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You can open the document in your browser window, or save it (download) to a local drive in your computer. Copyright in teaching resources and materials on this site belongs to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. EAST RIDING of YORKSHIRE COUNCIL School Improvement Service, County Hall, Beverley, East Yorks. Now, the Nazis and the awful, evil things they did have been covered extensively on Listverse. Their misery was only compounded by the fact that they were considered “Geheimnistrager” (secret-keepers) and as such, were considered too dangerous to be kept alive for too long.
Moving thousands of people to the camps was no easy feat and required one of the largest and most disgustingly efficient applications of mass transport in human history. Passengers were not given food, water, or protection from the elements for their journey, and it wasn’t uncommon for people to die from the trip alone. Wait, how can we possibly introduce a more depressing fact than the one already covered above? As if sending thousands of people to their almost certain deaths wasn’t already bad enough, Nazis decided to charge people for the privilege (you know, to really impress Satan). The Nazis were truly sadistic when it came to psychological torture and they were even able to turn music into a weapon of misery. It was an oft-repeated myth that the Nazis made Jews use soap made from the fat of previous Holocaust victims.

Not everyone killed in the camps was granted the relative mercy of a semi-quick death; some were simply forced to stand in a room without food or water until they died. But worse still were the so-called “dark cells” which contained no light and were so tightly sealed that the occupant had no choice but to slowly suffocate as they used what little oxygen they had.
The daily food rations of an average prisoner were scant at best—bread made from sawdust, sausage made of mangy horses, and tea made from weeds were the norm for many prisoners. The Nazis performed many experiments on the inmates of various camps, one of which was to gauge the damage of drinking seawater. The sheer scope of just what the Nazis did to people will probably never be discovered due to the destruction of most of the records.
Their more gruesome duties included ripping out the gold teeth of the dead and sweeping away the ashes of the corpses. When one train arrived at a camp from Corfu, the Nazis opened the doors to find everyone inside had already perished. To be sent to an extermination camp, a Jewish person had to pay the fee for a standard-fare ticket. The moment an inmate arrived at the camp an orchestra (usually comprised of prisoners) would play obscenely upbeat music which inmates had to sing and march to as they walked towards their death. To date, no conclusive evidence has ever surfaced to support this claim, but that didn’t stop the Nazis from telling inmates that it was true. Sometimes used as a method of torture and sometimes used simply to send a message, Block 13 of Auschwitz became synonymous with death, as anyone who managed to survive starvation was invariably killed in another way.

And he's in Winnipeg as the distinguished guest composer for the 22nd annual Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival.Different Trains is a piece he wrote in 1988 that has been performed around the world ever since the Kronos Quartet premiered it in the late '80s.
You can hear Different Trains January 31, along with more chamber music by Steve Reich, as part of the WSO New Music Festival.
The first duty of a new Sonderkommando was often disposing of the body of the person they replaced. The music continued even while people were being gassed; however, even with a full orchestra, they were rarely able to drown out the screaming.
This just goes to show the horrific lengths Nazis went to to break prisoners—everything in the camps had to have the constant reminder of death hanging over it. Hans Eppinger forced approximately 90 Gypsy inmates to drink nothing but seawater just to see what would happen. Prisoners were submerged in ice water to see the effects of hypothermia, injected with chemicals and poisons to test their effectiveness, sterilized, vivisected, and operated on without anesthetic.
According to Kronos Quartet violinist David Harrington, "Everything about Different Trains caused us to rethink our work." That's because while working on the piece, Reich had decided to make use of a digital sampling keyboard.
This dehydration was so severe that inmates reportedly licked the floors after they’d been mopped just to get a single drop of fresh water.

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