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The area is rich in history as it was the home of the Livingston Family one of the largest land owners in the region.  The estate at Clermont consisted of over 11,000 acres.
In Clermont you will find many history sites, New york first public school is located there and sits next door to the town Hall.
There is a variety of homes in Clermont NY, from small cottages,  log homes,  modernistic houses and farmhouses.  Homes from under $100,000 to several million dollars. If you are in the market for a home in Clermont use the search tools provided to assist with your search. Depending on where you live in the town, you could be assigned to the Red Hook School District or the Germantown Central Schools. Pleasant Valley NY is sandwiched between Hyde Park, Millbrook and Poughkeepsie.   The town was formed from the town of Clinton in 1821. It is a popular commuter location because of its easy access to quickly get on the Taconic State Parkway to get to work in Westchester are parts of Connecticut. Or you could get on the Metro -North train from Poughkeepsie to Manhattan.
Gardening is also another passion for Jennifer and this too will be captured in her photos and Blog.

With a population of just 15,000 souls, Beacon is a small city in Dutchess County, New York, situated on the east bank of the Hudson River at the foot of Mount Beacon, some 59 miles north of New York City.
The city wasn't incorporated until May 15,1913, when the old villages of Fishkill Landing and Matteawan were combined to form the City of Beacon (named after the Beacon fires lit at the summit of the Fishkill Mountains to alert the Revolutionary Armies about British troop movements).
The Ye Olde Wood Effect panelling on our train from Grand Central, NYC made this train feel decidedly vintage! Much of the town's prosperity came from water-powered mills built alongside Fishkill Creek, and by the early 1900s Beacon had become the hat-making centre of the state, although only one company remains, the Aldo Hat Company. The city was also famed for brick making, with many of the buildings in New York City - including the Empire State and Rockefeller Centre - using Beacon's bricks. The train skirts the River Hudson for much of the journey, making it a very attractive route. In 1928, a large cartons and wrappings manufacturing factory was established by the National Biscuit Company.
According to Beacon's official site, current industries in the city include, chemical manufacturing, shower products, and electric signs.

Looking down the High Street by the junction with Teller Avenue you can see the Bank of New York to the left and the golden brown Fishkill Mountains in the background.
The outside walls are constructed from red and black Croton brick interlaid with light Jersey brick. The library moved out in 1976, with the building now being used for various community functions.
The building originally sported a tower that had to be demolished after a train derailment in 1976.

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