Heinz Denzin.
Bit-style art depicts a pair of FBI agents who look like doppelgangers of The X-Files' Mulder and Scully.
After uncovering the hidden location of cash needed to pay off a debt, there's then a bit of a run-around to figure out combination numbers for a safe. Typically, Callum has left his teddy bear somewhere inside and instead of waiting for mum, runs back in to try and find it just as the park is closing for the day.
Calling out also reveals some visual clues as to where there may be an item of interest for Lorraine to pick up.
There are hints at the supernatural, and as Lorraine becomes more and more distressed, we begin to question that all may not be as it seems. As the story progresses, Lorraine’s mind goes to ever-darker places, and actress Fryda Wolff pulls off the challenge with aplomb. This totally ruined any immersive experience I was enjoying, and I hope that some kind of zoom can be patched in at a later date. For argument's sake, at $12.99 it’s roughly the price of a cinema ticket, but I still feel slightly short-changed. The Park was my first entry to the genre, so I went in with an open mind, but as I gamer I do prefer my games to have less reading and more doing. Inspector West begins the story with a mention that there was a report of a party before the murders started late in the night.

Dancing goes hand-in-hand with the game's stealth focus by enabling the player to blend in with the party and try to minimize panic should dead bodies be discovered.
So keep in mind that if you don't like being patient and stealthy, you may not like the play methodology required here. This fact, stacked on top of the one-size-fits-all difficulty, may limit the appeal of Party Hard. Players who are up for a challenge and who enjoy action-puzzle games while not minding a slight element of chaos should consider Party Hard — but that's a lot of qualifiers to consider. When my editor asked if anyone was interested in previewing it, I saw that it appeared to be an arcade-style puzzle game about a boy wizard and thought, “I love Harry Potter and puzzles, so sure why not?” I hope you have read this far and didn’t bail out in those first few sentences, because I need you to know that I can now safely say that Lumo is now one of my most-anticipated indie games of this spring.
One of the most interesting parts was the vintage collectibles and music that you come by on your journey. Of course, the preview build only contained the first 30 minutes, so I'm sure that changes as you move on.
Like with most word puzzle games, the rarity of the letter has an impact on the score, or in this case, the damage.
It's impressive that in the course of the game's 54 levels I never felt as though I was constructing the same design from a previous level. The game's cartoon-ish look further adds to the humor that emerges from practically everything taking place. Seeing everything come together in one beautifully violent display of Splat death is truly awe-inspiring. This is in addition to the fact that every couple of hours 101 Ways to Die will completely freeze and require a restart before you can continue playing. The first two worlds offer up some challenge but reaching three stars in nearly every level isn't hard; however, by the end of the third and for the entirety of the fourth world, I had to backtrack to previous levels to try to get up to three stars and unlock the next level. None are outright hard to solve, but each present at least a moderate challenge, usually with a tangible reward.
While the naysayers may unfairly write this game off as a “walking simulator,” in actuality it’s one of the most cleverly crafted narratives you’ll ever find in a game.
Playing through will be a treat, and the new Wesker mode should be an interesting spin, even for those familiar with the game from an older generation system. But he probably isn’t a starved civilian in black wreckage scrounging for food, shelter…and kindness.
Puzzles are solved by unravelling some of your yarn to create bridges, swing from trees and get around other obstacles. There is nothing better than thrusting your boosters and blasting the ball for a perfect goal. However, if Oxeye is able to nail the game mechanics, this could be a game that lives up to its promise. The detailed, atmospheric and often gruesome pixel art is akin to an advanced Altered Beast or Chakan: The Forever Man.
Choosing to play as a hero will feel similar to other Fable games as you team up in third-person action RPG combat; however, those who wish to embrace their evil side will enjoy a more tactical affair of setting up traps and ordering attack units. I can’t wait to see how they will revisit the genre in HD after working on wildly different projects for years. From the look of the trailer, it’s another atmospheric, unique, beautiful, weird and slightly creepy puzzle-platformer. If you both stay alive and in close enough proximity you will stay connected, but these connections will be fleeting, so finding another person out there will be a special thing. As always this game will feature glorious 2D animation by Lead Artist Dan Paladin, as well as voice work by BattleBlock Theater narrator Will Stamper.
