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As seen on the map below, the train’s genesis was the stop at 57th Street and 6th Avenue and is noted with a tiny plane (as are all its stops, as seen below).
The information here was gathered from┬áNYC Subway, a searchable wiki about the transit systems of New York. Here at Untapped Cities, we have a history of looking at New York City’s transit systems.
The train was actually slower than the A service, though many residents of Howard Beach, Queens were happy to pay extra for a more comfortable ride to work or home.

It was also the first decade in the city’s history where track mileage was lost, not gained. It would terminate at the Howard Beach-JFK Airport stop where an express bus would take passengers to their terminal. There is a current proposal to re-establish the line as an express and would operate via the LIRR Atlantic Branch. Service would eventually extend northerly to Queensbridge-21st Street in Queens, though this wouldn’t last more than eight months.

Regardless, maps like these provide a glimpse at the surprising organic and mercurial nature of the New York City Subway system.

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