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In 1942, New York City officials decided that the city needed an airport and began covering the swampy Idlewild Golf Course with hydraulic filler.
Commercial airplanes began landing at the Idlewild Airport in July 1948, and on December 24, 1963, the city renamed the airstrip the John F.
When travelers depart from JFK Airport, they should be aware that they may not park in front of the building upon arrival. At JFK Airport, more than 80 different airline companies offer service including a large number of foreign airlines. Luggage storage at JFK Airport a€“ At terminals 1 and 4, luggage storage facilities are available.
JFK transportation: One good thing in New York City is the 24 hour public transportation available to commuters.
JFK airport is connected to New Yorka€™s subway (Metro) system and commuter rail system by AirTrain JFK. At Jamaica Station the following NYC Transit Bus Lines are available a€“ Q6, Q8, Q9, Q24, Q30, Q31, Q40, Q41, Q43, Q44, Q54, Q56 and Q60.
Apart from these there are a number of private bus services being operated between the airport and destinations in Manhattan and also New Jersey.
This is a convenient option for getting from JFK to Jacob Javits or Times Square or Rockefeller which are all in Midtown. There are numerous other hotels located close and not that close but close enough to the airport. When we last checked in on New York’s ambitious plans to build a one-seat rail link from Lower Manhattan to JFK Airport, it was 2007.
Both congestion pricing and the plans for the JFK Rail Link have since fallen by the wayside. I still think that better airport transit links should be built someday, but it is pretty clear that there are higher priorities remaining unfunded, such as building the full-length SAS. If the money needs to go for Lower Manhattan, how about extending LIRR from Atlantic Ave to Wall Street?
I remember hearing about this project years ago and wondering, “What’s so special about being able to take a train directly from downtown to JFK? BTW, if you are going to extend the Atlantic Branch a couple miles into Manhattan, why not extend it a few more to Hoboken and double your market? That would get you into jurisdictional battles with NJT, the Port Authority, NJDOT, and God alone knows who else.
Because then New York would have a good commuter rail system, rather than one that gives kudos to politicians who provide it money. I used the LIRR option a couple weeks ago and it only took me 20 minutes from Penn Station to Jamaica, a five minute wait for the AirTrain, and a seven minute trip to Terminal One.
I also would like to see any kind of rail connection to LGA before this additional link to JFK.
I’d like to see the northern branch of the existing airtrain extended north across Queens to LaGuardia.
Incidentally, does anyone know where at LaGuardia you catch the existing local bus that runs there?
My fantasy LGA extension of choice is a shuttle running along Junction, connecting the airport to the 7. The M60 runs into Manhattan from LGA and the Q33 and Q47 are local buses than run through Queens.
Also, there is a privately run express bus that runs between LGA and Grand Central in Manhattan. Why not just extend the LIRR past Atlantic & Flatbush all the way into Lower Manhattan?