Partnered with the retro look is a co-op 2D shooter revolving around a series of tough-as-nails boss encounters with devilish mermaids, giant birds and surly boxing frogs. Fight against an onslaught of crystalline enemies as you elegantly dodge their fire, systematically take them out and fulfill all your Matrix-themed fantasies.
There's still a lot of questions surrounding what ION actually is since we haven't heard anything about it since E3.
The girls' great-grandmother Lorrie Getman of South Haven took them to the beach to enjoy one of the few days of sunshine during the week of spring break. Now, it well may be that I received one of the prototype instruction booklets and there may well have been an expansion of the instructions since then, but those areas noted above were not addressed in the instruction booklet that accompanied the kit I received to construct and review.
The provided soft foam tail wheel blank (approximately 3?32 inch thick) was to be faced with two small ply bushings and then placed on the axle portion of the tail wheel wire. To use the card, you just plug the ESC receiver wire into the right socket on the top edge of the programmer, then plug the battery into the ESC. As the plane lifted off, there was the usual readiness to make needed trim changes to correct the flight path. This redesign included the same outlines and plans, but used aluminum sheet gear in some kits and also had a steerable tail wheel. The Telemasters are also quite lightweight, but they are designed to carry varying sizes of loads. Brushless motor technology has revolutionized the RC arena and Hobby Express is proud to be at the forefront of the movement.
He spews vulgarities nonstop and aims horribly personal attacks directly at audience members. The agents are preparing to investigate a dead body, but they'll only do so if you properly manipulate the inventory and classic point-and-click game actions like "Use" and "Look at," which appear in large font in the bottom of the screen.
They just do it somehow, though they don't always get it exactly right the first time around, says Gilbert. It’s here we take over as Lorraine in search of the missing child and are left to explore the dilapidated amusement park as darkness falls. It’s also worth noting that The Park is set in the same universe as Funcom’s PC only MMO, The Secret World, which I've never played, so any references that may be present went unnoticed. As I hoped, you can actually try out all of the rides, though you may want to keep your eyes forward at all times! The sudden changes in the tone of Lorraine’s voice really added to the disturbing and nightmarish nature of the story, and you'll soon start to question Lorraine’s mental state. I would have liked to have seen certain areas of the story expanded upon through more interactive gameplay rather than just reading a note on the screen.
The inspector's hypothesis on a motive? The murderer simply wanted a quiet night of sleep and would stop at nothing to get it. One session may have given the player a phone call that called a bug extermination team to fumigate a room, killing all of the occupants. I had reached a dead end and thought that was where the demo concluded, but it turned out that there was another, less obvious way to go.
But that's the way it should be: the difficulty getting incrementally harder as you advance through the game, not immediately insane. The additional objectives in each level also help guide players to trying new things and approaching levels with a different design strategy. The freezes don't seem to always happen when the chaos gets to be a little out of hand, which would have implied a technical inability to process so much at once, so their presence is as peculiar as it is frustrating. There's a tip system that players can use for most levels, but it rarely helps, and in perhaps the game's greatest joke, players are told by a tip page to visit the game's YouTube page and watch completion videos of every level — but no such video actually exists on YouTube as of the time of writing. Diaper Sniper is a one-hit-kill game mode where you try and hit other dads with a brick wrapped in a cloth diaper. Well, delays happen, but they haven't done anything to blunt our interest in the returning 2015 titles joining all the new ones on this year's list. Why would anyone put themselves through the level of difficulty that this game will surely have?
And, the Xbox One version comes with a lot of bonus maps, modes and cosmetics that weren’t there at launch.
Bathoryn uses cool swords and sorcery to dispatch of his hellish enemies, but that may not keep him alive for long.
I died more times than I can count back at PAX Prime trying to beat a giant frog boss, but I'm still counting down the days until release. It looks beautiful and difficult, which makes Cuphead a must try when it releases sometime this year. The ply formers, battery tray, and firewall snap in place very accurately on one fuselage side, and then the second fuselage side is simply set in place over the substructure. Neither the instructions nor the plans addressed how the wheel pieces were to be held together in any substantial fashion, so after a couple of tries with different types of glue, I simply discarded it and used a spare plastic tail wheel I had on hand, holding it in place with a small wheel collar.
The wing is held to the fuselage by the hook in the front and two long nylon bolts at the rear. They are available from Midwest Models and can be found at local hobby shops or on-line from major modeling retailers.
