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TravelStay Giveaway You plus one could win:Event tickets, plus A?100.00 Cash, plus London hotel stay! The district was originally known as Alec's Flat, and was so named after the original prospectors, Alexander Cameron, Alexander Patton and Alexander Whitelaw.
Near summit of long rising grade in both directions into which summit ran numerous creek beds. After Henry Asquith, Prime Minister of England, 1915, at the time the platform was provided.
After the name of a large sheep station in the vicinity, so called after a small village in Scotland. The estate was originally owned by a squatter named Wellman, and the township received its name as a corruption of Mrs.
After name of local parish, said to be so called after an old Koori who lived in the district.
Named after a Koori chief belonging to another part of the country, the Koori name for the principal water hole there being "Bangalal" Binalong was thought more euphonious than Bennelong by the gentry of the district, who finally succeeded in converting the Postal authorities to their opinion, and the name was changed. After name of local parish, so called by Governor Macquarie, after the place in Kent which it is said to have resembled. So named on account of Governor Macquarie having founded an institution here for the education of the Kooris.
In the early days there was a little stream in the black soil near where the platform was erected. Named by Captain Cook on account of the large number of plants found here that were new to science. The first worsted mill in the country districts was established here, and it was so called as the majority of the employees came from Bradford, England. After Burwood House, the residence of Major Rowley, an early resident in the district, so called after Burwood in Cornwall. After Captain John Macarthur' property, so called after Lord Camden, Secretary of State, 1820.
After the Aboriginal name of the district near Canberra Creek, the meaning of which is unknown.
A gap between two mountains, so called on account of a foreigner named Jean Carlos having been murdered there. A settlement was made here in 1793, and called "Concord", as it was occupied by settlers from civil and military classes, an uncommon occurrence in those days.
Aboriginal word meaning "Jammed between two trees"; also means "A large crack in the ground". Aboriginal word meaning "Two forked tree", "Two ranges meeting", "Junction of river or creek". This place was formerly known as "The Springs", owing to the large number of springs in the district. After name of parish and adjacent creek, so called after Colonel Dumaresq, brother-in-law of Governor Darling. After name of residence of the Terry family, so called after parish in Nottinghamshire, England. After name of local subdivision, so called after Phillip Gidley King, who became manager of the Peel River Land and Mineral Company.
Glebe means land belonging to parish church, and it was from church land it derived its name. From the large size and number of grass trees growing in the vicinity when the line was opened. The original name was Cugong, but owing to similarity with other names it was altered to Guagong.

After name of a British submarine Commander who gained distinction during the European War, 1914-1918.
After name of a subdivision of land originally owned by the Wallerawang Iron and Coal Company, hence the name Irondale.
This place was originally called Candos, which name was originally formed of letters taken out of the names of the six original directors of the Kandos Lime and Cement Company, the name being altered to Kandos to avoid confusion with Chandos, in South Australia. After name of residence of Surveyor-General Oxley, so called after town near Preston, England. After name of local lake, so called after Lord Bathurst, Secretary of State for the Colonies. An Aboriginal word derived from name given to large tracts of country in and near where station is situated. Hill was covered with loose water-worn stones of varying size, resembling the lapstone of a shoemaker. From combination of portion of names of two Mayors of local borough council, Lidbury and Larcombe. Voted "Worst Cars" in 1978, this train of graffiti-scarred R-10s rests at Rockaway Park Yard, September 1978. Noted subway photographer Steve Zabel captures this rooftop view of the Diamond Jubilee IRT special train, at the IRT Contract One station at 125th St.
Bicentennially-painted R-46 "1776" (680) sits in the New York Transit Exhibit, July 5, 1976. The frequent Nostalgia Specials often visited the Rockaways, as seen in this view from atop the South Channel Bridge in June, 1977. The IRT Low-V museum train (before there WAS a Transit Museum) on a fan trip on the 3rd Avenue El April 29, 1973, one day after the El ceased revenue service.
Here is an amazing collection of rare photos that shows the life in Jamaica from between 1860s to 1890s. Ever since Queen Victoria wed in 1840, however, white has remained the traditional color for wedding gowns and bouquets.
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Without a car, it's nearly impossible, as most subway lines require one to go through Manhattan first.
I was recently at an event and speaking to a Brooklyn business leader who grew up in Queens. Every time I meet someone who grew up in Queens of a certain age, they will tell me that they remember going to Brooklyn all the time.
In the beginning, the New York City subway system, as historian Clifton Hood details in his masterful book, 722 Miles, was a commuter line. If this is true, and it is, then how did Queens residents once travel so easily to Brooklyn? While the subway got people from the outer boroughs into Manhattan, the once-vast trolley system of New York connected the residents of Queens to Brooklyn.
The demise of the trolleys in the late 1930s and '40s seems to be largely responsible for disconnecting the two sister boroughs. Starting in the 1920s, a company called National City Lines started buying up street car lines, then mostly privately owned.
In 1947, they were indicted in federal court, in what became known as the "Great American Streetcar Scandal."A  Two years later, the four original companies who owned NCL, along with MAC Truck, were found guilty of conspiracy to monopolize mass transit.
Clearly the firms involved in this saw a business opportunity to sell more buses, tires, and gasoline.

