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Thanks to the over-crowded trains in India getting a reservation is hard and emergency ticket quota like "Tatkal" gets booked within minutes of opening (Tatkal Booking starts at 8:00 AM two days in advance excluding the day of journey), The trick behind the SOFTVALLY ticket booking software is that it pre-populates and submits all the information required for ticket booking on Irctc website in an automated way while others are still entering there information manually giving software users the time edge needed to book the ticket.
If you need to book your ticket the next day, prepare the data today during tatkal booking hours.
Now fill-in all the data keeping your tatkal booking in mind (the one you want to book the other day when bookings open for train quota you want ticket for) and save the form data in your form filling automation utility (LastPass).
You can further save time by pre-filling the payment gateway information using the same trick. Voila, you have a confirmed (most probably) Tatkal ticket while others are still entering there data :).
If we just count how much tickets are booked through this software, then sum up the excess amount recovered from general public, we will definitely be able to trace crores of rupees illegal fund transactions per day.
For Example, in Star News, they revealed that thousands of ticket vendor agents in mumbai are using this software. The culprits should be jailed and huge penalties should be imposed on all participants in this scam. I knew that the calculation is good but suppose there is some fault from IRCTC Server then no one can do anythings,But every user should have to know the process. Suppose you have a exam at Bangalore 08th and you need to book a tatkal 3rd for the date of 5th and if it gets wait-listed.What SHALL YOU DO.
Those lovely scraps of paper specially made for people who can write their whole address on the back of a stamp.
Reservation forms are produced by all 17 regional railways in India, they vary slightly, though the basic layout is still the same, all reservation forms can be used in any part of India.
The reservation forms can be difficult to understand when you first see one, and I've yet to find much useful info on the Internet regarding them. They are available at all reservation offices and many ticket offices, you can also download reservation forms from the Indian Railways website. There are 2 types that you can download, the original form and the pre-filled form, I have scanned both.
I edited the original form for those of us with normal size handwriting, I also enlarged it for clarity, if you print the form, it should be no longer than 24cm. I will try to explain each section on the reservation form, if I get any of it wrong or any member can think of anything useful to add, please reply to this thread.
You should not have a problem if you leave this section blank, I don’t think booking clerks will expect tourists to know which railway zone their money should be going to. A passport is ideal for proof of age, though this would also need to be carried on trains as you will be asked to prove your age and penalised if you can't.
There is not a lot of space on the reservation form for the train name & number, some of the train names can be long, so the following may help. It becomes difficult when you want a train that only runs once a week and the whole journey lasts 2 or 3 days. The Himsagar Express departs Jammu Tawi once a week and gets to Kanyakumari over 4 days later, the route of the train stretches over many timetables.