Other changes were made to the wing, using strip ailerons and stingers on top and bottom wings instead of sheeting. We were first to enter electric flight with the Telemaster and have continued to be on the leading edge of clean, electric power.
While the Telemaster is not known to be an aerobatic plane (though it can handle a loop or two), its other attributes make it quite appealing.
It certainly didn’t spoil my enjoyment, though, and I didn’t feel I’d missed out on any background knowledge. The game relies more on psychological horror than gore, but there are a few jump scares (which got me every time) and some sinister-looking scenes that your mind is sure to replay those nights when you can’t sleep and think you can hear someone in the hallway. Using items covers things like setting up traps (such as poisoning the punch), using party hazards (like having a car run through guests) and taking advantage of map shortcuts (using secret trap doors to evade capture).
From a small neighborhood house party to a wild and crazy shindig taking place on the rooftop, the settings capture the essence of the party scene while also matching the potential size of the levels with the party. But in another session, the phone could call a bodyguard that will subdue threats to the player like rowdy partygoers, police officers or SWAT team members.
It was never really clear what these items did, if anything, but it was still fun to find and collect them all. With no help in sight, the game's difficulty reached a point where I no longer felt like an evil genius tinkering away on my grand design, but rather a helpless lab assistant resorting to trial and error hoping to get lucky and advance.
And, Corporate Ladder is where you battle the other dads to the top while grabbing all the cash you can along the way. It’s a unique take on the 2D puzzle-platformer, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it again. Grab some friends and book the night, whether they're across the country online or at home in splitscreen.
The day-long festival included activities for children and discounts at downtown shops and restaurants.
The eRC BL450S motor was an easy mount since elongated holes for several sizes of motors are pre-cut into the firewall. Exploring all of the settings available from all of the functions gives an almost bewildering combination of choices. 1973 was also the year in which former owner of Hobby Lobby, Jim Martin, obtained the rights to the Telemaster and the popularity of the plane took off both in the U.S. The Telemaster has been known to be a great option for aerial photography and can tug light loads. The phone call mechanic provides a one-shot call for someone to come assist the player or potentially cause chaos at a party. Additional challenges like unlocking characters if certain criteria is met opens up further more avenues of play. This can make a previously frustrating run nothing but a faint memory of the past should you get the one miracle run where all of the level hazards, phone calls and party guest behavior lines up just perfectly. There was also a moment where I took an elevator to another level and was treated to some ‘80s tunes. If there are no other dads around because it is their night to watch the kids – don’t worry, Dad Beat Dads can also be played single-player against AIs. The two-piece wire landing gear fits accurately into the provided holes and is clamped in place with laser-cut ply straps screwed to the landing gear mount plate.
Some of the best runs happen when party guests end up starting fights with other guests that end up in minor bloodbaths.
These were all nice little touches that felt a little unexpected in the otherwise menacing-looking world of this game. Even though I know I'll end up cursing like a sailor at it, a throwback the likes of Slain! It made a beautiful wheel landing, dropped its tail and coasted to a stop right in front of me as the prop quit turning.
After the plane was covered, the rudder and stab were hinged with DuBro Electric Flyer Hinge Tape, a very simple and easy way to hinge small non-glow powered planes.
The hatch is assembled from laser-cut ply and does show its slot and tab construction through the transparent covering. Hobby Lobby has provided the perfect transitional airplane for modelers wanting to bridge the gap between the world of RTFs, ARFs, and kit-built airplanes. A clubmate, seeing the assembly from a short distance away, said it looked like it had been stapled together. The control horns were routed onto the wire pushrods and then epoxied into place in the slot provided on the respective surfaces. The Mini-Telemaster V2 remains true to its long and extensive bloodline and will provide a satisfying building and flying experience for any modeler. The name really has nothing to do with the color of the moon, but rather the strawberry harvest.
Christine's father, Robert Mueller, was Grand Marshal of South Haven's Memorial Day parade this year. A layer of thin ice formed over the snow throughout Southwestern Michigan earlier this week when freezing rain came through the area.
The cold temperatures caused the ice to remain, creating a protective shimmering layer over the snow.
Whatever you call it, this type of moon, with its orange-yellow hue, and larger-than-normal looking appearance, has only shown up three times this year.
