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Their roots go back to 1940, when Micro-Trains® founders Keith Edwards and his twin brother Dale started making model train turnouts. By the early '60s, the brothers began to manufacture their Magne-Matic® coupler system in a new, smaller scale, called N scale (1:160).
In 1972, they took the next logical step and introduced a complete freight car to the N scale line. In the 90s, interest in N scale model railroading grew dramatically, as more and more people found entertainment and fun in the operation and collecting of this ideal scale. Today, Micro-Trains® is the only model train manufacturer of any scale that offers more than 80 different styles of prototypically correct model train freight cars.
Micro-Trains® distributes these freight cars in a variety of forms; including single car releases, multi-packs, and complete train sets. In addition, the company specializes in providing 'Special Run' releases, customized to the exact requirements requested by clubs, organizations, and businesses of all types.
So, whether you're a model train operator, a collector, or someone who simply enjoys the highest quality models of any type, Micro-Trains® is the source, both today and tomorrow!
Get great deals and discounts, and be the first to hear about new product reviews from MRCHQ! Many hobbyists get started with the loop of sectional track that came in their first train set. Not much can go wrong as long as you’re running a train around a simple loop of track, and any problems can almost certainly be traced to rail joints. There are many different ways to support your railroad, and they all fall under the general heading of “benchwork.” Benchwork can be just about anything.
Jim Hediger of Model Railroader magazine developed this train table and we highly recommend it. Good, straight, knot-free dimensional lumber (1 x 3s or 2 x 4s) has become expensive and difficult to find, so Jim Hediger, senior editor of Model Railroader magazine, devised the all-plywood table.
Powered by the same proven drive and programmable indexing found in Walthers Built-ups turntables, this unit will provide years of trouble-free operation on DC or DCC powered layouts. The nerve center of any shop operation, Engineering Offices provided space for mechanical department officers, designers, and clerks who kept track of the paperwork documenting inspections, repairs and costs.
Closed on Thursday, November 26, 2015, Thursday, December 24, 2015, Friday, December 25, 2015and Friday, January 1, 2016. An HO scale model of one of the most successful steam ­engines ever built, the United States Railroad Administration (USRA)-designed 0-8-0 switcher, is now being offered equipped with a Soundtraxx Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoder.
Prior to World War I, steam locomotives were built in small lots by numerous builders working to individual roads’ specifications.
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Sign up for the Model Railroader Video Plus newsletter to receive special offers from MRVP and its marketing partners. Inc., one of the two new companies, retained manufacturing rights to all products in N, Nn3 and Z scale. The phenomenal growth in the popularity and quality of N scale can be attributed to a great degree by Micro-Trains® efforts. The company's uncompromising standards of excellence are reflected in the uniquely accurate features, and exacting fidelity in the micro-fine printing and lettering that each freight car offers. The solution is to purchase some turnouts and additional track sections, which will enable you to vary the train’s route.A turnout (called a switch on a real railroad) is a piece of track that allows a train to go from one track to another. It’s very easy to have a rail end sitting on top of a rail joiner rather than being slipped inside it.

