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With over 70 vendor tables of model trains of all scales, from the smallest a€?Z-scalea€? to the largest a€?garden scalea€?.
Dates have been set to remove this traffic barrier blocking drivers from turning off 9th St. Saskatoon city crews will soon act on council's decision to take down the barricade that keeps drivers from turning off 9th Street East onto the Idylwyld Drive freeway. As well, the stop signs facing north-south at the intersection of 9th Street and McPherson Avenue will be changed to face east-west on 9th Street. Former GO Transit F59PH 526, 530 and 532, which have been on lease to AMT by Rail World until 2011, have been sold to Chicago's Metra. Note que 4-digits train numbers - highly unusual in Canada so far, only the Sunday schedule of the Deux-Montagnes line also has some (in the 1000's).
Service currently runs with 4 train sets composed of one ALP-45DP locomotive (facing North) and six Multilevel cars (some trains have run with seven, but as of December 19th, all four train sets had reverted back to six).
Ridership was recorded at 2400 AM peak riders during the first week of operation (the line has a planned capacity of 5500).
However, ridership is still scarce on the stations located on the island of Montreal, most likely because STM users may prefer sticking to a slower, but more frequent and less expensive bus service. Nicolas House posted several terrific photos of the first days of operation of the Mascouche line. ALP-45DP 1361 is seen leading AMT 1203 in electric mode on the Deux-Montagnes subdivision, approaching the Mont Royal station. Northbound (geographically westbound) AMT 1203 is descending in the median of highway 640, with ALP-45DP 1361 doing the honors. Here, southbound AMT 1210 (the inbound afternoon run) is seen exiting the "bomb shed", approaching Repentigny station, at the South end of AMT's Mascouche subdivision.
A few days before the inaugural run, ALP-45DP is powering a test train over the Mascouche river bridge in the median of highway 640. CRO contributor AMTFan1 has provided the following video footage of the Mascouche trains (with some Deux-Montagnes trains thrown-in as well).
While AMT and the media were celebrating the opening of the new Mascouche line, Deux-Montagnes line riders are desperately waiting for relief aboard overcrowded trains and increasingly unreliable MR-90's.
But the derailment of locomotive 1352 at Central station in December 2011 and the subsequent ban of dual-mode locomotives from CN rails halted the project in its tracks. AMT then announced it intended to acquire 23 additional Multilevel cars, but funding for these has been postponed by Quebec's Liberal government, leaving AMT short of railcars for the Deux-Montagnes line, or any service growth on other lines. AMT also cannot increase frequency further on this line until a 4.7 miles single track gap is double-tracked between Val Royal and Roxboro-Pierrefonds, and until the whole MR-90 fleet is overhauled, which could take years. A group of angry riders has formed a Facebook group to force AMT's hand in redirecting Multilevel cars from other lines which are seeing considerably lower ridership and overcrowding levels, a move which has been fiercely resisted by AMT insofar. Another great picture from Nicolas Houde, who braved Montreal's first snowstorm to catch AMT 933 approaching Mount Royal station on December 10th. AMT 956 is seen about to enter the Mount Royal tunnel at Canora (formerly known as Portal Heights until 1995), while the glowing headlight of AMT 953 is illuminating the eastern track. This line is currently running with four trainsets composed of one former GO Transit F59PH (1341, 1342, 1344, 1345) and five 700-series Bombardier single-level coaches which were recently overhauled by Ontario Northland's North Bay shop. AMT prefers using these single-level cars owing to high winds on CP's St.Lawrence bridge between Lasalle and Kahnawake, which could potentially derail the taller Multilevel cars and F59PHI's.
However, this reduction in capacity is causing dissatisfaction among Candiac line users (although it is nowhere near what Deux-Montagnes line riders have to endure). CTC is now fully on-line on both main tracks on CP's Winchester and Vaudreuil subdivisions between St-Lazarre and Dorval, with 30-mph universal crossovers at Dorion, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and Beaconsfield.
AMT intended to add two new peak-time round trips on this line starting this Fall, but is again short on rolling stock, as stated above.