Vision Zero is stealing our time, freedom, safety and prosperity with excessive punitive control. Faster and safer transportation will create more social, economic, recreational, and environmental opportunities.
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My cousin and I were FORCED to pay $5.00 in each direction to use the A Line Subway at the Howard Beach Station.
I am arriving tomorrow to jfk, is there an easy, cheap way to get to manhattan hotels without ride sharing?
Will be arriving from the uk at terminal 4, would like to take the airtrain to Penn Station.
From Terminal 4 you can take the elevator to the Airtrain and get off at the Howard Beach stop. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Visit the Reorganized To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Though actually we do have some out-of-system fareless transfers programmed into the Metrocard despite the lack of exit swipe.
I want to see all the cielings of the NY stations covered with a false new cieling so that old wires, tubes, pipes, etc are not visible. I came on this thread to have a look to see if the Subway had improved since I last visited NYC, as I'll be in NYC again next week. Friends or family members may drop travelers off at the front of the terminal, but airport officials only allow active loading and unloading of passengers.
Additionally, during a passenger pick up, friends and family may use the airporta€™s cell phone lot. When disabled passengers travel, theya€™ll have access to telephones and transportation between terminals. For example, passengers may book reservations with Air Canada, Air France and British Airways along with United States based companies such as Delta, American and United Airlines.
Kennedy Airport also known as JFK is the main international air passenger and freight (by value of shipments) gateway into the US.
The Airtrain JFK stops at all terminals, parking lots, two subway stations, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and hotel shuttle areas. NYC yellow cabs operated by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission offer a flat rate of $45 from JFK to Manhattan, excluding tips and tolls.
The arrival level at each terminal has car rental counters or courtesy telephones for each car rental company. The Parking rates for the Central Terminal Area (CTA) lots (Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red ) are – $3 for the first half or part $6 for up to 1 hour and $3 for each hour or part thereafter, with a $30 max for each 24 hour period. In April of that year, Senator Chuck Schumer was on the verge of securing a $2 billion federal grant for the rail link, but transit advocates didn’t see the $6 billion project as feasible or a true priority at the time.
The mayor’s congestion pricing died an inglorious death in the New York State Assembly, and that $2 billion in federal money never materialized. Schumer suggested the senator will continue to try to get the funding secured in Congress, through he did not specifically mention the rail link.
We don’t need another big unfinished hole in the ground when there are others taking forever to get built.
I’m very curious if more people are (paying) using the Air-train to get to JFK in this economic climate.
More people will use the Air-Train in this economy because it’s far, far cheaper than taking a cab, but fewer people overall will be flying.

I’ve taken the M60 many times and have never had any trouble finding the bus stop from Terminal A.
This would benefit lots of Long Island commuters and make the trip to JFK very easy from Lower Manhattan (although it wouldn’t be a one-seat ride).
Is the connection time we have enough to go through customs, pick up luggage, transfer by Airtrain to term.5 and check in for the next flight? It would be great, though, to see the Fulton Street Transit Center showcased in an Extreme Engineering episode.
However, once the airporta€™s builders finished the project, the facility was five times the size of the original plans. However, travelers with disabilities should contact their airline for curb side assistance with their baggage.
Terminal 2 and 3 are in the same area and there is a walkway to terminal 2 from terminal 3. A few weeks later, the city killed hopes for funding for the potential rail link when they announced that congestion pricing revenue would go to the MTA.
It remains tied up in the Senate because Republican Senators Judd Gregg and Jim DeMint believe it is a prime example of federal spending run amok, and the Rail Link plans simply haven’t materialized.
He has been instrumental in funneling money toward New York, and if he could do it again, the Second Ave.
The only time it ever did was when Robert Moses built the roads to then-Idlewild and opted against included a right-of-way for mass transit.
The Grand Central Parkway can be used to reach LaGuardia, but the route is circuitous and the connections to the rest of the rail system are terrible.
The main benefit is that this shuttle does allow some connections to neighborhoods that lack transit, and connects well to possible future extensions. The signs were quite clearly marked in that terminal, but I’m not sure about the others. Last time I took this bus (well over a year ago), it cost about $12 each way and took less than half an hour. Since we go over US customs in Montreal, do we need to go over customs and security all over again?
How often do the trains run, and do we pay before getting on the train or on the train itself.
By 5:00am tomorrow it'll become a permanent new addition to NYC transportation infrastructure. I'm not sure how it works, but the decision was made not to allow such a fareless transfer between Fulton St and Cortlandt St, possibly because the routes are mostly redundant with one another in the area. It's a good design as a building, but signage is horrendous, and as others have pointed out - the metal arches over the ticket gates? Currently (opened in October 22, 2008) JetBlue Airways occupies terminal 5 at JFK and the front portion of Saarinena€™s is used as an entry point (though the JetBlue terminal can also be directly accessed).
The airport is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey which also manages the other airports in the area viz. Long term parking rates at JFK are – $15 for first 24 hours, beyond 24 hours, $5 for each 8 a€“hour period or part thereafter.

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