The massive shift to buses meant that people from Queens and parts of Brooklyn were now better connected to Manhattan than ever before, but stopped shopping in Downtown Brooklyn. Now that Brooklyn has emerged as a cultural center, no doubt many folks in Queens would like to reconnect to their sister borough. Surveyor Townsend after a village in Kent, which place it is said to have greatly resembled. An Aboriginal word corrupted, Coonabooloo from Coona, "one, shoulder", and Booloo "two"(c.f.
Alfred Stephen as being pleasant, and suggestive of water and of low grounds a name suitable therefore to the locality. Gunda, "sinews at back of knee"; Bingee, "cut with a tomahawk", together manning "Cut with tomahawk at back of knee". The name was confusing with another place of the same name, and was altered by cutting off letters at the beginning and end of the word. Jules Windeyer, an old resident of Newcastle, who used to go shooting in the vicinity of the platform.
Thanks to the R-46 truck problems, these cars were pressed into continued service even after they had been mothballed. Our wide range of high-quality styles and sizes make it possible to decorate with art that's uniquely you. This includes any framing or customizing services ordered as well as careful packaging to prevent damage in transit. With Photos to Art, you can transform your favorite snapshots into one-of-a-kind works of art that youa€™ll be proud to hang on your wall.
He told me he remembered going to Brooklyn frequently as a child, for shopping and even for high school. Yes, they were replaced by buses, but buses have never a€” for a number of reasons a€” been able to cement the connection the way trolleys seemed to. In 1936, the company became a holding company owned equally by General Motors, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California, and Phillips Petroleum. As white flight and urban decline escalated in the late 1960s, Queens identified more and more with Long Island, isolating Brooklyn further still. With the city's upcoming mayoral election heating up, the candidates might be well-served to revisit this history and look for new ways to bring Queens and Brooklyn back together. MacDonald, Commissioner of Crown Lands for New England district, 1839, after estate of Lord MacDonald, a Scottish nobleman.
Johnson who, when MLA for district, played a large part in securing construction of line from Tarana to Oberon. McMillan, who first suggested Hillcrest, after estate near Regent's Park, but as this was objected to, Hillchester, after English town, was suggested.
These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, considering to be in public domain.If any one has any objection of displaying any picture here, just send us an email and we will remove it immediately, after verification of the claim. Eddy, who minuted "New Glasgow is close by, and as old Glasgow is watered by the Clyde (to which Duck River may be likened), perhaps 'Clyde' would not be unaccepted".
NCL bought up trolley systems in over 40 cities and 15 states, converting them almost overnight into bus lines.
Buses, on the other-hand, were tertiary, connecting commuters first-and-foremost to subway lines.

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