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If you are looking to get fit and have fun and don't mind that you are learning nothing particularly useful then please ignore this message. However if you are interested in the skills and training needed to perform and master MMA or Boxing then you must read on.
Floyd Mayweather, How good is he?May 24, 2015 As the 'fight of the century' winds down manny people start to question the hype surrounding the fight and its lack of dramatic action.
Adam 'Reckless' Malone is through to the semi finals of the state novice Boxing titles after winning his fight on points. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) was made famous by the Gracie Family in 1994 when Royce Gracie won the first UFC event with a series of submissions from the ground often form his back. If you are a life long martial artist or are looking for self defence then training MMA is your only option. With the popularity of MMA increasing in recent years most martial arts and even fitness gyms now call them selves MMA and Boxing gyms. I wish I could say that we are better and that we have the best system and style, but I can't. For people who have not watched the UFC  or beginners looking for self defence it can be hard to decide on what system of self defence to train. It combines all areas of stand up fighting such as, punching, kicking, elbows knees and clinching.

All our other styles of martial arts are built upon the foundation of our big punching fast moving boxing style. Allow at least five minutes to get between stages – and later in the night, if you want a good spot for headliners on stages 1A and 1B, my suggestion is stake out your spot mega early to avoid being shut out of the D-Barrier or in some sort of crowd crush. Dizzee Rascal and Azealia Banks have the rap quota sorted, while PSY will be sending the joint crazy with Gangnam Style (and whatever else he can do in his half-hour set) in the mid-afternoon.Music Feeds has put together all the info you need to make sure you get to the festival safely and have a killer day out. For starters most people don't know squat about boxing, ask Roger Mayweather, and second there is a precious small hand full of people in Perth qualified to call themselves MMA instructors. All I can say is we do things differently, and this suits our students very well and may suit you also. The timetable and map are at the bottom of the page, while public transport info is located right below that.
And, finally, below all of these, you’ll find the transport information to make sure you get to Soundwave and back without any major dramas.
I know this because I either have known of them for over ten years or have trained with them, trust me there is not many at all.
Its no secret that the most accomplished fighters are Soa, Steve Kennedy, Xavier Lucas and Shuan Spooner. Public transport is also included in the cost of your Future ticket.TRAINS Your best bet is to catch the train into the city, and then get a train to Joondalup Station on the Joondalup Line.

A normal public holiday timetable will be running.From there, catch the train on the Fremantle line to Showgrounds Station.
Any instructor you are considering ought to at least know who they are or even better have coached them or trained with them, if not I would say forget it.
The venue is only a short walk from the station – or you can get on a dedicated shuttle bus from the station to venue. To be skilled in one area of MMA is very very hard, to be proficient enough in ALL its areas is very near impossible, so do some research before you believe anyone who says they know anything.
Timetabled trains will leave from Perth Underground Station approximately every 15 minutes until 7.55pm.
Boxing is easier to find good coaches and there are many accomplished coaches and competitors to choose from. Stylistically there is an accepted set of techniques that are used in Australian Boxing so outside of moving to Michigan your probably going to have to do your best with that.

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