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High speed trains are used for passengers who want to go to a far distance from where they are. A train that takes passengers to a port where they can continue their journey by ship, or a train that takes them from a port to a town.
Intercity passenger trains are operated by railroad companies that also haul freight trains. Electric trains can transport people and goods from one place to another place by electricity.
Coal trains travel by coal, not electricity, and it can also transport people, like passenger trains, and goods.

Elevated Trains in Chicago, IL.The idea of elevated railroad systems in Chicago was initially conceived in 1803.
Using Metrolink to travel to the hundreds of destinations throughout Southern California is made possible by Metrolink’s superior fleet of trains. Locomotives are specialized train cars that house powerful engines, generating the power behind your ride. New Jokes Santa & Jeeto Ke Kisse Trump's First Briefing Obama Calls NaMo Love Marriage! Metrolink’s bilevel passenger cars carry our most important asset, our riders, and come equipped with comfortable seating, bicycle storage, tables and restrooms.

Cab cars are special passenger cars that have control cabs, where our engineers operate our trains when in the push configuration.

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