Super moons occur when the moon is closest to Earth as it travels along its eliptical orbit. A group that goes by the name of Artesian Bubbleheads of Ann Arbor came to South Haven Sunday and Monday to entertain beach-goers using wands to createA  large bubbles. The group goes to various areas of the state to entertain people at beaches and other public places. People like to walk on the North and South piers when waves crash ove them, but emergency officials warn that doing so can be dangerous, due to the strength of the waves and winds that could wash people off the piers. Mark Savage managed to get a shot of the squirrel last week while it was on the run in his yard in Geneva Township. When Geneva Township residents Kelly and Scott Weber brought their candy corn flowering plant inside for the winter, little did they know a tiny spicebush swallowtail butterfly egg lay hidden beneath one of the leaves. Much to their surprise, a young swallowtail butterfly emerged from its cocoon this past week. To keep the little creature strong and healthy, the couple has purchased two hyacinth plants for it to munch on.
Thompson had traveled to South Haven to help his mother recover from surgery and snapped this photo on Monroe Boulevard, near South Beach.
But recently, a group of wild turkeys decided to munch on the seeds that were left on the ground. But walking on the ice can prove deadly because open areas of water still exist and ice is often unstable on Lake Michigan. No incidents of people falling through the ice have been reported in South Haven, however, Grand Haven police dealt with six ice-related incidents during the weekend of Feb.
But, Rural Ramblings website and several other websites that deal with birds, say people shouldn't get too excited about seeing Robins this time of year. The game is an annual matchup between the two teams and was sponsored by the Bangor Historical Society. The tractors traveled from the Flywheelers' museum grounds in Geneva Township to South Haven's downtown to enjoy an evening meal. According to Bangor residents, even though signs are posted warning about the crossing, several times a year a truck with a long trailer will get stuck. PietrzykowskiA South Haven's lighthouse was shrouded in fog prior to the start of the Light up the Lake fireworks display, July 3. Mom and daughter were enjoying an afternoon this past week at the Optimist's Tot Lot in South Haven.
After three dry days of sunshine snow is expected to return Tuesday, with 3-6 inches expected to fall.
The snow creatures were created by the couple's friends, Beth Pepper, Becky Durden, Jackson Clark, Mattie Clark and Tim Durden and several other family members. Terri Abbott puts her own spin on that tradition by performing a cartwheel over home base in the Old-fashioned baseball game between the the House of David and the Bangor Cubs. The House of David catcher was apparently so surprised by Abbott's spur-of-the-moment theatrics that he never tagged her out. Scattered thunderstorms are expected this afternoon throughout southwestern Michigan as warm temperatures continue. Six to eight inches of snow fell on the South Haven area from Thursday evening through Saturday. The Grand Junction man said the little flowers have never sprouted during winter in the 32 years he's lived at his home. Approximately 30-40 youngsters and their parents and grandparents attended the event this past week. Michigan DNR introduced 139 Perigrines into Michigan, with 31 released in the Lower Peninsula. She and more than a hundred youngsters took part in the National Blueberry Festival pie-eating contest, Aug. Emily belongs to Cori Perkins, a volunteer for Adopt a Freind for Life, a group in Paw Paw that helps find homes for abused, abandoned and stray animals. South Haven's Harborfest is a favorite amoung dog owners because of its dog-freindly atmosphere. However, this week's weather picture has changed, and temperatures are hovering in the 30s and 40s. They made more than 200 Valentines to send to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Battle Creek.
Army PFC Alexandrea Snyder (left) and SPC Tash Johnson sit next to the care package they received courtesy of volunteers from the South Haven area during the holiday season. The care package donations were organized through South Haven Township resident Joan Pioch. Pioch organized a group of residents to help purchase, pack and ship the items to soldiers from the area serving overseas.
Temperatures were in the low 60s for the start of the fair on Saturday, and winds challenged crafters as they set up their booths, but by Sunday the winds died down and people came out in droves to view the more than 200 booths at Stanley Johnston Park. Their long proboscis and hovering behavior, accompanied by an audible humming noise, make them look very much like a hummingbird while feeding on flowers, according to information Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. The girls' great-grandmother Lorrie Getman of South Haven took them to the beach to enjoy one of the few days of sunshine during the week of spring break.

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