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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! James Maher is a professional photographer and the operator of the Maher Fine Art Photography Gallery, his work is primarily focused on New York photography, but also of various travel spots around the world, and we have to agree that he has some classic photos of New York City. I caught this photo just as the man was about to tackle the woman in the middle of Sheep Meadow in Central Park. This photo was taken on the edge of the East River at a cold 5:30 AM with only a handful of dedicated joggers out.
This is a 30 second exposure looking down the south end of the Mall in Central Park, also known as Poets' Walk.The lights of the office buildings of Central Park South peer through the bare branches of the trees here to give this photo the feeling of an urban wilderness. This is a photograph of office buildings on 17 State Street in the financial district of the city.I thought of what a city on Mars would look like when I saw the roundness of the central building and so I decided to give it this tint to create an 'otherworldly' feel.
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New York’s famous City Hall subway station, one of the most gorgeous gems in the world of mass transit, has been closed for decades. However, thanks to an immediate need to expand the original IRT line with newer, longer cars, the City Hall Station was closed just a few decades later on December 31, 1945. Although it would spend the next few decades closed to the public, the tracks were still used as the turnaround point for the 6 train after its final Brooklyn Bridge stop.
About a decade ago, New York City began the long and arduous process of restoring the City Hall Station as New York’s transit museum, but security concerns that started before September 11, 2001 fully killed the idea after the twin towers fell. If you have a little extra time, you can stay on the train and view the City Hall Station as the train makes its turnaround. If tourist get off at this stop would they have to wait for another train to make its way around or is there an alternative way out.

I have a copy of Lost New York (Google Play, Amazon) which has a bunch of amazing photos of buildings and subway stations in New York. There are also a number of books that credit photos of abandoned stations on Amazon, however I’m not as familiar with their contents. So last year I eagerly spent over 80 hours (4 or 5 sleepless nights) building this custom NYC Subway Train costume for my son, and despite the fact that part of me would have easily been convinced to attempt something totally new this year, replacing the numbers and getting some sleep is a welcome change.
Added lights on the inside, my son sometimes asks me why I didn’t make the doors open and close automatically. I don’t know if you rented it last year, but we would love to buy or rent it this year.
Our third trip to Manhattan, we went via the Whitestone Bridge and took Interstate 278 south to the Brooklyn Bridge. By our fourth trip to Manhattan, we had a friend living in Brooklyn and we went to visit him in Trump Village. The line, opened in 1904, was intended to be a showpiece and crown jewel of the new subway system. The 6 train used to make all passengers leave the train at the Brooklyn Bridge stop, but no longer.
In fact there is a bulletin specifically telling us to NOT kick anyone off at Brooklyn Bridge. To attend, you have to have to be a member of the New York Transit Museum and be ready to act quickly. Little guys (and big guys) in New York City tend to be a little infatuated with the subway. My daughter asked me if I wanted to make one for Christian Paul my grandson, I say well, I only can try! On the way back we left via Interstate 278 north, and accidentally exited the Verrazano Bridge and it cost us 18 dollars to come back to Brooklyn.

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Unlike the rest of the line, City Hall featured tall tile arches, brass fixtures, and skylights that ran along the entire curve of the station — a sort of miniature Grand Central Station. Brooklyn Bridge downtown is treated as a regular stop, and conductors are not supposed to waste any extra time there. For the 2nd smaller one, I used the black Foamcore for construction, it made the painting process much easier. And now, I have so many questions, but most kindly will ask you only two I consider most important. 9 by mistake) We took the West Side Highway to 42nd Street, parked, and walked several blocks to Times Square. In fact, befitting the elegance of the station, it was even the chosen place for hanging the commemorative plaques recognizing the achievement of building the underground train system. Last year he wanted to be the three train – this year, after much discussion, he has decided to be the seven.
Christian Paul is 4 years old and wanted to be sure I’m using the glue that is safe for childres his age.

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