Lets say you wanted to take this train from Delhi to Nagpur, you find the timetable for trains between Delhi and Nagpur, you look at the Himsagar Express, at the top of the timetable, it shows that the train departs from its originating station (Jammu) on Mondays, looking at the bottom of the timetable will tell you that the train arrives at it’s destination station (Kanyakumari) on Fridays. You would need to follow the train’s route carefully to find out that the train actually departs Delhi on Tuesdays and gets to Nagpur on Wednesdays. II = Unreserved 2nd class, NOT air-conditioned Detailed information including photos of the above classes of accommodation Knowing the Indian Train. This refers to the number of paying customers (maximum 6) Children below the age of 5 are not to be added to this section. Children aged 5 – 11 travel at half the adult fare (paying the full reservation charge), 12 years and above pay full adult fares. This is the part that used to confuse the hell out of me, you can ask three railway officials about it and receive 3 different answers. I have half-completed a couple of reservation forms to show how to book a journey involving 2 breaks, in the following example the person wants to travel from New Jalpaiguri to Jaipur with breaks at Varanasi and Agra.
The cost if you bought a ticket from New Jalpaiguri to Jaipur, and used the 'break of journey' rules would be Rs 1877. This section can also be used to book a train from one town and then board it in another town, this can be useful if the quota from your station has already been used, but there are still berths available from the previous town the train stopped at. For example, If you are travelling from Hampi to Bangalore, you may find that there is a waitlist from Hospet (closest station to Hampi), but there are still berths available from Gadag, to book this way, do the following. You MUST put Hospet in the Boarding at section, otherwise the train conductor will assume you have cancelled your trip and give your berth to someone with an RAC (Reserved Against Cancellation) ticket.
To be completed in CAPITALS, if you have a long name just use the initial of your first name. This section is only relevant to tourists if they are using a Circular Journey Ticket or an Indrail Pass. Men 60 years old or above, and Women 45 years old or above are automatically given lower berths (subject to availability) even if they have not requested them. I find that I get my preferred choice about 50% of the time, though I normally book trains only a few days before departure. In fact, the saet layout for ALL the diagrams are wrong, seat number 1 will always be a window seat, and all the seat numbers need to be adjusted accordingly. For overnight journeys the seats turn into berths, to see if a particular seat number converts to an upper, middle, lower, side upper or side lower berth, click on the following link. There are still some Metre Gauge trains, particularly in Tamil Nadu and North East India, as well as other areas. Children below 5 years old travel free, however, there details MUST be added to this section of the reservation form. If your child is below 5, it may be a good idea to carry something that would prove their age.
You can book a return journey on the same reservation form using this section, but you will be charged for 2 single journeys and will get no discount. Indian Railways has some terrible delays and cancellations caused by fog in the winter and by floods in the monsoon, I don’t know if Indian Railways tries to contact ticket holders when trains are cancelled, if they do, they will need the correct details.

If you buy the tickets yourself, you have to sign this section, if you send someone else to buy the tickets; they have to sign this section. Is for the time you are handing in the reservation form and not for the train departure time. ALWAYS pick up a bunch of reservation forms whenever you see any, you never know when you (or someone you meet) will need them. Fill in the reservation form in your hotel room, it’s amazing how much simpler it seems when your in a quiet place. Always be polite to the reservation clerk, he has a very hard job and sometimes gets a lot of hassle from irate customers, a smile will get them on your side and it's amazing how helpful they can be, particularly when you can’t get your chosen reservation. After you have read all of the above, you would think that Steven_ber would have no trouble buying a ticket, think again.
I was in Delhi in April and agreed to get some tickets for some Belgium women, I worked everything out, all connections, great timings, went to the right queue and was at the window about 30 minutes later, only to be told by the reservation clerk that I had the wrong day for a connection…. You simply complete the form giving all details of the cancelled journey, and hand it over with the train ticket to be cancelled; you will then receive a 'cancellation ticket', (see attachment below).
You only need to complete one cancellation form per ticket, even if 2 or more people are on the original ticket.
I have cancelled tickets without filling in a cancellation form, not all reservation staff asks for the form, but if you get to the front of the queue and they ask for one, you may have to queue up again. Just to clarify (sorry, being a bit dumb today) - can I print off the reservation form from the Indian Railways website, fill it in and take it to the station to book the tickets? Or do I have to go to the station and pick up a form from there (and the ones on the website are just there as a guide)?
Originally Posted by slonik - can I print off the reservation form from the Indian Railways website, fill it in and take it to the station to book the tickets? Also, do you think the 'changed' reservation form (shown at the top of this thread) would be accepted by booking clerks? I do understand all the different ways that a particular class can be quoted (1A, AC1 etc.), but a tourist will just get confused.
To the best of my knowledge, you may be finding H2 only in Rajadhani Expresses but not in any other trains, however, prestigious it might be. I knew this was going on since a long time but we public dont have any proof to show that who are real culprits. In the article it has clearly mentioned to use LastPass or Roboform or Kaspersky Password Manager and those are all free.
Ltd." to snatch off "Tatkal Quota Bookings" (Urgent Train Ticket Quota in Indian Railways) from common users, today we will be showing you how you can also replicate the exact trick used by that Tatkal Train Ticket Booking Software and get your confirmed tickets the smarter way without paying any extra charges to travel agents or buying that software.
They ask the passengers to pay 300 but they do not snatch it.Customers pay on their willingness.

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