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I found this I'm not sure if you want to pay that much seeing your situation the next best thing I think you can do is get a J class.
Other locomotives that look similar are the NYC Dreyfuss Hudsons, and Empire State Hudsons. I never have messed with steam locos, so I don't know anything about the makes and models.
I was wondering if anyone may have a low end model, maybe one that is in pretty bad shape, that I could buy, repaint and give.

He doesn't care if it runs on his layout, just as long he has one to put on his train shelf.
I am also looking for a streamlined steam loco that kind of resembled the shape of the Blue Goose.
I really appreciate everyone helping us out, I'll post a picture of how it turns out after CHRISTmas, God Bless yuns. I could airbrush it and sticker it and it would be great, since he just knows it's blue and streamlined.

I was just looking for a lower end one to buy or some information on what other plentiful streamliner I could buy for a fair price and give a paint job.

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