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All graphics, sprites, games, and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners and authors. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a train to catch, just as soon as I'm done deciding what cargo goes in it. Note: this guide is a work in progress; please feel free to add your own tips and tricks in the comments! You start with access to only a few cities; go to the station that has your first train to begin. The button on the top left indcates your level, tap it to show more details about how many XP you need to advance.
The arrows next to your train name let you go quickly between trains, or you can tap the button on the top right to see a list of your railroads and other information about the trains (location, arrival times, fuel information, etc.).
The "Jobs" button on the lower left is rather important; the number on the button indicates the number of jobs available for you to take in the city you're in. The "Station" button gives you information about the station; you can upgrade your stockyard capacity from here, or buy crates if they're for sale. The "Map" button goes to the map; from here you can add new tracks and generally get a sweeping view of where your trains are and what they're up to.
The "Menu" button takes you to the menu, where you can do a whole lot of things, most of which are covered in later sections of this guide. The Jobs screen has a small version of your map, a listing of jobs you can pick up, and some information on the train you're using and the station you're in. Names of cities you can deliver directly to (without claiming a section of track) are the same color as the line you're loading cars onto. Tracks that are in use (or that will soon be in use as another train moves) are shown in bold on the map; you can't claim them.
Cities that are the center of an event are marked with a yellow dot with an exclamation point instead of the standard red dot. You can see what parts you have by tapping the "Menu" and "Craft" buttons and selecting the "Parts" button. There are also special crates that give you parts to special trains (one looks like a Chinese dragon!). When you have enough parts from one kind of train, you can make a new car by selecting the green "Craft" button next to that train. The train cars you make go into your Yard (which is also accessible from the "Craft" screen). Adding engines to a train increases the number of cars you can carry at once, but the engines have to match. Adding fuel cars to a train increases the train's fuel capacity, but again, the cars have to match. You can travel without being fully fueled, but if you try to go farther than your current fuel level will allow, you'll be prompted to find another route, or pay Bux to refuel instantly. If you want to see what a moving train is carrying, tap any of its cars for a detailed readout of the train's contents. Each event changes daily; if you deliver the set amount of jobs you earn Bux and a special train crate.
Craft: Where you open crates, build new engines and fuel cars, and store parts you're not using.
There's one piece of strategy that's important enough to make it into the in-game tutorial: Always try to have at least four stops on a train line. In Pocket Trains, you don't have to pay for fuel, and you don't get a bonus for sending a full train to one city, so keeping your train full isn't as paramount here as keeping your plane full is in Pocket Planes. It costs coins to open a new section of track, and it costs coins to claim it, so keep that in mind when expanding.

I said it earlier in this post, and it merits repeating: Pay more attention to the number of coin or Bux symbols next to a job than to what you'll actually be paid. That said, if you have 7 out of 8 cars attached to your train, and there's a low-rating job that's just one car going to somewhere near where you're already heading, then by all means add it! If at all possible, take jobs that pay in Bux, even if you have to drop the cars in a stockyard. If you have the fuel to spare and you'll be away from the game for a while, it can be worthwhile to make an extra stop after offloading all your cargo, and come to a stop somewhere central, so you have more chances at better jobs when you return.
That's pretty much it for now; there's certain to be more advanced strategy as people advance futher. I've been excited about this title since you guys tipped us to NimbleBit's announcement of it. But if I pick it up, I'm going to want to also start tending to my neglected Pocket Planes airline again. And I already have to deal with my lambdamu Pixel People, and who knows when I'm going to finish up sailing around Kairosoft's Beastie Bay (not to mention the incredible backlog of other Kairosoft titles).
When my lines start intersecting continents, maybe I'll feel differently, but I'm casual enough in this game that the longer wait frees me from sitting and watching the trains. I've found that the stations I upgrade tend to be the ones that have waiting jobs, but once those waiting jobs get moved out, the dot shrinks back down. It's a useful indicator when you're looking at the main map because you can find out where you might've forgotten about a stranded job. Have a dragon breath part, a couple carbon steamers, emerald and global parts, if you would like to i??exchangei?? the code is K3WX Thanks!!!!!! ALSO, WILL TRADE SEVERAL Terabyte Zephyr parts and the Standard series parts for Century Limited and Daylight Parts (preferibly Century, but obviously still appreciated for either!!!!! So actually I have nine Pecos parts, 4 for 2, I give you for 4 Pecos, you give me 2 Century Limited? You can stop and start the trains at the control square spots by clicking on the squares on the railway. You start with a few engines, cars, and cities, and build your empire bit by bit as you earn coins and make deliveries.
Prices increase at roughly the same rate as your income and you only see train parts that are appropriate for your level, meaning that it's nearly impossible to encounter a bottleneck where you need that new, shiny engine but it would take two weeks to earn the coins for it.
Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. You'll see your engine and anything attached to it on this screen; there are also lots of buttons. The number on the top right button indicates how many lines are currently idle at stations. From here you can add an engine or a fuel car (if you have one in your yard, and if you haven't reached the maximum number of cars for the train). If you can't attach it for whatever reason, it'll flash red for a moment and nothing else will happen. If there isn't room in the station's stockyard, you'll be prompted to upgrade the station for Bux. The first time you have a train go over a section of track, you will be prompted to pay coins to "claim" that track for that train's line.
There are a few ways to earn Crates: you can deliver them, buy them in stations, complete missions, or catch them in midair while you're watching your train move. Toggle sound and music, connect your game to Google Play Games, or delete all your progress from here.
It seems like a lot at first, but once you've conquered Europe, you'll be making that kind of money.

