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Lionel has been making exquisite train sets and accessories since when trains were in their heyday.
Covering several track styles, Lionel’s train selection ranges from old timey, up to super modern bullet trains (as well as Thomas and Friends!).
Augment their accessories (and save some dough) by crafting your own landscape and printing out your own props and buildings… with a good color printer, some foam core, and your imagination you can create an awesome train set! I recently got my first train set, the Constitution Chase, and it has sparked my imagination for building train layouts. So, given the rather limited track selection, but the otherwise infinite flexibility of Lego, is it possible to build what's missing? Bonus points for solutions that stick to System pieces instead of Technic pieces, since I have more System than Technic. Since your question seems to be more about what is possible with LEGO, and not really layout examples, I'll focus on what LEGO trains can do. Monorails did use sloped track, so if you don't mind mixing those into your layout, they could be an easy option. The crossover hasn't been done in RC track, but a 9V crossing will work just fine, as PF and RC track are physically compatible (the only difference being the lack of conducting metal on PF track, which is a problem only when using 9V motors).
Another reason why LEGO probably never made any is that they'd also need to take sloping into account, and it would mean a set containing way too much track. Sloping by itself isn't required either, as the slope has to be gentle, the existing track will easily accommodate the connections. When LEGO introduced RC track, one of their arguments was that they would be able to do much more fun stuff with track, which they immediately demonstrated with the double-crossover switch, and later with the flex-track, but unfortunately they haven't really followed suit on that topic. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged trains power-functions or ask your own question. From the viewpoint of field theory and Derrick's theorem, is particle a wave packet of field? Different objects within the set (buildings, helicopter, car etc.) are grouped within the lxf. As you can see, other builders have done this work for other sets (for example, the castle 6086). So you can base your work on it (unless someone have done it already, check for other sets with the same baseplate).

Once built, you can provide the baseplate as a Custom Brick in this topic, so that other builders can use or improve it.
The hinge piece on top rear would not connect properly, replaced the black 4x6 plate with a 2x6 and 2 1x2s to allow hinge to connect. My apologies for not letting you invite me, i created the account before I actually saw what you meant. Rubber bands are not shown (I couldn't get LSynth to model rubber bands that bend in all three directions). If you notice any errors I missed, or know where I can find the missing pieces, feel free to comment.
I've already got the first four rendered, I just need to find some freeware to resize them appropriately. As renderings requires much time, you could render only on image for each set and provide other images as text links.
For not-rendered images, you can use LDwiew (if I remember correctly) to take the screenshot, the quality is considerably higher. About set 4476, what do you think to replace the missing Jabba with a brick build solution? My 3-year-old son has a small collection of wooden trains and we enjoy building tracks together.
I am, however, willing to buy parts as needed (except that double-switch, yikes it's expensive). It seems like it would be pretty difficult to build custom track from parts, and this would very challenging to build. The closest thing would be Heavy hauler, which contains ready-made bridge elements - but that's the upper decoration only, you'd still need to build a sturdy structure under it. The Duplo and monorail slopes can be very steep because the trains use gears on a rack, but a regular LEGO train will need a way more gentle slope. There you'll certainly need to limit the slope change to no more than one plate per track part.
Probably trains aren't such a big market for LEGO (that's the reason they stopped 9V to start with). Even LEGO has a basic online one, but for serious stuff you'd probably better use Alban Nanty's BlueBrick.

It is supposed to be held in place with a 2x2 round plate with hooks that isn't present yet. As cable is not flexible in LDD, it does not fit in version 1 and is therefore placed separately next to the model.
His tracks include cross-overs, switches, and bridges, and I know there is a wide range of products in that family that we could pour money into: elevated tracks, etc. Can PF trains climb sloping tracks, or go down inclines (and how do we make the track incline properly)? If you aren't aware, 9V, RC, and PF track is mechanically compatible, the only difference is that 9V track has metal rails. If you go with monorail track, it has dedicated incline pieces and a center cog which allow for much steeper grades. Some people recommend no more than 1 plate every track piece; 1 brick is really pushing it (depending on your train), and more is certainly not a good idea. For example, if you really want to have a slope of 1 brick per track, you'll need to start with 1 plate, then only 1 brick (+2 plates) and 2 bricks (+3 plates). There's also Train Depot Track Designer which hasn't been updated in a long time but may still prove easier to use. The order took nearly twice as long as originally stated (26 weeks as opposed to estimated 12 weeks) which did wear my patience thin, and the lack of timely communication or status compounded frustration. However, now that the Lego train has invaded our home, I feel that we'd be better served building Lego layouts.
If you don't mind the look of metal rails on your cross track when the rest of your track is plastic, the 9V crossing should work fine. Note that if you don't care about that, the flex-track piece is very flexible in that regards too. Overall I would recommend this professional as long as you understand that quality takes time. I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives to this particular transaction and I would go with him again to design and craft my next wood project.

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