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NOTE: You must give all times in 24-hour clock format (for example 0807 or 2331) unless stated otherwise. This timetable gives the times of departures of the ferry between Penzance and St Mary's on the Isles of Scilly, for 1998. If you're already a registered user of this site, please login using the form on the left-hand side of this page. Interview by Margaret Craddock with Brian Mutlow 6 April 2009 regarding Burton Latimer Railway Station and his father, Station Master Arthur Mutlow. Burton Latimer Co-op Society Coal Wagons - c 1932.These photographs were taken on one of the very rare occasions when all five wagons were at the Burton siding which was rented by the Society. Many Burton men were employed at the railway wagon repair works at Finedon sidings that was managed for several years by Bob Mackintosh, a Burton Latimer councillor. On 26 March 1936 a freight train was derailed just south of the Station Road railway bridge blocking three lines causing mayhem.

The Burton Latimer Station Master Arthur Mutlow checking the flooded track in 1958 and 'walking' through the floods as a safety measure. The Weetabix factory seen on the right in this picture in the July 1958 floods near Burton Station. Burton Latimer Conservative & Unionist Club Ltd - Golden Jubilee 1912-1962 showing Arthur Mutlow on the right of the second row. Fellingham Proprietor) whose premises were in Market Street, adjoining the Harrison Hotel in Kings Road, Brighton.
These wagons were used to collect coal purchased from Gedling (Nottingham) Colliery and also from Swanwick (Derbyshire). It was reached by way of the side road to the left on the approach to the railway bridge on the Burton to Harrowden road.
This photograph is taken looking south from the railway bridge the building on the left is probably part of the gasworks.

G C Borman on the occasion of his retirement as Surveyor & Public Health Inspector to the Burton Latimer Urban District Council after 30 years service, by Cllr.
The timetable is for the London trains and also for those going up to the Dyke, where there were four trains a day and three on Sundays. A train can be seen coming under the 'hurdy gurdy' footbridge linking Burton Latimer and Isham. At least three were overhauled and some planks replaced with unpainted planks during 1941 or 1942 at Francis T Wright's wagon works at Finedon Sidings.

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