Keep in mind that unlike Pocket Planes, events can have you deliver cars from places as well, and the description doesn't always make that obvious. It's much more economical to just start a new line than it is to have a single huge one going from San Francisco to Saint Petersburg to Sydney.
This isn't going to be possible for all the stations, of course, but it greatly speeds things up if there's more than one way to get to a city. It's always more worthwhile to take a 1-car job for 200 coins than it is to take a 5-car job for the same amount. You'll be using the stockyards there a lot, and it's a much better investment to upgrade those stations than it is to upgrade, say, Dublin (which only has one way in or out). It states that "The more you upgrade a train station, the bigger its dot is on the map." I don't think that's actually true.
The only large stations on my map were the ones I had upgraded, and I made the wrong assumption. Now NimbleBit is turning us into train magnates with their newest simulation game, Pocket Trains! You can speed things up in a variety of ways by buying Bux, but there are so many ways to earn Bux that there's no reason to spend real-life money for them if you don't want to. You can also swap the engine for something else in your yard, rename or shut down the line, or change the line's color on the map.
It's ultimately a better indication of value than the raw income you'll earn, because each job has a different size.
You can change this later by taking another train over the same section of track, but you'll have to pay again, so it pays to plan carefully! So if you're not getting special blue deliveries to a city, try sending a train there and looking at the jobs that are leaving it.
So if you're in London, and you have cargo bound for Paris and Munich, you're generally better off just taking everything to Paris and seeing what other jobs are there. Also feel free to comment with your gift code (found in the "options" section of the menu) to organize trades and such.
The dots on the map that are bigger are the ones where there are jobs waiting to be picked up. It was taken along the light blue line to Paris, and is waiting for the magenta line to pick it up. In Pocket Trains each bit of track is "owned" by a single railroad, and it costs coins to claim tracks or change who owns it. This means you'll be dropping cars off a lot so you can get that hayride car from Minsk to Rome, and it means you get to create a brightly colored map of train routes just as gorgeous as the ones in every subway station. There are a few features (Bitbook, social elements like Pocket Planes' flight crews) that don't exist in Pocket Trains (yet) but the game is so polished and shiny and funny that it's hard to even miss them. You also have to refuel your trains, which happens automatically as they idle in the stations.
The purple crate is just the same as the ones you get for completing missions or gaining levels. Puzzle Gallery 5 Space Worms For Mac Cro-Mag Rally Updater InPoculis Mahjong World Mosaics Fun with Charlie Cro-Mag Rally Nice Dice Carnival Jackpot Extreme California Political Circus Asphalt 6: Adrenaline My Craps Game Midnight Mansion HD JellyBall Ricochet - Infinity Polyominoes Dangerous High School Girls Smack Solitaire Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Ultimate Othello Mahjong Epic Kaplink NEW HOTS Fantastic 4 In A Row Pure Hidden Peces PSMac Word Yo!

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