Nine stored 900-series Vickers-built Gallery cars were intended to be used for the service increase, but those are sitting unused in Pointe St-Charles for the time being. However, overcrowding is much less severe on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line than on the Deux-Montagnes line, with many peak trains running with available seats.
Two heavyweight Canadian Flyer cars that were last used on the Deux-Montagnes line in 1995, #5062 and 5064.
GP9RM #1311, which was originally CN 4307, rebuilt at Pointe St-Charles shop and equipped with standard Blomberg trucks in place of its original Flexicoil trucks. CC&F coach 827 was put in service in 1953 and served mainly on CPR's Vaudreuil-Rigaud line, also seing service to St-Lin, Farnham and on the fabled Laurentian ski trains to Labelle.
On Friday November 21st, AMT and CN ran trains according to the afternoon peak production timetable, using several train sets made of one ALP-45DP dual-mode locomotive (pointing North) and six Multilevel cars (3000a€™s).
PRE-AMT STCUM commuter train in 1988 passing Beaconsfield, Quebec on CP Vaudreuil Sub led by a leased VIA F40PH-2d. CP Rail RS18 8763, is shown hauling an eastbound push pull commuter train of Vickers built bi-levels, seen arriving at Montreal West Station possibly during 1988, The train is on the CP south track crossing Westminster Avenue. STM has indicated that it no longer plans to pursue the replacement of 38-years old MR-73 cars by additional MPM-10 cars once the MR-63 replacement is complete. The 468 MPM-10 cars that are currently being built by Bombardier may be supplemented by a 72-cars option being excercised (bringing the total fleet to 540 cars, enough to for 60 of nine cars in a trailer - motor X7 - trailer configuration. This also suggests that Quebec's Finance Minister may once-again postpone or cancel the planned extension of the Blue line from St-Michel to Galleries d'Anjou, as well as other planned extensions of the Yellow line farther into Longueuil to Rolland-Therrien and the Orange line to Bois-Franc and Carrefour Laval. Meanwhile, the prototype MPM-10 train is still being tested and can sometimes be observed by late-evening riders as they detrain some of the last passenger trips. Pearson International Airport, and to announce the proposed fare structure for the service.
Francois Jolin braved the bitter cold, and photographed the southbound Adirondack (Amtrak 694), cutting through the snow at Lacolle, QC.
How to get here: Our Summer Accommodation is located in Ron Eydt Village at the northwest corner of the University of Waterloo campus.
From Highway 401 take exit 278 (from Toronto) or exit 278B (from London) to Highway 8 West, Kitchener. You can easily reach the University of Waterloo by taking the Via Rail train or the Greyhound bus to Kitchener, and then Grand River Transit to the campus. What we have to offer: Each room includes 2 beds with private bath, small fridge and microwave. What we have to offer: The University of Guelph Hostel is set up on the East end of the University of Guelph campus close to our beautiful Arboretum. The University of Guelph Hostel offers 2 styles of accommodation for your summer stays - non-air-conditioned shared apartment style accommodations and air-conditioned private condo style townhouses.
Additional features that are included with a stay at our hostel include: free parking, free on-campus and local calling from your room phone and free internet (and Ethernet cords).
What we have to offer: Rooms include two sets of bunk beds, male and female washroom, centrally located. Allison presented our Khotso Passive House, including several technical details for those attendees who like to geek out on envelope science. BUILDEX Vancouver is Western Canada’s largest trade show and conference for the construction and architecture industry. Gain a comprehensive and diverse rundown on the processes, components and details that make an integrated Passive House building successful. The entirety of the 2800 SF single family home with secondary suite is within the Passive House envelope, including the basement. Allison Holden-Pope is passionate about green building and contemporary architecture, founding One SEED Architecture + Interiors in 2008 in order to pursue evocative and sustainable residential design.  Allison holds a Masters in Architecture Degree from McGill University, and has been working in the field of architecture since 2001.

We had a great time, and look forward to continuing to share our lessons learned from the Khotso Passive House. From Liza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing for Houzz: “Anyone building, remodeling or decorating looks to Houzz for the most talented, competent and service-oriented professionals.
Footprint Sustainable Housing Partnering with One SEED to Build First Passive House Prototype! There are 5 different play destinations including a Two Tower Bridge with lights and sounds, a 2-Level Mountain Tunnel, a 4-Door Roundhouse with working turntable, a 360 degree working Crane with magnetic grips for hoisting cargo, a Passenger Train Station with destination dial and a Fueling Station.
Many of those commuters had received free transit tickets on the AMT's website as a promotion to try out the new line for the first 10 days. Allison joined Lucio from DLP Architecture, and Andre from Harrmann Consulting to discuss ….
Looking at local PH Projects, attendees will be introduced to the assembly details, air-sealing strategies, mechanical systems and lessons learned from project outcomes.
The integrated project team brought diverse experience, passion, untold hours and late nights to the table to make the Khotso Passive House happen.
She was an early adopter of sustainable practices, achieving LEED AP designation over ten years ago, and is a vocal advocate for Passive House.
The design for this house in the Riley Park Neighbourhood of Vancouver, did not just need to meet the exacting standards of Passive House, but wanted to be beautiful, modern, functional, and elegantly simple. The exploration of new concepts for modern and green housing continues to be the foundation of her practice.  Current projects include several Passive Houses. The train set includes 8 trains, 2 vehicles, 3 traffic signs, 4 street lights, 5 wooden figures, 4 trees, 4 rock trestles, viaducts, crossing gate, cargo bundles and more! We each looked at one of our Passive House projects from the big picture (design, Passive House related processes, zoning restrictions, and the permitting process in the City of Vancouver) down to the little picture (technical details, air-tightness, mechanical systems, etc.). Mansonville Plastic’s Geofoam EPS39, asthey had performed all the structural tests beyond compressive strength (ex.
Lucio dealt with this question expertly, and discussed the vast grey area that exists between code construction and Passive House certified construction.
Luckily, the audience did not forget to set their alarms Thursday morning, as we had an 8:30am start and a packed house for the sold out seminar. When a client comes to us looking for the performance that Passive House promises, it is our responsibility as professionals to actually take the design and construction to that level.
They did not, however, have as much data on the insulating value of the product as other EPS products, as it is primarily used in geotechnical applications, so we had to be ultra-conservative in our PHPP model. The only way to guarantee the performance promised by Passive House is to undergo the rigorous certification and testing process.
Follow Columbia Street past the stoplight which marks the north entrance to the University.
After having gone through the pre-certification process, we can attest that the process catches all potential areas of weakness, that might have been overlooked otherwise. Parking is available in Lots V and S which are just past Lot K, after you enter the campus.
It is a term that can get abused by parties interested in property values and marketing, over performance.

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