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Sydney's biggest train timetable change in almost a decade will include an extra 700 services a week - but some commuters will miss out when trains skip certain stations.A draft of the October timetable, obtained by Fairfax Media, shows an increase in services to a number of western Sydney stations and to those on the Epping to Chatswood line. The timetable will be the first big change to public transport services under the O'Farrell government and the most significant for Sydney's rail system since 2005.
An 800-page version of the train timetable, dated last month, reveals a number of the big changes. Confident: NSW Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian believes the new timetable will be received positively.
Do we ever posit the idea that if no timetable were offered, and instead the trains ran at very frequent intervals, then perhaps we might actually have conceived of the idea of public transport?Timetables are so very last millennium. Upper mountains peak hour services cut by half and stops added in 13 western Sydney stations. Do you have any idea how big the Sydney metro rail network is or how many trains you would need to service all areas with an acceptable frequency based service ?

Sydney is far too big in area and far too small in population to even consider trains that come that often. Go to either the Sydney Airport Domestic Train Station or the Sydney Airport International Train Station.
But there are also clear losers, such as Kogarah on the Illawarra line where peak-hour train services will be halved. Timetables exist for a reason and one of those reasons is that there isn't unlimited money so the best outcome is to maximise the use of the trains that you have.
But then the problem is, we would have to have dedicated lines and each station would have to have dedicated platforms for each line.
Regional and interstate train services use Melbourne's metropolitan train network to reach Melbourne. It includes an extra one an hour leaving Cronulla for the city.But there are big changes to the frequency of services to some stops on the Illawarra line.

Then we'd need to put more trains out there, otherwise, we're not really increasing capacity.Of course, I'd quite like it if they just got the job of replacing the trains before they start faffing around with timetables. For instance, there are dramatically fewer trains stopping at Kogarah, used by students at local schools, businesses and St George Hospital.This will make it impossible to get a direct service from the Cronulla or Waterfall line to or from Kogarah. Most people here are either too short sighted or idealogically blinkered to pay the taxes or fares this would require. It's not in a particularly reader-friendly format, but those who do persist and find potential news leads, can email Jacob Saulwick here.

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