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Help your future engineer's imagination jump into overdrive with this mountain train table set from KidKraft. About This Train Table   The colorful base map with water, grass, and existing roads makes kids think creatively about where to place the wooden tracks.
Imaginarium City Central Train Table & 75-Piece Imaginarium 75-Piece Block Set Only $119.00 Shipped! Imaginarium City Central Train Table & 75-Piece Imaginarium 75-Piece Block Set Only $119.00 Shipped!
If a train table is on your shopping list for Christmas, make sure to take a look at this deal!
Well, yes, it IS pretty unexpected and random, but I’m not going to let you interrogate my child just because you think there’s a “secret” hidden in the KidKraft Airport Express Train Table Set.

Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post. With a 120-piece accessory set that includes everything from wooden people to an airport, your children will have no trouble using their imaginations to create a mountain town built around the wooden tracks and trains they already have. The ability to build their own roads with a mountain, tunnel, and bridge obstacles further encourages original ideas.
Right now at Toys R Us you can get the Imaginarium City Central Train Table on sale for only $119.00! Maybe your “informant” was just talking about the two storage draws, or maybe the reversible top, did you think about that? Two trains, cars, trucks, ship, crane, cargo, double layer bridge, mountain, airplane and lots more.

Three plastic storage bins hang under the table to hold extra accessories and track pieces when they aren't being used. Plus, you will get a FREE 75-piece Imaginarium Block Set with your purchase & your entire order will ship for FREE!
I know you THINK you’ve got the right to search anyone around a train, a helicopter, an airplane or a tram, but I’ve got to point out that these are in my son’s bedroom.

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