As you move toward building a permanent layout you may find it useful to learn more about flextrack.
We’ve heard of one modeler who uses the top of his piano for his railroad so he can enjoy his two favorite activities in the same room. This will get your trains off the floor and give you a place to add scenery to your model railroad.
The end sills and cross members need to be cut 47" long to allow for the thickness of the side sills. And since any kind of equipment can be seen there, a shop makes a great layout by itself or a unique part of a larger operation.
Perfect for steam, transition and modern eras, the fully assembled model installs easily in new or existing scenery - additional pit sections are available separately to build a larger model if desired. Use the Control Box for DC operation, or connect the unit to your DCC system and use the factory-programmed addresses (or add your own) to move the bridge automatically to one of 48 stops, turn lights on or off and change direction, all from your throttle! Typically located on a busy street, these handsome buildings projected an image of quiet power.
Built for the needs of steam locos, many were easily upgraded to handle diesels in later years.
The locomotive is an upgraded WalthersProto reissue of a Life-Like Proto 2000 model that was first reviewed in the September 2000 issue of Model Railroader. In response, President Woodrow Wilson formed the United States Railroad Administration (USRA) and nationalized the railroads. The USRA proposed to have a large number of new steam engines built to a set of standard designs. By the late 1940s, they had designed and patented the Magne-Matic® Coupler, which revolutionized model railroading. Soon, Micro-Trains® was in full swing, specializing in N Scale model trains, Magne-Matic® couplers, and accessories.
The fit, finish, and detail of each item produced is celebrated throughout the railroad modeling community. Next is a piece of Atlas HO sectional track, and at the bottom is a piece of O scale track from Atlas O. You can expand with the same brand of track that came with your set, but you don’t have to. This type of track usually comes in 36" or 1 meter lengths and can then be cut and bent to the desired radius. Another fellow we know built his basement-sized railroad empire using supports made of structural steel.
The frame of the tabletop is divided into quarters by cross-members glued and nailed in place. It’s been used for train layouts built by Model Railroader magazine, and the entire staff swears by it. With the all-new operating Transfer Table and four exciting structures, it's easy to model a complete shop facility in HO Scale.
The finished model is a perfect office building for any major industry and fits popular modeling eras. Based on our earlier Backshop kit and sharing many architectural elements, this model is larger to handle almost any motive power.
It provided a revolutionary new realistic looking and operationally superior coupler system.
Eventually added to the product line, were cars and couplers in Nn3 scale, (narrow gauge N scale) and the even smaller Z scale (1:220).

You’ll find that there are plenty of track manufacturers out there and that track comes in a wide variety of scales, gauges, and appearances. Run your fingernail along the top of the rails – you’ll feel the height difference right away.Once you begin to expand a layout, the derailment possibilities increase dramatically. Flextrack is commonly used with roadbed made of cork or other material and is ballasted for a realistic appearance.
He was a metal-framing contractor, and for him steel was the easiest and most natural choice. You should definitely drill pilot holes when you’re working near the end of a piece because you might split it otherwise.
In addition to its many details, there's room on the inside for adding the Heavy-Duty Overhead Crane in the main bays, and the smaller Overhead Traveling Crane in the Annex. This HO scale coupler system soon became the standard by choice of the operational model railroader.
Both real-world and model turnouts are identified with numbers that indicate their diverging angles.
One problem we often see is using the wrong number or size of track components: using five curve sections where six are needed, or using fewer straight sections on one side of the layout than on the other. The materials and techniques are not important as long as your benchwork gets the job done.
The legs are made by nailing 40"-long strips together with short lengths of 2 x 2 added to the ends of the legs with T nuts to hold leveling screws.
It’s much easier if you have the lumberyard rip the plywood into the 3"-wide by 8'-0"- long strips.
The numbers are shorthand for the length-to-width ratio of the frog (the point at which two rails join to form a V).
The diagonal braces are made from 1?4" x 11?4" wood molding.This variation of the model train table includes a removable 18 x 72 inch staging area. Jim assembles the top frame and legs with small paneling nails and yellow carpenter’s glue, rather than the more-traditional glue-and-screws. In short, the higher the frog number, the gentler the angle.Most model railroad turnouts are either no.
The big advantage of all-in-one track is that it eliminates track ballasting, a chore that isn’t particularly difficult, but can eat up a lot of time.Manufacturers offer track in a variety of curve radii and track codes. For example, code 83 rail has gained popularity in HO scale because it looks more in proportion to the trains than code 100 rail, which was widely used in HO scale for many years and is still common today. You can learn more in the article Model railroad track codes defined.A turnout (or switch) allows a train to go from one track to another. 20 on main lines.) A wide variety of different types of turnouts is available, some for very specialized applications. Run a fingernail over rail joints to feel problems.Forcing track to fit is a common mistake with sectional model railroad track.
Trains will have a tought time crossing this gap.Track sections should fit together easily, without any obvious gaps in the joint between rail sections.

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