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We like to feature at least one or two kid-friendly games in our biweekly roundups, but this one looks so good that we had to give it its own post.
The game itself is a mix between LEGO's standard construction and a sort of "baby's first train simulator." Kids will start and stop the LEGO train, hook up passenger and cargo cars, and build bridges and tracks to avoid simple obstacles. Considering how my son claimed my A500, S3, and my wifes iPad, we are always looking for titles that offer anything like this especially ad free apps. Hi,When playing with DUPLO bricks on the floor or online, your child is encouraged and challenged to explore new opportunities.
If you have ever played SimCity, the simulation game where you build and manage an entire city on your own, then this game, Isle of Tune, will have a similar look and feel. One of the most critical skills that children need to develop early on in their youth is the use of logic and reasoning. The Scale Of The Universe is a cool Flash animation where you zoom through the orders of magnutide of different objects. is a cute and kid-friendly search engine powered by Google, using the Google SafeSearch technology. National Geographic has come a long way from the old days, back when it used to merely publish a magazine every month, or host a cable TV channel of its own.
LEGO DUPLO is the famous company's line of brick sets for kids age 5 and under, with easy formations, bright colors, and big, swallow-proof pieces. But the best part (at least from a parent's point of view) is that unlike the other LEGO games and most games aimed at older kids, LEGO has made a concentrated effort to make DUPLO safe for both your rugrat and your wallet. The whole point is to get kids excited about the real DUPLO playsets, which certainly aren't free. I wish that other bloggers and people that post content to the web would take a page from your book!
It is fast, safe, blocks all inappropriate sites and features a cute dinosaur on the front page.

Once you start the game, there are no advertisements, no links to external web pages, and no in-app purchases. Do you have any other sites that I could visit or could you possibly make a recommendation as to where I might be able to find some more information? I also happen to sell training to their employees on how to run the injection molding machines that mold the pieces.
Two things, 1) they have THE most incredible model of the US capital building in their lobby, and 2) you have to just about give away your first born to get past the lobby.

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